Raising The Quality of Healthcare in Haiti – #ThatBusinessShow #TBBOTuesday – Featuring Pamela Noel, Mary Mirabal, and Minal Patel

Raising The Quality of Healthcare in Haiti – #ThatBusinessShow #TBBOTuesday – Featuring Pamela Noel, Mary Mirabal, and Minal Patel

Attention business owners – take advantage of #ThatBusinessShow and the #TBBO partnership and schedule an interview today.  We are offering a promotional package for $100 off of the membership at TBBO for new members that pay in full and come in through the radio show – easiest way to request is to visit www.tbsinterview.com and fill out the interview request form.  We are regularly reaching 4000 to 5000 viewers and listeners each show not to mention the views, likes, and shares we get through social media.  Some video posts get over 4,000 views just on the fan page!!  Thanks again to our show supporters and listeners!!!

Our opening guest today was Minal Patel, Founder of Bottle & Bottega located in Oldsmar.  After working in Corporate America and owning a couple of businesses throughout her career, Minal decided it was time for her to do something for which she truly had a passion. With an affinity for creativity and art, paired with her strong entrepreneurial spirit and background, Minal found the perfect fit within the Bottle & Bottega concept. In August 2015, Minal opened her Bottle & Bottega studio doors to the Tampa Bay community to allow others to explore their creative sides and inner artists.  She shares with us her inspiration in starting the business resulting from a spur of the moment decision to leave her corporate position and how she researched and came to choose Bottle & Bottega.  We learn that a Bottega is the studio of an artist too.  They offer classes in studio and come to you on location as well.  It’s BYOB so bring as little or much as you want at Bottle & Bottega and enjoy a night out with friends or family all while creating a work of art!!  Find them online at www.bottleandbottega.com/tampa or give them a call today at 813-527-0697.  They are located at 3687 Tampa Rd in Oldsmar.

Continuing with our art theme for the hour, we welcomed Mary Mirabal, abstract artist and Owner of Mary Mirabal Art.  Inspired by Native American culture, Mary found her love of painting after being downsized from a corporate position.  She decided to become an artist not even knowing she had artistic abilities.  She has produced over 100 pieces of art in the past few years and sells them online through her website and also in the community.  She is an avid art collector as well and shares with us the mentality and habits of an art collector and she also elaborates on how she presents her art to clients to effect sales, a challenge for any artist.  She paints what makes her laugh and what she loves and her expressions can be found online at www.marymirabalart.com.  There are many incredible pieces on the site, check her out today online!

At 8am, we kicked off #TBBOTuesday where we highlight the organization that is the backbone of the That Business Show.  Show costs are offset through memberships within the organization so if you are a fan of the show and a business owner, we invite you to apply for membership at www.tbbo.org/join-us and you will be helping support the radio show along with opening yourself up to a variety of benefits.   Founder Chris Krimitsos joined the #MorningDiscussion having returned from another leg of his trip to produce the upcoming documentary, “The Messengers” (trailer available at www.themessengersdoc.com) which highlights the podcasting industry, an untapped resource for so many to use in both business and entertainment.  Attend one of Chris’s monthly Florida Podcaster’s Association meetings to learn more, find them on Facebook under Florida Podcaster’s Association!!

Our guest for the remainder of the hour was Pamela Noel, MD.  Dr. Noel graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2003 and from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in 2008.  She completed her Internal Medicine residency at Johns Hopkins University/Sinai Hospital in Baltimore 2011 and today specializes in Infectious Diseases at Tampa General Hospital.  She is the CEO and founder of HELMT, Inc. which specializes in providing telemedicine and mobile clinic services to the poor in rural areas of Haiti and that was the focus of the conversation.  Dr. Noel was born in New York but grew up in Haiti until the age of 10.  She experienced firsthand the deplorable medical conditions in Haiti and swore she would work to make a difference in her Country.  She completed her medical training and today is honoring her word having launched HELMT, Inc.  In addition, she participated in several medical mission trips to Haiti during medical training and has a special interest in global health medicine and providing care to the poor.  The mobile medical units that HELMT, Inc. is working to provide cost $250,000 to $500,000 and they need several to properly service the residents in Haiti.  Dr. Noel explains how the majority of the population live in rural settings outside the capital Port-au-Prince and that the roads are not paved and difficult to travel on.  Many people needing care of brought in on motorcycles and the quality of healthcare is very low in the Country.  HELMT, Inc. is working to raise $3M to fund these mobile medical units as well as staff and also is in need of volunteers in the medical community for tele-medicine and nursing.  Their crowd-funding campaign has just launched and she encourages you to contribute anything you can – find it online at www.gofundme.com/haitimobilehealth

Pamela NoelMary MirabalMinal Patel

Business Blunders? A #ThatBusinessShow Discussion Featuring April and Les Saland, Daniel Fabrizi, and R. Shawn McBride

Business Blunders? A #ThatBusinessShow Discussion Featuring April and Les Saland, Daniel Fabrizi, and R. Shawn McBride

Welcome back to the start of another week of #ThatBusinessShow, Tampa’s only radio show dedicated to the Tampa Bay business owner.  Find us online at www.tampabayradio.com and please subscribe to us on YouTube at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni! Podcast available on iTunes and SoundCloud.Com/Jamie-meloni.

Opening up the program today was Daniel Fabrizi, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for the South Point Quality Senior Management Group.  Daniel is an experienced sales professional and former radio show host on ESPN radio in Pittsburgh and was right at home behind the microphone.  At SouthPoint Quality Senior Management, LLC, their focus is on their residents and associates; providing quality senior care through excellent customer service.  Born from a desire to improve the provision of services to the senior population, SouthPoint brings together the operational expertise of Marc Flores and the clinical prowess of Jeannette Baltzly along with a team of highly skilled professionals who, using their years of experience and collective knowledge, create positive systems and environments for both residents and employees.  Both Principles have been extensively involved in conceptualizing new communities, ownership changes, the design process, operations flow, regulatory compliance, fiscal management, customer service, FHCA, FALA and FADONA professional organizations, and programming.   The Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing environment is continually evolving adding new regulatory compliance making it more and more challenging for those individuals seeking to enter the market.  AHCA and Federal Regulators have more than doubled the regulatory changes in 2015 from 2013 further enhancing the need for a seasoned team of operators to minimize deficiencies in all areas and maintain the compliance required by these regulators.  SouthPoint Quality Senior Management not only understands the regulatory process but also partners with a number of organizations that support them in this effort including Cerner, Direct HealthCare Compliance, Stanley Pharmacy, US Foods, Landmark Bank, etc.  Daniel asks you to reach out to him if you have a building for sale or have a loved one needing care.  They currently have one building in operation, Edgewater in Clearwater.  Find out more at www.spqsm.net or phone him at 724-681-2325!

Our next guests were the duo of April and Les Saland, Owners of A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions.  April and Les have worked in insurance for 13 years and offer all things insurance.  From car and home to health and disability, Les and April know the marketplace.  Coming from a strong background in health insurance sales, their model changed over the past year to include sales in all areas of insurance, adding the concept of a one-stop shop for their clients with regard to insurance.  While insurance is not an exciting topic ever, April and Les bring levity to the topic through their witty and engaging personalities that are inviting to people of all personality types.  We hear from them on how, as a married couple, they are able to separate work from business and Les touches on his involvement in baseball as an umpire, an area that Jamie himself has experience in as a volunteer umpire while in High School.  We touch on open enrollment which begins on November 1st and Les fills us in on the current state of the health insurance marketplace as we close out.  Consider them a resource for anything insurance – find them online at www.alsalandinsurance.com or give them a call at 813-995-0292 today!

At 8am, we welcomed R. Shawn McBride or Shawn as we will call him throughout.  He is a corporate business attorney, certified public accountant, CEO, author, consultant and public speaker. Shawn is the founder and Managing Member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, formed April 4, 2012 and is a boutique business-focused firm with offices in Dallas, Texas and New York, New York.  Shawn is also the author of “Business Blunders” which was released June, 2016 and is available at Amazon.com and online at www.mcbridebook.com.  In the book and throughout the #MorningDiscussion, Shawn and Jamie touch on the book’s topic which are the 10 blunders that business owners make that can either be avoided or better handled through proper planning.  They delve deeply into advantages and disadvantages of a partnership and Shawn discusses the 4 D’s of partnerships to plan for, death, divorce, disagreement and disability.  Shawn goes into the basics of the LLC and the differences in S-Corp vs C-Corp structures and talks about why people should avoid establishing a business without proper structure.  Other area of discussion included having a proper exit plan, getting advisors involved and keeping great records, just to name a few.  The entire hour is full of great informational nuggets and is available On Demand at www.tampabayradio.com or on iTunes as a podcast.  Shawn is also a public speaker and available to speak on a variety of business related topics so reach out to him to learn more at http://www.mcbrideattorneys.com!

#FocusFridays Focusing on Travel Agents, No Fear Speaking and Insurance Featuring Angie Lusk, Joe Yazbeck and Ed Elsasser!

#ThatBusinessShow ends another week on Tampa Bay’s #1250WHNZ and we thank all of our listeners, viewers and partners for their support of the program.  Immediately following the program, we held our first Business Improv event for TBBO members.  The workshop was the first and featured Headlining Comedian Law Smith and Improv Coach Nancy Sears as instructors.  The event was well received and included fun activities designed to make us laugh as well as learn how to improvise in business.  This TBBO member benefit will be a monthly feature for TBBO members and we encourage all business owners to apply for membership with Tampa’s Premier Business Society, TBBO.  To schedule a one on one discussion on the benefits of joining TBBO, head over to www.tbbo.org/join-us and fill out our contact form and become part of the entrepreneurial movement today in Tampa Bay!

#FocusFriday was the focus of hour #1 on #ThatBusinessShow this morning as we welcomed Angie Lusk, Chief Strategist with Focus on You Strategy in studio.  Juliann Nichols took the day off and Angie and Jamie discussed the benefits of CEO Exchanges and delved into Angie’s own business as a Travel Agent.  Angie talks about how she helps people develop plans and processes to execute their vision and accomplish their goals. She spent ten years running fast-paced campaigns that relied on precise plans to run successfully and knows first-hand the challenges of starting your own business because five years ago she started her own vacation planning business – Trips with Angie. She specializes in helping families and small groups find the best match for their vacation with a special focus on Disney World, the Caribbean, cruises and gluten free travel.  We learn throughout this segment of the value of a travel agent and how she competes with the online powerhouses such as Expedia and Travelocity.  “It’s all about filtering and customizing. You and I can chat for 20 minutes and then I can filter all the options and present to three different options with the pros and cons of each. Example, if someone says I want to stay at an all-inclusive that is walking distance is a local town. That narrows down thousands of options to about five resorts between Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen, Mexico” says Lusk, just one of the selling points she offers to travelers.  The personal touch versus the online touch.  She shares some common mistakes that travelers make and how she works to identify and eliminate them from occurring such as not booking in the proper name (oversees flights require middle name) and how many people rely on Internet photos only to be disappointed upon arrival.  Angie shares with us how Juliann and Focus on You Strategy got her laser focused on her business and how she learned to cast a smaller net and focus on her “niche” which was Disney World sales which then saw her bottom line increase.  She goes on to explain the 5 Whys that Focus on You Strategy teaches which are category, niche, company, person, and urgency – tune in to the show On Demand to hear more about these categories.  You can find this show and all past shows at www.tampabayradio.com under show info and the high definition video available on YouTube at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni – Find out more about Angie and her travel business at www.tripswithangie.com and take a moment to book a CEO Exchange with Angie and Juliann at www.focusonyoustrategy.com!

At 8am, we welcomed Joe Yazbeck.  Joe Yazbeck is the Founder, President and CEO of Prestige Leadership Advisors whose mission is to facilitate leaders in becoming dynamic powerful communicators so they can significantly influence the world around them. Having worked with heads of state to leaders of major corporations as well as high-ranking military officers, political candidates to best-selling authors, Joe Yazbeck is a highly sought after leadership and communications coach.  Government and business leaders around the globe seek his counsel and company’s services at critical times such as PR and strategic direction, media training for launching a new brand, influencing board members, speaking to government committees, winning a political campaign, creating a successful exit strategy or recovering from a loss of confidence, etc.  Joe created the internationally successful No Fear Speaking system which offers a host of communications services which include executive level speaker training, negotiation skills, media presentations for radio and TV, sales presentations and courtroom/trial presentations, etc. Joe has also authored a best-selling companion book by the same title, “No Fear Speaking: High Impact Public Speaking Secrets to Inspire and Influence Any Audience” which is an Amazon #1 bestseller.  Training programs, corporate and public workshops, online video trainings and other support materials are also available and you can find out more about Joe and his programs and book at www.nofearspeaking.com!

At 8:30, our guest host Dr. Ron Eccles, Speaker and Business Advisor with Make Your Mark, took over the #MorningDiscussion speaking with Ed Elsasser, President of Prime Group Insurance.  As one of the founders of PrimeGroup, Ed oversees PGI’s day-to-day operations. PrimeGroup specializes in workers’ compensation, property, general liability, commercial auto, and health insurance. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Ryan Nece Foundation, the Independent Insurance Agents of Greater Tampa, and the Laurel Street Commerce Center. He is also involved in many other charitable organizations and believes strongly in giving back to the community.  The company was founded in 1999 as a boutique style agency and since 2010 have acquired five established independent agencies and have more than tripled in size.  They currently manage over $50M in premiums out of their three main locations, Tampa, Palm Beach and Maitland.  To learn more, reach out to Ed at www.primegroupins.com or give them a call today at 813-284-4300!

Angie Lusk (Small)Joe Yazbeck (Small)Ed Ellsasser (Small)

Schooling Tampa Bay in Music! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Avivit Ben-Aharon, Greg Lynch, Laura Barrett, Brendan Schuluth, Amanda Enriquez, and Blake Leopold

Schooling Tampa Bay in Music! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Avivit Ben-Aharon, Greg Lynch, Laura Barrett, Brendan Schuluth, Amanda Enriquez, and Blake Leopold

Happy Thursday and thank you for taking the time to read our show recap.  All past recaps / blogs can be found at www.tampabayradio.wordpress.com in addition to the link on www.tampabayradio.com.  Tampa Bay Business Owners and That Business Show continue to grow together.  We signed up a new TBBO sponsor in Yeager & Company this week.  Jim Yeager is the Owner and they are a third generation flooring company based in Odessa, Florida with a large warehouse to preview flooring samples.  Find them online at www.yeagerflooring.com and be sure to help support them as they help support the Mission of TBBO and That Business Show!

Today at 7am, we welcomed Avivit Ben-Aharon, Founder and Clinical Director of Gr8Speech, an online solution to speech therapy.  Avivit is a speech therapist by trade and developed an online portal to work with her patients.  The portal found at www.gr8speech.com has raised the bar for her business and she talks about the amazing results she has had with it in interacting with her patients versus traditional in office settings.  Gr8 Speech utilizes video conferencing technology to provide live, interactive, highly individualized services worldwide and anyone from friends and family to other practitioners can join in on the treatment sessions.  Avivit shares her own personal story of battling a speech issue during her teenage years.  Arriving from Israel, she did not speak English and was teased and bullied during her learning years.  That led to her passion to help others with speech impediments and today has helped thousands of patients with speech issues from stuttering to lisps and more.  She works with children and adults of all ages and advises the best time to seek treatment for a child if a parents suspects a speech issue is at age 2.  While many parents wait longer, the earlier the issue is worked on, the better and quicker the results.  For more information, visit www.gr8speech.com or email her at info@gr8speech.com!

At 7:30, Greg Lynch, Owner of Sir Grout Tampa joined the #MorningDiscussion.  Sir Grout is a nationally award-winning tile, grout, stone and wood restoration company. After spending years working in the insurance industry, Greg decided to make a career switch after reading about the Sir Grout franchise in a magazine. Parlaying the skills and relationships he built during his time working in the insurance industry, Greg launched his own Sir Grout franchise in Tampa in 2009. Seven years later, Greg’s business has flourished across the Hillsborough County and Greater Tampa Area.  Greg uses a proprietary method to clean grout and then seal it and the results last 5 to 7 years with proper follow up care.  He talks about some of the inferior providers of grout services and how his product and service differs in this segment and strong cautioned against carpet companies offering this service.  While a bit higher than average, the quality and care he provides his customers is worth the difference.  In addition to grout cleaning, he offers additional services including granite sealing and shower / shower door restoration.  Find Greg online at www.sirgrouttampa.com or give him a call today at 813-948-2488!

Our 8am hour was music centric as we first welcomed the duo of Laura Barrett and Brendan Schluth.  Laura is the Founder and Owner of the Barrett School of Music and a trained Opera singer as well.  Brendan works as an instructor where he specializes in music and guitar.  Laura decided to make her studio a full-time endeavor in 2011 as she learned that many students are not satisfied with a private music education charted only by their teacher. As the studio has grown almost exclusively by word of mouth, Laura has developed an asset-based teaching philosophy which she feels is the driving force behind the studio.  Brendan joined Laura in her mission and his areas of focus include jazz guitar, jazz piano, music therapy, and music education. Brendan also works closely with several music programs in Hillsborough County Public Schools and performs regularly around the Tampa Bay area in local jazz bands as well as a soloist.  Their services come to you and they concentrate on the South Tampa market.  Find out more about them at http://www.barrettschoolofmusic.com!

We continued our musical theme in the 8:30 segment with the team of Amanda Enriquez and Blake Leopold with the Tampa Bay Light Opera Company.  The Light Opera Company is a new non-profit organization that, like the name says, is “light opera” Blake is a trained Opera singer and discusses the differences their performances will have over traditional Opera performances.  Amanda is also a trained singer and works as the Executive Secretary of the organization.  Jamie, who has little to no artistic talent, explores with them some of the basics of Opera and how one is put together and what attracts people to the Opera in general.  Their mission is to get more involved in Opera through lighter productions and are currently in the planning phase for their upcoming Inaugural Gala in February of 2017.  The production will be a 1940s radio throwback and they are currently looking for cast members and assistants.  They are paying people too, so get involved today and learn more at http://www.tampabaylightopera.org!

Avivit Ben-Aharon.jpgGreg Lynch.jpgLaura Barrett.jpgBrendan Schluth.jpgAmanda Enriquez.jpgBlake Leopold.jpg

Non Surgical Vein Treatment for Varicose Veins in Tampa Bay! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Dr. Panos Vasiloudes, Dr. Chris Pittman, Jessica Rivelli, Natalie Kass

Non Surgical Vein Treatment for Varicose Veins in Tampa Bay! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Dr. Panos Vasiloudes, Dr. Chris Pittman, Jessica Rivelli, Natalie Kass

#ThatBusinessShow thanks all of our listeners, viewers and sponsors who make the program possible each day.  Find us online at http://www.tampabayradio.com if you are not familiar with the program and we work daily to bring you the success stories of Tampa Bay’s entrepreneurs!  Starting September 1st, we are running a new promotion for a limited time only! Become a guest on That Business Show for just $495 and receive a $495 rebate towards membership in our business network Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO) plus a 15 minute consultation with Jamie Meloni to identify key connections for your business. TBBO offers members many educational workshops, free radio time, networking opportunities, key connections, business improv classes and much more! Visit http://www.tbsinterview.com to apply for an interview today!

Opening up the program today was Dr. Panos Vasiloudes, MD, PhD.  Dr. V as he prefers to be called holds a dual board certification in dermatology and pediatrics. Dr. Vasiloudes obtained his PhD in the area of cell and molecular biology and is a native of Cyprus where he attended medical school at the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany and obtained his degree in 1987. Subsequently, he performed research at the renowned Rockefeller University in New York and Philipps University in Marburg, before completing his training in Europe at the University of Freiburg. Dr. Vasiloudes was awarded his PhD summa cum laude in 1989, after publishing his research in numerous peer-reviewed publications. He completed an accredited pediatric residency at Hahnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia in 1993 and a second accredited residency in dermatology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver in 1998. Dr. Vasiloudes is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Pediatrics.  Dr. Vasiloudes and Jamie discussed some need to know information on melanoma including the warning signs and Dr. V elaborates on his own screening method that he uses in his office.  He touches on the myths of sun tanning and how it does not protect against melanomas and we wrap up with a discussion on hair loss, another area he covers in his dermatological practice.  He, along with a partner, have developed a cream that when applied at night will result in the re-growth of hair over the course of a few months with near 100% success rate (to some degree).  This cream and procedure is unique to his practice so to take advantage of it, you will need to visit one of his locations.  Find him online at http://www.tampadermatology.com or give his office a call at 813-879-6040 today!

At 7:30, Regular Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman joined the #MorningDiscussion.  Dr. Pittman has appeared a number of times and has made Jamie a near expert in the field of vein disease.  Dr. Pittman and Jamie discussed the area of women’s health and how it applies and / or is affected by vein disease.  A condition not discussed before that is often overlooked by Gynecologists related to vein disorders is pelvic congestion syndrome.  Because it is not common and symptoms often send women to the OBGyn, many gynecologists do not recognize this as a possible cause of the symptoms so Dr. Pittman works to educate Medical Professionals in the field as to this possible cause.  Jamie and The Doc also touch on cosmetic issues associated with vein disorders including cherry angiomas which are the little red dots that everyone gets over time and he can eliminate them quickly and easily through the use of the VeinGo Machine as well as how he and his staff tackle other issues such as spider veins and unsightly hand veins.  Important to remember though is all treatments begin with a medical assessment before treating issues as simply cosmetic and the intake process of his practice is oftentimes covered by insurance.  Dr. Pittman invites you into his office for a free consultation and you can reach them at 855-Vein-911 or online at http://www.vein911.com!

At 8am it was #WorkingWomenWednesday and we discussed the upcoming Working Women State Conference with Jessica Rivelli during the first segment.  We also discussed member benefits of the Working Women group including their regular “coffee connections” that she has been holding across the Bay area for the past 5 years and how they serve as excellent networking opportunities for professional women.  Members are not required to own a business and any woman with a job can be granted entry into membership.  There are base and VIP levels of members and more can be learned at http://www.workingwomenoftampabay.com and get tickets for the conference at http://www.workingwomenconference.com!

Our guest for the remainder of the program was Natalie Kass, a graduate research assistant at the University of South Florida.  Natalie is pursuing her master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of South Florida, where she has worked with the educational technology, My Reviewers, for the past two years.  The online platform, My Reviewers is a peer to peer software program that enables students and teacher to collaborate on research and papers and is unique to the University of South Florida now.  Natalie recently pitched the produce to 1 Million Cups where she received rave reviews and feedback and she and her partner hope to take it to other educational outlets.  Jamie and her discuss her entry into entrepreneurship which has arisen unexpectedly through her English program at USF and how millennials view entrepreneurship during the final segment.  Find out more about the platform at http://www.myreviewers.com!

Chris Pittman.jpgPanos Vasiloudes.jpgNatalie Kass.jpg


Clicking and Fixing Here in #TampaBay! #ThatBusinessShow #TBBOTuesday Featuring Mike Murphy, Miller Townsend, and Matthew J. Lapointe

Clicking and Fixing Here in #TampaBay! #ThatBusinessShow #TBBOTuesday Featuring Mike Murphy, Miller Townsend, and Matthew J. Lapointe

Welcome to #TBBOTuesday on #ThatBusinessShow.  Head over to www.tbbo.org to learn more about Tampa Bay Business Owners and announcing our next Signature Event, The Business Symposium.  This event will be on October 28th from 10am to 3pm at the Hilton Hotel in St. Petersburg on Lake Carillon.  Our Presenting Sponsor is Rochelle Walk of the Walk Law Firm and we have other sponsor levels still available.  Lunch / workshop sponsorships are available for $5000 and Break Sponsors are available for $2500.  Booths are for sale for $850 for a premium booth and $595 for non-member booths outside of premium locations.  TBBO members can purchase booths for $450.  The sponsorships include other benefits too, email jamie@tampabayradio.com for more information and it will be up on tbbo.org/events soon!

Opening up the program today was Mike Murphy, Owner of U-Click, We-Fix, LLC, a computer repair and IT services specialist.  Mike has over 20 years’ personal & professional experience and took his knowledge and 2 degrees (an Associates in Computer Networking and a BS in Info Systems security) into corporate America for 8 years. During this time he realized that corporate takeovers and cube farms were not his style. So, in 2014 he and his wife decided that they wanted to join the community of small business owners. Thus, started U-Click-We-Fix LLC.  Mike works with business owners of all shapes and sizes but his niche is mid-level and entry level business owners.  He offers disaster recovery planning and stresses the importance of having a business continuity plan.  Managed IT services are just another area that he works with business owners on too and elaborates on that in this segment.  We also learn of the proper way to dry out a phone in the event of water damage with your cell phone, avoid the rice he says, there is a chemical for sale in stores designed specifically for this.  Find out more at www.uclickwefix.com or give him a call today at 813-793-7999 X 1.

We next welcomed Miller Townsend, Head Chef and Founder of HoneyBlaze, a buffalo style sauce with a kick.  He is a self-taught Chef, starting out in his younger years where he catered and sold roadside BBQ on nights and weekends. During these years he developed a passion for cooking and business. Soon after, he teamed up with a group of restaurant entrepreneurs in Tampa, Florida to create a sports bar concept, which now includes several restaurants. Miller developed menus, created recipes, and led the back of the house. In 2010 Miller left the food industry and joined the United States Army, where he further developed logistical and supply chain management skills serving in a leadership role. After several years in the Army and corporate world, he is back in the kitchen creating flavors for the food service industry. Miller now advises all sizes of restaurants on new and current trends, while keeping the back of the house efficient and profitable.  Today the sauce can be found in restaurants across Tampa Bay and even inside Gillette stadium, the Patriots stadium.  He shares the story of how this opportunity came together during this segment too.  The sauce is soon to be available in store fronts around Tampa but for now, find it online at www.honeyblaze.com!

At 8am, Chris Krimitsos checked in to the program with a recap of the filming in Puerto Rico for the documentary, The Messengers.  The film is self-funded by Chris and is a local film based here in Tampa and his crowd funding campaign is now at 57% of its goal – help out here with whatever you can and if you contribute certain amounts, you can get benefits and recognition alongside the film.  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-messengers-a-podcast-documentary/x/14701684#/ is the link to contribute, don’t delay and help out today!!!

Our next guest was Matthew J. Lapointe, attorney with the Tampa business law firm of Wetherington Hamilton, P.A.  Matt serves as legal counsel to a variety of entrepreneurs and closely-held businesses, advising them on entity selection and formation, internal governance matters, debt and equity financing, acquisitions and divestitures, succession planning and other matters. Matt also provides advice on franchising and distributorships and handles commercial real estate transactions for his business clients.  Many of Matt’s clients are in the healthcare industry, including professional practices (such as physician group practices and dental practices) and healthcare institutions (such as hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes). In addition to advising these healthcare clients on typical business matters, Matt handles their regulatory compliance issues as well, dealing with physician anti-referral laws, Medicare/Medicaid fraud & abuse laws, HIPAA privacy and security regulations and various state licensing laws.  Matt and Jamie share a great discussion on why an LLC is preferable to a corporation as well as the differences between an S-corporation and a C-corporation.  Matt also touches on an often overlooked component of the LLC setup when multiple members are involved and that is the need for buy/sell agreements inside the LLC.  Matt fills us in on the new overtime regulations and how they will impact small business owners too and we discuss the differences between salary and hourly workers in this segments.  Business can be a complicated field so do not navigate it alone, find out more at www.whhlaw.com or reach out to Matt at mattl@whhlaw.com or phone at 813-676-9075!

Miller TownsendMike MurphyMatthew Lapointe