Music, Events, Fitness and Steel Featuring Tony Michaelides, Christal Kotchman-Giardina, Bridget Donovan, Melissa Trinidad and Dominique Martinez

Welcome back to the start of another week of #ThatBusinessShow where we bring you community leaders and entrepreneurs from around the Tampa Bay. A business variety show, a show unlike any other morning program and a breath of fresh air away from the negativity that clouds the airwaves today. Our next Main Event is this Wednesday from 5pm to 7:30pm at the Centre and is for TBBO members only. Non-members are welcome to request admittance for one time if they mention the radio show and email to request access. Find out more about this event here

Opening up the program today was music industry insider Tony Michaelides. Tony has an irrefutable reputation achieved over 30 years working with a stellar cast of clients including David Bowie, U2, REM, Genesis, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Depeche Mode, Happy Mondays, Matchbox Twenty, The Police, The Pixies, New Order, The Stone Roses, Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, Take That, Natalie Imbruglia, Westlife, P. Diddy, Elvis Costello, and Peter Gabriel. Tony’s worked with BMG, Island Records, Transatlantic Records, Circa Records, Factory Records, Simon Fuller, and Simon Cowell. He returned to the program today to talk about his relationship with David Bowie who passed this year and was a musician whom he held in high regard. He shares a story about his first encounter with David Bowie in the 90s and how he toured with him. He was impressed by his humble nature and willingness to engage with all around him. Tony was a sought after contributor after David Bowie’s death this year and you may have seen him on Bay News 9 and other news outlets talking about the singer. Tony also worked with U2 and shares their story of being an ordinary band and how he never imagined they would amount to what they became in this segment too. We close with a quick story about him working with Genesis and Phil Collins but without a time constraint, Tony has musical stories that will span hours. He is an author and speaker as well and you can learn more about him at!

Up next was Christal Kotchman-Giardina, Founder of CKG and Associates. Driven by her passion and creativity, Christal wanted to develop a company that provided access to key (one of a kind) professionals in the event planning and marketing industry to service clients with excellence. She has created and coordinated a variety of memorable events over the years from Corporate Events, to Weddings, Fundraising & Charity, Socials and many more. “Identifying and creating an effective “plan” is the essential formula to promote business success!” She graduated with her Bachelors from The College of Charleston in SC, with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She has many years of marketing experience, which included roles in Account Management, Sales, Loyalty Programs, Communication, Public Relations and Event Planning. She is a Certified Wedding and Event Planner in the Tampa Bay area and also the founder of Acts of Kindness Wedding & Event Planning. She launched her company just over a year ago after years of marketing work and she is available for all types of events small or large. Find her online at or email her for your next event need at!

In our 8am hour, we welcomed the duo of Bridget Donovan and Melissa Trinidad, Founders of HolyFit.TV. Both with their own companies and differing backgrounds, the two came together to launch this brand of fitness which is On Demand fitness. On their site, you can subscribe to a series of videos (differing levels available) and watch and work from the comfort of your home. No equipment or weights are required to complete the videos either. Bridget Donovan brings her role as a multi-award-winning producer / director to their business strategy and operational leadership deriving from 15 years of industry experience developing innovative video-rich, web and mobile enabled products and services to the table. Melissa, owner / operator of Optimal Health & Performance Training, brings the fitness professional and personal trainer side and has been helping people reach their health and fitness goals for over a decade. Melissa, a mother of one, was the NBC American Gladiators 2008 Season Premiere Episode Winner, a Golden Gloves boxer, collegiate athlete, medaled triathlete and martial artist just to name a few accomplishments. They share their passion for Tampa in this segment and also touch on the Gasparilla Stand Up Paddleboarding race which they cite as the fastest growing sport in the area. Find them online at and more on the paddleboarding race at!

At 8:30, we welcomed back to the program Dominique Martinez, Founder of Rustic Steel, a custom metal fabrication shop located in Tampa that is best known for fabricating exquisite pieces of art from steel and iron that meet and exceed clients’ needs. Dominique’s company is unique because he allows his team of artists to create inimitable creations that are only limited by the artist’s imaginations, thus creating the creative edge that clients seek. If you have ever seen the large metal figures along Florida Avenue, or the dragon atop the shopping center on Kennedy, those are the works of Dominique and Rustic Steel. Dominique shares with us a great story of his path to entrepreneurship resulting from a 9-5 job where he left on a whim with no plan on what to do next. He had asked for some time off from work and the boss told him to take 10 minutes, anything more than that to leave, so he packed up and left. Fast forward a year and he is designing the front door of the Ulele restaurant which is custom steel along with many of the steel interior designs inside the building and has created countless works of art through steel. They do a creative welding class too and give tours of their building as well, located on MLK and Highland in Tampa. He also spoke of Firehouse #5, a historic building he bought and renovated and turned into his private residence with event room and art display gallery. He has many themed event nights coming up and a private kick off event on September 23rd so keep an eye on Firehouse number 5, located in Seminole Heights. Find Dominique online at!

Thanks again to our listeners, viewers and readers of #ThatBusinessShow. Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube at and connect on Twitter @jamie_meloni and learn more at!

Tony MichaelidesChristal Kotchman-GiardinaBridget DonovanMelissa TrinidadDominique Martinez

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