Business Blunders? A #ThatBusinessShow Discussion Featuring April and Les Saland, Daniel Fabrizi, and R. Shawn McBride

Welcome back to the start of another week of #ThatBusinessShow, Tampa’s only radio show dedicated to the Tampa Bay business owner.  Find us online at and please subscribe to us on YouTube at! Podcast available on iTunes and SoundCloud.Com/Jamie-meloni.

Opening up the program today was Daniel Fabrizi, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for the South Point Quality Senior Management Group.  Daniel is an experienced sales professional and former radio show host on ESPN radio in Pittsburgh and was right at home behind the microphone.  At SouthPoint Quality Senior Management, LLC, their focus is on their residents and associates; providing quality senior care through excellent customer service.  Born from a desire to improve the provision of services to the senior population, SouthPoint brings together the operational expertise of Marc Flores and the clinical prowess of Jeannette Baltzly along with a team of highly skilled professionals who, using their years of experience and collective knowledge, create positive systems and environments for both residents and employees.  Both Principles have been extensively involved in conceptualizing new communities, ownership changes, the design process, operations flow, regulatory compliance, fiscal management, customer service, FHCA, FALA and FADONA professional organizations, and programming.   The Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing environment is continually evolving adding new regulatory compliance making it more and more challenging for those individuals seeking to enter the market.  AHCA and Federal Regulators have more than doubled the regulatory changes in 2015 from 2013 further enhancing the need for a seasoned team of operators to minimize deficiencies in all areas and maintain the compliance required by these regulators.  SouthPoint Quality Senior Management not only understands the regulatory process but also partners with a number of organizations that support them in this effort including Cerner, Direct HealthCare Compliance, Stanley Pharmacy, US Foods, Landmark Bank, etc.  Daniel asks you to reach out to him if you have a building for sale or have a loved one needing care.  They currently have one building in operation, Edgewater in Clearwater.  Find out more at or phone him at 724-681-2325!

Our next guests were the duo of April and Les Saland, Owners of A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions.  April and Les have worked in insurance for 13 years and offer all things insurance.  From car and home to health and disability, Les and April know the marketplace.  Coming from a strong background in health insurance sales, their model changed over the past year to include sales in all areas of insurance, adding the concept of a one-stop shop for their clients with regard to insurance.  While insurance is not an exciting topic ever, April and Les bring levity to the topic through their witty and engaging personalities that are inviting to people of all personality types.  We hear from them on how, as a married couple, they are able to separate work from business and Les touches on his involvement in baseball as an umpire, an area that Jamie himself has experience in as a volunteer umpire while in High School.  We touch on open enrollment which begins on November 1st and Les fills us in on the current state of the health insurance marketplace as we close out.  Consider them a resource for anything insurance – find them online at or give them a call at 813-995-0292 today!

At 8am, we welcomed R. Shawn McBride or Shawn as we will call him throughout.  He is a corporate business attorney, certified public accountant, CEO, author, consultant and public speaker. Shawn is the founder and Managing Member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, formed April 4, 2012 and is a boutique business-focused firm with offices in Dallas, Texas and New York, New York.  Shawn is also the author of “Business Blunders” which was released June, 2016 and is available at and online at  In the book and throughout the #MorningDiscussion, Shawn and Jamie touch on the book’s topic which are the 10 blunders that business owners make that can either be avoided or better handled through proper planning.  They delve deeply into advantages and disadvantages of a partnership and Shawn discusses the 4 D’s of partnerships to plan for, death, divorce, disagreement and disability.  Shawn goes into the basics of the LLC and the differences in S-Corp vs C-Corp structures and talks about why people should avoid establishing a business without proper structure.  Other area of discussion included having a proper exit plan, getting advisors involved and keeping great records, just to name a few.  The entire hour is full of great informational nuggets and is available On Demand at or on iTunes as a podcast.  Shawn is also a public speaker and available to speak on a variety of business related topics so reach out to him to learn more at!

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