#TechThursday – The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Marcy Pellegrino, Kelly Watts, Nicholas Paras, and LaQuinta Osorio

#TechThursday – The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Marcy Pellegrino, Kelly Watts, Nicholas Paras, and LaQuinta Osorio

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Our guests today in the 7am hour were Kelly Watts and Marcy Pellegrino.  Kelly is the President and Founder of MiW, LLC (Make it Work) where he brings over two decades of experience teaching and creating curriculum, and a track record of successfully delivering educational programs at both the pre-college and college level. Marcy is the Founder and Creative Director of Sassi Concepts and Designs Inc. Sassi Creative is an idea factory where intuition is coveted, creative plots are born, and passionate ideas take with twists and turns. Marcy has also recently worked in various facets of advertising and film, moving from the New York City area.  They were in studio today to discuss their podcast, The Positive Energy Podcast, available on SoundCloud and also on YouTube here Both Kelly and Marcy are members of Tampa Bay Business Owners and discovered the synergy that existed between them on their prior #ThatBusinessShow appearance.  Since then, they have been working together in business and now in podcasting.  The Positive Energy Podcast focuses on balancing your work, family and well-being regarding energy, creative, metaphysical and the paranormal.  The discussion today was lively and ventured down many paths including a discussion on extra dimensions as well as a talk on the collective subconscious, an energy field that many believes connects all living things in a way that we cannot fully understand.  Kelly is an avid follower of science topics as is Jamie and the two exchanged a great discussion on this which bewildered Josh, our streaming producer.  It’s not every day on That Business Show where we get to mention topics like Dark Energy, Dark Matter and String Theory, all of which areas Jamie loves to explore outside of business.  Marcy adds the paranormal element to the discussion.  Marcy is clairvoyant and highly sensitive to the spirit world, something Jamie is not.  Marcy shares with us some of her paranormal experiences and Jamie jokes about the shadow people that supposedly live in his house, per a prior girlfriend that also is spiritually sensitive.  Jamie continues to search for that first paranormal experience and believes that while many experience these encounters, others such as himself are just not in tune with that “dimension”.  This is a very fun hour and informative on a scientific and paranormal level which deviates from the traditional show model.  Be sure to help support the growth of their podcast and learn more about them at their business sites www.makeitworkllc.com and www.sassicreative.com!

8am featured our next installment of #TechThursday with Nick Paras, President and CEO of Alpha Computing Solutions.  The topic of discussion today was Office 365, the online, cloud based platform that is quickly replacing the traditional desktop versions of all of the popular Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  For just $99/year, you can install Office 365 on 5 pcs and all updates are included so you are always up to date with your software without having to buy the new version.  The cloud also allows you to access documents and data anywhere and Jamie and Nick discuss this movement in tech where it seems all software providers are moving away from desktop versions of their software to cloud based virtual platforms that have a subscription fee.  Licensing is much simpler, more PCs can install the software at a much reduced cost over desktop installations, and you are always up to date!  Also when compared to buying servers for collaborative tools, it is much less expensive.  Nick brings over 25 years of IT experience to the table and is the IT solutions provider for #ThatBusinessShow as well.  Reach out to him for all your IT needs at www.alphacomputing.com or give him a call today at 813-839-7671 X 100!

Our 8:30 guest was one of our newest members in Tampa Bay Business Owners, Laquinta Osorio.  Laquinta has been practicing aesthetics since 2008 and takes great pride in her work and in transforming people’s faces through her specialty of Eyebrow Design. She believes that the eyebrows act as a picture frame for the face and she is also an exceptional Certified Eyelash Artist.  Her product knowledge includes, Image Skincare, PCA and Skin Script and her goal is not only to treat skin concerns but to also educate her clients.  She is skilled in several aspects of skincare to include: Facials, Waxing, Threading, Dermafile treatments, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning treatments, Micro-Needling and Basic Makeup Application.  She shares with Josh and Jamie 5 tips on how to keep your skin looking radiant which included hydration, moisturizing, staying out of the sun, and her treatments as well of course!  She is located inside Transformation Hair Gallery in Seffner, Florida and can be reached via phone at 813-358-6505.  Call her today to schedule your next appointment to keep your skin looking and feeling great!

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