Focusing on You This Friday – #ThatBusinessShow – Guest Hosted by Juliann Nichols, Featuring Sharon Fekete, Dawn Dill, Jan J Henderson, Jodi Sherman, and Christina Griffin

Focusing on You This Friday – #ThatBusinessShow – Guest Hosted by Juliann Nichols, Featuring Sharon Fekete, Dawn Dill, Jan J Henderson, Jodi Sherman, and Christina Griffin

Good afternoon to the #ThatBusinessShow Audience! We thank you for tuning in every day here on #1250WHNZ at 7AM through 9AM to the show. This show depends on viewers like you giving the spotlight to the community here in Tampa Bay, as #ThatBusinessShow is for the #Entrepreneurial Community in this city, and we pride ourselves on promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. As always, you can catch the day’s show at if you missed it. Joining us today at the 7AM hour was Sharon Fekete, The Doctor Whisperer, and Dawn Dill along with Jan J Henderson, Co Founders of in2itive Training Solutions! At the 8AM Hour, our Guest Host; Juliann Nichols of Focus on You Strategy welcomed Jodi Sherman, Realtor with Coldwell Banker and The Griffin Group, and Christina Griffin, Realtor and Leader of The Griffin Group. If you missed out on the #MorningDiscussion, you can always check out our YouTube Channel as well at:!

At the 7AM Hour, Juliann welcomed back to the show The Doctor Whisperer herself, Sharon Fekete! Sharon Fekete is a Doctor’s best friend.  Her knowledge and expertise of running a business enables her Doctor clients to be Doctors.  With services ranging from public relations and marketing to employee recruiting and business development, Sharon takes care of the business, while the Doctor takes care of the patient.  Community, collaboration, and developing a practice culture are her focal points within the business of medicine. You can find out more about Sharon and ignite your medical practice at:!

It is understood by most leaders that talent is one of the most impactful assets to the success of your organization but hiring can be a challenge.  In fact, The Economist states that “the single biggest problem in business today” is unsuccessful hiring. The average hiring mistake costs a company $1.5 million or more a year and countless wasted hours. Dawn Dill and  Jan J Henderson, Co Founders of in2itive Training Solutions understand this. In2itive Training Solutions, Inc. engages with you to design custom services to: Hire Top Talent; Bring Down Your Hiring Costs; Reduce the Time to Hire; Fill Your Vacancies More Quickly; Avoid Mis-Hires; Reduce Turnover and Build Effective Talent Acquisition Teams. Learn more about them at:!

At the 8AM Hour, Juliann Nichols welcomed Jodi Sherman and Christina Griffin to the show. Both of them are Tampa Bay Realtors of Colwell Banker, and are part of the Griffin Group, of which Christina Heads. To be part of the Griffin Group team requires excellent customer service skills, an understanding of the Tampa Bay real estate market, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Christina Griffin is an experienced real estate professional with Coldwell Banker in Tampa Bay, Florida. Christina handles an enormous volume, selling 385 units last year. Her dedication has placed her in the top 1% of agents with Coldwell Banker, top 100 for the state of Florida and #28 with The Wall Street Journal for volume. Jodi was originally from New York when she purchased her first vacation home in South Tampa 14 years ago. Shortly after became a Tampa resident and has been specializing in Residential Real Estate since. As an investor she has gained an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding communities and the market. She can easily assist her clients, whether they are selling, buying, relocating or seeking an investment properties. To find out more about the Griffin Group and how they can help you buy your next home here in #TampaBay, head over to:!


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What’s “Appening” In Your Area Featuring Brian Kornfeld, Andreas and Thomas Neuert, Aimee and Shelton Radebaugh, Mike Ertel and Len Russek!

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Opening up the program today was Brian Kornfeld, Founder of PopKorn Apps. Brian is a Regular Contributor to #ThatBusinessShow and is well known in the area for app design and development but elaborates on the opening segment that his company is more than just app design. Brian has assisted with many businesses in development and can help companies with the early stages and growth stages from a COO type of standpoint as he describes it. The CEO is in charge but he can provide his expertise and support functions to ensure the business grows steadily while the CEO steers the ship. Brian has produced many apps and can get that idea to the marketplace for you and knows the ins and outs of the rules of each platform as well as how to get the app on the market quickly and reduce rejections which are bound to occur up front he notes. We also touch on iOS vs Android operating systems for apps and we learn some of the nuances of each of the operating systems in this segment, and again we manage to work in #PokemonGo to the discussion. The field is wide open for app development ideas – from entertainment to business, apps are a great way to drive new business to yourself so reach out to Brian Kornfeld today at 727-415-6705 or visit them online at!

At 7:30, we continued the app discussion as we welcomed the brothers Andreas and Thomas Neuert to the program. They have developed the Kyngo app and just launched the 2nd stage of the app last week in Tampa. The app, which has received investment from Silicon Valley, is an app that is geared to getting the word out about what is happening in an area in real time. The idea was born out of their experience at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Lost by what to do in the city that was fun and happening, they had the idea for the app which they immediately put into production. They spent time out in Silicon Valley studying the investors and the marketplace and received funding for the app in July 2015. From there they returned to Tampa because of their love for the area as which Thomas talks about in the last segment. The app highlights local business owners, entrepreneurs, events, bars and anything and everything that is worth exploring in a City and knowing about. Users of the app can download the app for free now on the iOS operating system and on October first, it will be available for Android use too. When asked about how the app differs from general social media outlets they elaborate on how with the current mix of social apps, there are no adequate tools to find and connect with locals at events and social gatherings happening right now. Current solutions are ineffective and do not deliver a satisfying user experience. Event Apps only deliver on content, yet fail on user experience and connectivity. Messaging Apps deliver on communication, but fail on content discovery. Social Media Apps offer some of these solutions, but the execution is clumsy, disjointed and noisy. Kyngo wants to uncover the true heartbeat of any city by building a fun and easy. Check them out on the iOS system and you can learn more at!

At 8am, I welcomed the team of Aimee and Shelton Radebaugh and Renan Debarros. Aimee and Shelton own Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass and Renan is the Vice President of Marketing. Renan shares with us the story of how he sold his auto glass company to Shelton and Aimee and was impressed with their business and stayed on as Vice President in charge of Marketing. Their business provides mobile auto glass service at your home or office and their certified technicians regularly perform services on all types of cars including domestic and foreign models as well as luxury vehicles.  Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass is a reliable vendor for commercial fleet vehicles, too. For companies that use heavy equipment, such as front end loaders and excavators, they can handle your glass needs as well. For people that have been around Tampa Bay for awhile, you will recall an old auto glass company that gave out free steaks when you used their service, that was Shelton’s fathers company and he explains on this segment that they had to discontinue that ad because of FDA regulations they were not expecting. As a Florida car owner with comprehensive insurance, windshield replacement is covered 100% by the insurer so if you have a knick, crack or other damage to a windshield, there is no reason not to replace it. Learn more at or give them a call today at 855-458-8490 and they come to you too for replacement!

Closing out the show today was Len Russek and Mike Ertel, business brokers now working with the Mergers and Acquisitions division here in Tampa Bay with Transworld M&A Advisors. Transworld Business Advisors LLC specializes in the sale of businesses and helps thousands of clients in buying and selling their companies with an award-winning sales force of more than 80 professionals in Florida including Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Lee, Miami-Dade, Orange, and St. Lucie counties. The company has 110 offices worldwide with international headquarters in South Florida. According to Mike Ertel, it is estimated that the average business owner has 70 percent to 90 percent of their personal net worth tied up in or pledged to personal guarantees that support the business. Often, the quality of the business owner’s lifestyle in retirement, their capacity for charitable giving, and the size of the legacy to ultimately pass onto heirs, will be impacted for better or worse by their success in selling and transitioning the business. While most successful business owners are experts at running their own businesses, they are relative novices when it comes to selling their business, and recognize that they will likely realize a much better result if they engage a professional mergers and acquisitions advisor to assist them in this process. That’s where Mike and Len come in! They provide sellers and buyers of mid-sized, privately held businesses with the high-quality resources and sophisticated services traditionally reserved for firms valued over $100 million and will specialize in transactions among companies and business organizations or their operating units that are transferred or combined. Find them online at!

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Fighting Hunger and the Upcoming Production of Cinderella! Featuring Benito D’Azzo, Nancy Sears, Jessica Rivelli and Lynn Kroesen

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Opening up #ThatBusinessShow today was Benito D’Azzo, Executive Chef with the Trinity Café. Trinity Cafe was established October 15, 2001, and is located at 2801 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33602. Trinity Cafe 2 was established April 25, 2016, and is located at 2202 E Busch Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612. They work to serve the hungry and/or homeless and this difference is a key discussion point as Benito says oftentimes the people that come into the Café are not typical transients without homes but rather the working class poor. Oftentimes the meal provided by Trinity Café is the only meal that is provided to them all day. They pride themselves on offering a true restaurant experience for free for anyone in need. Patrons are greeted, seated at a table, and served like in a traditional restaurant. The food is of high quality and provided by a National food bank on top of donations received that also go to covering the costs of food as well as staffing. They rely primarily on volunteers, but they also have a small staff including a few homeless people that were regulars that were given the opportunity to work for Trinity Café. Today they have served over 1.1 Million meals and Benito shares an inspiring story behind the serving of their 1 millionth meal, and yes they truly do count the meals served. That story is that of John, a military veteran, ex-cop and is disabled from a motorcycle accident. John said, “If not for my wife; I’d be dead. She was told by doctor’s I’d never recover and she refused to believe that; she wouldn’t let them disconnect me from machines.” Little by little John began to recover. He spent more than a year in the hospital and a rehab facility regaining brain function and learning to walk again. Soon after he was released and back home, his wife died suddenly. John was devastated, losing his support system. He got behind on bills and was soon living without electricity. John came to Trinity Cafe for a hot meal and goes to the VA for medical help. “I have a new chance in life and I’m working to get back on my feet again,” John says, “I really appreciate the food and kindness here at Trinity Cafe.” The Café is open 365 days a year 24/7 and they open for lunch service only. They are open 365 days a year and serve lunch only each day. They always need volunteers and accept donations so please consider giving to this incredible cause. Learn more at!

The next guest on the program was Nancy Sears, Theater Chair with the Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center. Nancy was in studio to talk about the upcoming production of Cinderella which she is directing. The production is cast by children aged 2nd to 8th grade and she shares her experience and love of working with children on this production as well as in theater classes. Nancy is a graduate of the University of Kansas, where she earned a degree in Theater.  After earning her degree, she moved to Hollywood, California to pursue a career as a performer and writer. She started a children’s entertainment company called Sunshine and Company which was rated by LA Parent Magazine as one of the top 10 Children’s Entertainment Companies in LA. Nancy worked for 21 years as a theater educator for Pinellas County Schools and in 2013, she was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the state of Florida for Outstanding Contribution to Theatre Education in Secondary Schools.  She and Jamie share some insight on what it takes to be an actress/actor and how she works with people of all ages to develop their skills in her programs. She invites people of all ages and interests out to their production of Cinderella and it is being held Thursday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 4pm from July 28th through the 31st. You can get tickets by calling 813-229-7827 or find them online here Learn more about their programs at!

At 8am we kicked off #WorkingWomenWednesday with a call from Founder of the Working Women of Tampa Bay, Jessica Rivelli. Jessica discussed her new initiative The Young Women’s Leadership Exchange designed to help young professional women engage in the workplace at a younger age. This is up on the calendar of her many events over at so be sure and check it out and also keep in mind the Working Women State Conference is being held September 8th and 9th at the Straz Center, get your tickets at

My next guest was Lynn Kroesen, Manager of the Entrepreneur Collaborative Center (ECC) in Ybor City. This is a resource for entrepreneurs where they can come and hold meetings and group workshops and is funded by Hillsborough County. Many organizations participate with the ECC including Tampa Bay Business Owners where we hold our new member orientations. The ECC is best known for One Million Cups, a National movement started in 2012, where entrepreneurs can apply to present their pitch in front of a community of peers. Many cities hold these now and many success stories are coming from these events, of which Lynn shares a couple of them with us in this segment. Interested applicants should apply at and anyone is welcome to attend to watch the pitches free of charge. The event is every Wednesday at 9am too.

Thanks again to all of our listeners/viewers and readers of #ThatBusinessShow and be sure to come out to Christmas in July!

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Making Your Mark With the Success Doctor – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Adriana Montes, Bianca Berry, and Ron Eccles

Making Your Mark With the Success Doctor – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Adriana Montes, Bianca Berry, and Ron Eccles

Happy Tuesday and thanks for taking time out of your day to support #ThatBusinessShow whether you are a listener, partner, past guest or just finding this blog/recap for the first time. Come out and enjoy fun, food, drinks and a bit of Tequila from our Margarita sponsor Mr. Margarita, soon on Thursday July 21st! Pick up tickets at as they’re going fast! And remember to catch both hours of the show on your morning drive, every weekday from 7 to 9 AM, on #1250WHNZ and!

Joining the show first this morning was Adriana Montes, Owner of Florida Dreams Realty Group! Adriana is a dedicated professional with a long tenure in the default sector that includes many years’ experience servicing and selling large volumes of distressed properties, and is well-known for performing beyond expectations and offering first-rate services to all her customers. In addition to overseeing her REO brokerage firm, she hosts a twice-weekly radio program on AM 1270 Radio Luz to inform the community about the real estate market and related topics. Not only does the show give Adriana unprecedented exposure to the Florida market but, more importantly, it provides an invaluable service to educate our community about local real estate. Learn more about her at!

Our next guest was Bianca Berry, CEO and Founder of Women on the Rise!  Women on the Rise is a company that challenges young girls and women to change holistically, meaning physically, mentally and emotionally. Bianca is also the Lead Navigator for a non-profit program called STEPS for success where she helps move and motivate families out of poverty into self-suffiency. She came on the show to discuss the TechHire Partnership Grant, which is set to help our community in so many ways. You can learn more about everything Bianca does for our community at!

`Today, we had one guest feature on the 8AM Hour, and that was Ron Eccles, known as “The Success Doctor”. He is also a professional speaker, Author, Business Coach and Emcee! And did we mention that he is also board certified in Orthopedics and Neurology? Now that’s a diverse portfolio. Ron travels throughout the US and abroad inspiring others with his internationally renowned speaking. Ron believes that we are all created to be financially free, to have a leaner, fitter, and healthier body, to enjoy deep loving relationships, also just to enjoy a spiritual walk every now and then. Dr. Ron has 32 years of business experience as a entrepreneur, helping to coach and develop businesses. You can reach him at: You can also visit Make Your Mark’s Website at!

Missed a show – find us online at and please subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on twitter at Jamie_meloni! And remember, don’t miss the show, airing live every weekday at 7 and 8AM on #1250WHNZ in the bay! Also, you can always find the live stream on our main site at Tampa Bay Radio!

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Concierge and Direct Primary Care Doctors – The Future of Healthcare? Featuring Dr. Rahul Mehra, Martine Dorvil, Dr. Michael O’Neal, and Dr. Eric J. Crall!

Welcome back to work and to another week of #ThatBusinessShow on #1250WHNZ. We work to bring you positive programming with information you can use in your business and hope to inspire others to start their own businesses. If you have started a business and need guidance and resources, consider joining TBBO, Tampa Bay Business Owners. This organization is comprised of 300 members and through various events, workshops and summits works to bring business owners the information they need to success all while identifying key connections inside the business environment. Apply for membership here and another reminder for Christmas in July being held this Thursday, July 21st from 5pm to 8:30pm at TPepin Center. Tickets are $29 and $19 for TBBO members and can be purchased at

Opening up the program today was Dr. Rahul Mehra, CEO and Chief Medical Office of MehraVista Health. Specializing in Employee Assistance Programs, Dr. Mehra is a sought after speaker and presenter in the industry. He was in studio today though to discuss a topic that needs more attention and that is student-athlete stress. Given the daily rigors of anybody’s life, the added stresses that athletes incur are often not addressed properly leading to decreased academic performance, substance abuse, and relationship problems. Dr. Mehra became involved in the issue recently after the issues with concussions came to light and through his leadership has assembled a panel of experts to discuss this with the community. The event, The GameChanger, is being held July 30th from 8am to 11am at the Centre Club and tickets are $25.00. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Centre Club at 813-286-4040 or An all-star lineup of panelists will be attending including Dr. Mehra, Coach Jon Gruden, and US Olympic Silver Medalist in Ice Hockey Ms. Anne Schleper to name a few. Endorsed by the NCAA, Dr. Mehra hopes to open this discussion up to broader channels outside of Tampa and could use your support. Reach out to him directly at for more information!

At 7:30, I welcomed Martine Dorvil, Director of Programs with the University Area Community Development Corporation. Martine has spent 14 years with the UACDC and was in studio today to discuss their mission and their programs. The UACDC works with residents around the University of South Florida area to improve the quality of their lives. Through educational, outreach and social programs, they are making a difference in the community. They created the STEPS program to help families overcome poverty which consists of three key planning tools, prescription for prosperity, individual goal plan, and implementing a network of support. Their dreamcatcher program works with children and she talks about how they are learning Chinese and Chess and the community garden they have too which is open to the residents. You do not need to be a resident in the USF area either to benefit she stresses and their services are free and open to anyone inside Hillsborough County. Learn more at!

At 8am, we talked with Dr. Michael O’Neal, Founder of Cooperative Med. This is a concierge medical practice in Tampa Bay and is a growing trend in the medical community. In short, concierge medical doctors become a personal patient advocate, filling the role of the primary care doctor through an annual membership fee. Patients can go as often as needed and can reach the Doctor via phone, email and text. The patients that take advantage of concierge medicine received longer visits and much more personalized service and the idea is that insurance should be used for larger, catastrophic events, not primary care doctors. As the burdens of insurance grow, many medical doctors are beginning to practice this form of medicine and it is no longer a perk of the upper classes. Dr. O’Neal founded the first concierge medical practice in the Tampa Bay area in 2002 and it was introduced immediately following completion of his residency training in Family Medicine at the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine, and was the first in the United States ever created from scratch. At that time, there were fewer than 50 physicians in the country practicing in this type of practice format. Now, 14 years later, they are considered leaders in an industry that boasts over 5,000 physicians nationwide. Reach out to them at or online at!

We continued the medical discussion at 8:30 as we talked with Dr. Eric J. Crall, Owner of MyDPCdoc Family Medicine. Dr. Crall practices Direct Primary Care Medicine which differs from Concierge Medicine in that he does not work with any insurance. Concierge doctors will accept some insurance but Dr. Crall does not. Dr. Crall views DPC to be a perfect complement to a high deductible insurance plan. Going back to the discussion on concierge medicine, the idea is that insurance should be for expensive, catastrophic events and that basic primary care should be handled by the consumer. For as low as $60/month, people can be covered by Dr. Crall and families for around $150/month. According to Dr. Crall’s website, “the purpose of insurance is to insure against low probability, high-cost events.  Imagine if you used your car insurance to pay for routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations.  The costs of these services would climb in order to pay for the extra cost of billing and collecting from the auto insurance.  Instead, these routine expenses are paid out of your budget. So it should be with your primary health needs, saving insurance for unpredictable healthcare expenses.   When you need to see your doctor, you should not have any additional expense in the form of copayments or deductibles.  At MyDPCdoc Family Medicine, your only expense is the low monthly fee, no matter how often you access my services, virtually or in the office.” Dr. Crall and Jamie also discuss how employers can use DPC as a low cost medical benefit for their staff too. Dr. Crall was also the featured speaker at the last TBBO Main Event and spoke on this topic in depth and took many audience questions. You can watch that presentation on the TBBO YouTube channel here and you can catch the replay of this show and any show at or online at Reach out to Dr. Crall at 813-321-1783 or online at!

Dr. Rahul MehraMartine DorvilMichael O'NealDr. Eric Crall