Foreclosure Defense Help & #WorkingWomenWednesday Featuring Vivian Viejo, Vanessa Tuttle, Melissa Wandall, and Dr. Stacey Robinson

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Opening up the program today was the duo of Vanessa Tuttle and Vivian Viejo, Attorneys and Owners of Viejo Tuttle Attorneys at Law.  Located at 1710 N 19th St in Ybor City, the pair focuses primarily on foreclosure defense but do work in other areas of law.  Vivian and Vanessa are well known by many local judges and colleague attorneys for their fierce litigation and negotiation skills.  They both have backgrounds working for large firms in the banking industry and they bring a unique perspective with regards to Real Estate and Foreclosures.  As they once had inside knowledge on how the banking industry runs, they know how to get the best possible insight and deal for their clients.  The pair met via Yoga and the discussion opens up with the story of how Vanessa attended Vivian’s yoga classes and the trio along with Josh enjoy a light-hearted discussion on the culture of yoga before moving into a discussion of buying and investing in real estate foreclosures.  Jamie is also an expert in the sales of foreclosures having sold over 1600 foreclosed properties in the past 9 years.  Once the property passes through the courthouse auction process and makes it to the general market, many liens are cleared but some do not and buyers need to take caution to ensure they buy a property without encumbrances.  One area to pay close attention to is the HOA.  HOA liens survive foreclosure in Florida and the new buyer would be responsible.  In a typical transaction, the bank resolves the past due balance before transferring to another buyer on the general market but for those who buy at the courthouse steps, due diligence in this area is a must.  Tax liens also survive foreclosure as do others so involving an attorney or title agent is a necessity when purchasing real estate.  The trio also discuss the necessary information to know when dealing with tenants inside a foreclosed property and touch on the expired Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure Act and how Florida implemented a similar law.

If you are having problems with a bank foreclosure, again they  specialize in foreclosure defense so reach out to them at or give them a call today at 813-856-9583!\

At 8am, we kicked off #WorkingWomenWednesday.  Jessica Rivelli was out with a sore throat so Jamie touched on their upcoming State Conference being held September 8th and 9th at the Straz Center and tickets are available at  Be sure to use promo code Meloni for 10% off!!

Our first guest was Melissa Wandall, a dynamic leader and influential speaker who as President of the National Coalition of Safer Roads (NCSR) has set out to change highway safety and reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by traffic collisions.   Melissa’s mission is personal. Days before their only child was born in October of 2003, Melissa’s husband was killed by a red light runner. Focused and determined, she worked to put safe, courteous drivers back on Florida Highways, to educate business leaders and elected officials on the vitality of lives that would be saved and to empower a network of professionals to join her mission. On May 13, 2010, after four years of advocacy and outreach, the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was passed to establish uniform standards for use of red-light safety cameras at Florida intersections to help combat red-light running. Since then, she has committed herself to promoting awareness and education about the benefits of traffic cameras, including red-light safety cameras, speed cameras and school bus stop arm cameras.  Melissa shares the very personal story on the air and elaborates on the mission and vision of the Mark Wandall Foundation.  They have an event coming up on September 16-18 in Lithia at Cedarkirk Camp that is free to attend and for children who have suffered from the loss of a loved one.  For children ages 5-17, the event will focus on counseling, fun, and meeting new people.  More information can be found here and Melissa will also be a speaker at the Working Women Conference about traffic safety and the NCRS.  Melissa is also a speaker on a variety of topics and more can be learned about here at or reach out to her at 941-545-3359!

Our 8:30 guest was Dr. Stacey Robinson owner of Robinson MD where she focuses on functional and concierge medicine.  She took this path so she could care for patients in a more thorough, individualized way. Their mission is to empower and inspire you to achieve your best health. Dr. Robinson is board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine and is also a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Private Physicians.  Dr. Robinson talks about what functional medicine is and how it differs from traditional medicine.  The key area of difference she explains is that functional medicine focused on identifying and treating the root cause of an illness whereas traditional medicine deals with treating just the symptoms.  She shares her story and “why” of leaving the traditional model after feeling unsatisfied with the time she had available to treat patients and venturing down the entrepreneurial path to her own business focusing on functional medicine.  She is also the author of the book “Road Map to Health, 7 Steps to Alter Your Destination” and you can find that online here Dr. Robinson also speaks of the ReBoot Movement whose mission is to educate, motivate and empower people to make simple changes in their life to improve their health and wellness.  They have an online community and Facebook group with events and more information can be found on her Facebook page and at!!

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