“Walking” With The Walk Law Firm – #ThatBusinessShow – #TBBOTuesday – Featuring Dr. Ron Eccles, Rochelle Walk, and Jim McPeak

Welcome back to the start of another productive and entertaining week of #ThatBusinessShow.  After a long, wet weekend, we hope everyone enjoyed their time off and is ready to get back to the daily grind.  The show is on daily and is live in studio, available from 7am to 9am and online via the video stream at www.tampabayradio.com.  We work to bring you positive programming each morning; an alternative to news, sports and political talk.  We announced the Tampa Bay Business Owner’s Business Symposium last week and tickets and sponsor opportunities are now on sale.  Visit www.tbbo.org/symposium to pick up tickets and learn more.  The event will be one you do not want to miss.  With over 400 expected to attend, we will be celebrating World Chocolate Day with Award Winning Chocolatier William Dean Chocolates and the event will be highlighted by our Shark Tank Panel of Experts – come out and hear real stories of participants on the show and how they fared, including one who got a deal!!

Opening up the program today was Dr. Ron Eccles, Speaker, Coach and Business Trainer with Make Your Mark.  Dr. Ron is an accomplished entrepreneur having worked in many industries including Chiropractic, Real Estate Investments and Sales and was in studio today to talk about the 4 Rules of Business Success.  Rule one is figure out what you want.  While it seems simple enough, many people do not know or understand their own wants and needs.  Dr. Ron uses the analogy of trying to hit a target that you cannot see.  You must be laser focused on your wants so that you can develop a plan to hit your target.  Next, you must be willing to pay the price necessary to get it.  This is not necessarily a financial investment but rather a commitment to the time and resources you must commit to obtain your goal.  For many, this involves a sacrifice of comfort, entering a world of discomfort to get to the level they desire.  Dr. Ron shares with us a great quote that demonstrates this point too comparing those that are merely interested versus those that are committed – tune in to hear the line.  #3, The price of success must be paid up front and in full.  There are no lay away plans with success.  You must be willing to sacrifice who you are for who you are wanting to become.  The 4th rule is simple in writing but hard to practice and that is you must develop unwavering FAITH.  Whether it’s a belief in a higher power or an unrelenting belief in your own abilities, you must BELIEVE!  Dr. Ron is an amazing speaker and trainer and is holding an upcoming Business Seminar on October 6th at the Tampa Hilton Airport Hotel.  This is free and is not going to be a high pressure sales event.  Entrepreneurs from all levels will get some great takeaways from attending and you can register for this at www.mymsuccess.com/florida – be sure to attend and commit to your business!

At 8am, we kicked off TBBO Tuesday with one of TBBO’s most loyal Sponsors and Members, Rochelle Walk of the Walk Law Firm.  Rochelle is also the Presenting Sponsor for the upcoming Business Symposium and is a specialist in all areas of business law.  As an attorney, she has represented clients in a wide range of legal transactions and disputes including complex commercial, insurance coverage, real estate, construction, financial restructuring and employment matters. She has served as an ombudsman in employment, elder care, NAACP, creditor and shareholder matters and has worked with a number of different international unions to resolve concerns. Most recently she has been engaged to help business partners and owners resolve disputes and differences so that their businesses can operate more effectively. Her work includes mediating and negotiating buy-sell agreements, partner or member buy-outs and new partner or member admissions for LLCs, partnerships and corporations.  Rochelle is also a Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent (AV)-rated lawyer and has been consistently named as one of the Top Lawyers in Tampa Bay since moving to Florida in 2007 and is included in Martindale-Hubbell’s inaugural and all subsequent editions of its Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers (2011-present).  She joined the #MorningDiscussion today to discuss some of the basics of a business sale.  What contract do you use?  Should a business broker be involved?  Does the Tax ID stay with the business or does the new owner acquire?  What areas should be addressed in a contract?  Rochelle and Jamie touched on many of these areas, albeit briefly, but raised some good talking points.  If you are in the business to sale or buy, reach out to the Walk Law Firm.  You can learn more at www.walklawfirm.com!

Our 8:30 segment saw the return of past guest Jim McPeak, Owner of the McPeak Real Estate Firm.  Jim is also an REO agent specialist like Jamie and his firm specializes in REO as well as property management but can help you with all of your Real Estate needs from residential buying and selling to commercial Real Estate.  Jim is a military veteran of the US Air Force and is a tremendous supporter of our military veterans.  He often promotes the VA loan as an excellent way for veterans to get into their first home and tells a story of an 80 year old veteran who just learned he had the benefit and is now buying a home with it!  Jim also opened up a Real Estate School so if you or someone you know is looking to get into Real Estate, reach out to him today.  Learn more at www.mcpeakteam.com or give him a call at 813-495-3875.


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