#FocusFriday – Why Every Business Owner Needs a Lawyer – #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Juliann Nichols, Jamie Marcario, Lisa Wilcox, Andreas Dettlaff, David Joseph, and Susan Elbare

This morning on #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni, Juliann Nichols joined the show to Co Host, giving the greatest tips on how you can unleash the CEO within you. If you missed out, you can #TuneIn to the morning discussion at http://www.tampabayradio.com. And remember, #ThatBusinessShow airs every weekday at 7AM through 9AM on #1250WHNZ! At the 7AM Hour, Juliann Nichols of Focus On You Strategy brought Lisa Wilcox and Jamie Marcario onto the show. Lisa Wilcox is an International Law and Business Attorney with Wilcox Law. Jamie Marcario is an Attorney at Uncommon Legal! They discussed the wisdom behind every business owner needing a lawyer, not only to protect themselves. On the 8AM Hour, Jamie Meloni welcomed Andreas Dettlaff and David Joseph onto the first half of the hour. Andreas Dettlaff is the CEO of Absolute Pharmacy, and David Joseph is the Director of the Pharmacy as well. On the last segment, the discussion was with Susan Elbare, a Social Worker Liaison with OASIS here in Hillsborough County. If you missed out, you can always watch the YouTube live streams at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni!

On the 7AM Hour, it was Focus Friday with  Juliann Nichols, the CEO of Focus On You Strategy. Juliann brought Lisa Wilcox and Jamie Marcario onto the show, discussing why every business should have a lawyer. Lisa Wilcox, Attorney and Founder of Wilcox Law, is committed to stopping bullies. She knows how to protect the community of business owners in Tampa Bay from the big companies that harass smaller entities like no tomorrow. She’s a proven fighter. Many business owners think they only need a lawyer when they’re been sued or a suit is threatened. She came on to assert that this should not be the case. “A skilled lawyer will also assist you in achieving business success as you define it.” And to quote her, “Remember that you are not a consumer, you are now a business and have less protection under the law. When negotiating contracts and lease agreements the devil is in the details.” On the Administrative side, Jamie Marcario of Uncommon Legal says, “You don’t want to violate laws, especially tax laws. Every action your business takes must be recorded in your corporate records.” And she is “uncommonly” gifted at providing your business the skills it needs to protect and conserve your success. She suggests to protect your intellectual property, and she is a proven expert at fighting through that entire process. Interested? Find out more on this morning’s #FocusFriday with Juliann Nichols, and continue the discussion on the Focus Friday’s Facebook Group at: http://www.Facebook.com/groups/FocusFridays!

At the 8AM Hour, Jamie Meloni welcomed Andreas Dettlaff and David Joseph onto the show. Andreas Dettlaff is the CEO of Absolute Pharmacy, and David Joseph is the Director of the Pharmacy as well. Absolute Pharmacy provides specialized compound medications to the medical industry here in Tampa Bay. They have what’s called an “ISO Class-5 Clean Room”, which gives the security of safe medicine, which is way ahead technologically above the rest. They also carry maintain a stockpile of the highest quality FDA-Approved Chemicals which gives them the ability to provide everything from dermatological creams to one-off injections, of which they pride themselves. On a little bit about David Joseph, he is highly experienced in the practice of sterile compounding pharmacy. He has been licensed as a pharmacist for 43 years.  He’s seen the pharma world grow and change with the wind, and that experience is vital of which he provides to the team at Absolute Pharmacy! Learn more at: http://www.absoluterx.com

Susan Elbare is a Social Worker Liaison with OASIS here in Hillsborough County. For decades, Susan has worked in three different elementary schools assisting students and caregivers with various issues including attendance, behavior and academic problems. And now she works to help this community in its times of crisis, when one of the nation’s largest counties has a qualifying poverty rate of 60%, gathered by having 60% of all of its students on reduced or free lunch. The OASIS Mission is to provide basic necessities to students in need in Hillsborough County public schools to help them succeed in school. There are more than 3000 homeless students attending Hillsborough schools, which is truly a tragedy. OASIS receives no public funding, they are supported by the #Community alone. You can find out how you can help at http://www.oasis-network.org!

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