Bookkeeping in Your Business – #FocusFriday with Juliann Nichols and Britt Galipault on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Dr. Ron Eccles, Wendy Leigh, and Rob Hicks

Bookkeeping in Your Business – #FocusFriday with Juliann Nichols and Britt Galipault on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Dr. Ron Eccles, Wendy Leigh, and Rob Hicks

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It’s the end of the week so that means it is time for #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow!  This segment is brought to us by Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy, Bringing out the CEO in You!  Take advantage of one her CEO Exchanges to get valuable feedback and insight on the challenges inside your business.  These small, peer to peer groups provide valuable information that you can immediately put to use for you and your business!!  The next CEO Exchange is September 1st from 11am to 1pm at the C1 Bank on Westshore in Tampa and you can schedule online at  Continue the discussion online at by joining the group too!

Alongside Juliann today was fellow business owner Britt Galipault.  She owns Business Builders Bookkeeping, LLC and specializes in bookkeeping for construction / contractors.  She met Juliann while attending an NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) meeting and decided to attend a CEO Exchange.  From there she was hooked and Juliann has helped Britt realize her true value.  As Britt begins the growth phase of her business, Juliann and Focus on You Strategy has given her systems and processes to help her learn how to delegate and manage, two of the challenges she sees in her business.  The discussion moves into a talk on the role of the bookkeeper and how they differ from accountants.  Bookkeepers are much more in tune with the daily activities of the business and also ensure you are kept up to date on new rules and regulations as well as helping you figure out how much money you are actually making or losing.  Britt is certified in QuickBooks and we discuss the online versus desktop version of the software and we find that many business owners still prefer the desktop version of the software.  Jamie mentions that years ago when he entered the Real Estate business that he had to learn QuickBooks quickly because of the need to manage so many expenses related to the management of REO homes.  He mentioned an old YouTube video he produced that he would help other agents train with and that video on how to use QuickBooks for REO Agents can be found here Britt also services medical and non-profit clients but her niche is construction.  She is expanding her services to include tax preparation and we close out the discussion with a talk on tax fraud.  If you are in need of a bookkeeper, reach out to Britt today, find her online at or phone at 727-386-3876!

At 8am, Jamie stepped aside and Dr. Ron Eccles, Business Coach and Speaker with Make Your Mark stepped into the host seat.  The #MorningDiscussion then continued with Wendy Leigh, Chief Development and Marketing Officer at the University Area Community Development Corporation, UACDC.  She joined the UACDC in August of 2015 after a lengthy and varied career in education and the arts.  The mission of the UACDC Community Outreach Committee is to engage University Area residents through personal outreach to increase awareness and participation in University Area Community Center programming, events and services.  She mentions some of what the UACDC does and that tonight is the Free Wiz Live Community Night Kick Off.  The community is invited to a free screening party to view the Kenny Leon-directed television version of The Wiz Live, in celebration of and in preparation for, the University Area CDC’s fifth annual gala on Friday, Sept. 23.  The gala’s theme will be A Brand New Day, from the popular Broadway show and film, The Wiz Live. This Brand New Day gala will raise much-needed funds for the University Area CDC, which works to improve the economic, education and social levels of the community through youth programs and adult education and resource assistance.  The University Area CDC provides support for thousands of Tampa residents through youth programs, adult education and resource assistance. Its primary mission is the redevelopment and sustainability of the at-risk areas surrounding University of South Florida’s Tampa campus. For more information about UACDC, a 501(c)(3) public/private partnership, visit

Our 8:30 am guest was Rob Hicks, Assistant Coach for KNO3.  He began his professional career in real estate 30 years ago as a commercial real estate appraiser and is the fourth generation in his family to work in real estate in the Tampa Bay market, holding both a General Real Estate Appraisal Certification as well as a Real Estate Brokers License.  Rob has worked in real estate sales, leasing, construction management, property management and public & governmental relations. Many of these opportunities came during the 10 years he was Vice President of Real Estate for Clear Channel Outdoor.  He also serves as a certified small claims court mediator at the Pasco County Courthouse.  Rob has been active in his community serving as President of his Tampa neighborhood association and Assistant Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 53 where his two sons attend.  He was in studio to discuss KNO3 which is a competitive robotics team representing Plant High School.  They started the team in 2013-2014 school year with 4 students who had taken a technology class in middle school and participated in a FIRST FLL program.  As freshmen at Plant High School they wanted to continue working with robotics, but Plant did not have any formal STEM programs in place.  They approached Principal Rob Nelson, to ask if they could start a competitive team and he was very encouraging.  Unfortunately, there is no infrastructure in place at Plant to support this type of program, but not to be deterred, the Team was formed and supported by parent coaches.  All meetings are held in the Coach’s house and garage.  The team competes in the Hillsborough County League called ROBOT League of Tampa Bay.  There are usually 16-24 teams in any given year in our league and are from other high schools.  The season kicks off in early September, when their “challenge” is revealed.  Students then will spend time strategizing, brainstorming ideas, drawing, designing the ultimate robot that can accomplish some or all of the tasks outlined in the “challenge” The competition is played on a 12’ X 12’ field with two alliances (red and blue) of two teams each. The object of the game is for robot alliances to score as many points as possible in a 2 ½ minute match.  The match game includes both an autonomous period and a driver controlled period. During the autonomous period, the robots are pre-programmed to perform tasks and must use sensors to guide them in the field.  During the driver controlled period, student will drive their robot using game pad controllers.  Last year the challenge was “Res-Q” Points are awarded when the robots perform certain tasks including detecting colored lights, collecting balls and blocks, placing these in baskets located on ramps, and climbing the ramp to ultimately hang from the highest ramp bar.  Last year they made it to States in their first year of competition, but were one and 2 ranks away from attending State in the past 2 years.  Disappointing, but to be 25th in a field of 150 within the State working out of a garage was still very exciting.  Last year at Hillsborough County League Championships, they were an Alliance Capitan in the Final Round but lost to the Championship team.  They are always looking for mentors and sponsors.  They have a need to learn CAD design and have been dabbling with Autodesk Inventor 2016 which is available free to students, but they would like to become more accomplished and having someone who is familiar teach them would be great.  And of course, they can always use and appreciate funding.  Learn more at!