Unsightly Veins? VeinGo and Vein911 Can Help Featuring Dr. Chris Pittman, Jessica Rivelli, Valerie Ellis, Colleen Kochannek!!

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Today, we welcomed Expert Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman, Medical Director and CEO of Vein 911, back in studio after an overseas trip to Italy.  Dr. Pittman is triple board certified and one of only a few hundred physicians Board-Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.  Known for their minimally invasive non-surgical technique for the treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Pittman and Vein 911 is revolutionizing vein care.  Their mission is to help you look and feel your best and they have offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg and can easily be reached by calling 855-VEIN-911. Dr. Pittman talked today about vein disorders related to cosmetic issues. Stressing the importance of first eliminating any medical issues first, he works with many men and women on reducing the unsightly appearance of some very common problems such as cherry angiomas, hand/leg/facial veins that are showing and rosacea. We spoke first about angiomas which are tiny little red dots that many of us have. Typically appearing after age 30, through the use of their “VeinGo” Machine, they can easily eliminate these with a quick, painless outpatient procedure. Dr. Pittman went on to discuss how visible and bulging hand veins develop over time due to the reduction of collagen in our skin and his non-invasive unique solutions offer patients a satisfying experience. Dr. Pittman also has a 100% patient satisfaction guarantee, the only one he knows of in his business. If you are suffering from varicose or spider veins or other vein disorders, Dr. Pittman and his staff are well trained to help relieve your problems. You could also have a problem that is related to vein disorders that you are not even aware of such as ankle swelling or night leg cramps, a topic we touch on briefly and go into more depth in other shows with Dr. Pittman but keep that in mind for yourself or others in need. Find them online at www.vein911.com or give them a call today at 855-Vein911 to schedule a consultation!

At 8am, it was time for #WorkingWomenWednesday. Jessica Rivelli spoke of the upcoming Working Women State Conference being held September 8th and 9th at the Straz Center and be sure to pick up tickets at www.workingwomenconference.com – use promo code Meloni for 10% too!

My next guest on the program was Valerie Ellis, CEO of Veterans2Corporate. Valerie Ellis is a retired Army First Sergeant who continues to serve by advocating for Veteran employment and entrepreneurship by promoting and placing Veterans to small and medium size companies to increase their bottom line by helping them hire qualified Veterans who are leaders, loyal, disciplined, and dependable. Valerie sought to find a way to help Veterans with the challenges of transition from military service to civilian careers and while enrolled in the HCC Entrepreneurship Certification program, conducting market research and customer discovery she determined employers struggled understanding military skillsets as much as service members struggled finding employment hence the birth of Veterans2Corporate. Valerie is currently serving as the Program Manager for the Florida Veterans Entrepreneurship Program for Hillsborough Community College where The Florida Grant was awarded to train Veterans on entrepreneurship. Hillsborough Community College was selected to partner with five institutions of higher education to offer Veterans a three phase program designed to accelerate the entrepreneurial success of aspiring “Vetrepreneurs”. Valerie’s efforts have been recognized by Tampa Bay Business Journal as a Hero in the Workplace, as well as 1 Million Cups – Tampa as a nomination in the Veteran’s Start Up category. She advises the best way to contact her is through LinkedIN messaging and her services to Veterans are free! Find them online too at www.veterans2corporate.com!

Rounding out the hour was Colleen Kochannek, the creator and publisher of www.TownieLifeMagazine.com . After transitioning out of a corporate job that had her traveling the world, sometimes for two and three weeks at a time, Colleen made two startling discoveries 1.) She did not know her own home town at all; and, 2.) When she started exploring it she realized it had incredible things to offer. Colleen created www.TownieLifeMagazine.com in May 2016 to shine a spotlight on the South Shore area of Tampa: Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Riverview, Ruskin, Sun City Center and Wimauma. Townie Life Magazine’s entire focus is featuring all of the amazing people, places, events, and businesses in South Shore. She and Jamie spoke of many of the hidden gems inside this region including the Carnival Museum in Gibsonton which touches off a brief discussion on the history of Gibsonton which was centered around the carnival industry. Jamie learns as probably many of the readers and listeners of the show learned today that Apollo Beach is finally getting a beach too, slated for completion by the end of this year and will be a 5 acre region on the shore. We touched on some areas inside Wimauma, a town some people may not even know exists in Hillsborough County and we closed up with a discussion of the challenges she faced as a white collar employee who transitioned to the world of entrepreneurship. She cited Working Women of Tampa Bay as a key component of her success. She is always looking for content for the publication and you can email her stories and ideas at colleen@townielifemagazine.com and she asks that you like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TownieLifeMagazine/ and keep up with them at www.townielifemagazine.com!

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Chris Pittman (Small)Jessica Rivelli (Small)Valerie Ellis (Small)Colleen Kochannek (Small)

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