Transform Your Life and Our Environment Featuring Amanda Marit, Kent Bailey, Matt Rutkovitz, and Kristen Chittenden!!

#ThatBusinessShow welcomes everyone back to the start of another productive work week in #TampaBay!! Jamie, coming off a 3 day break to attend his 20 year high school reunion, re-joined the #MorningDiscussion and opened up with a discussion on a new product that he found while on the trip. The DJ could not make the event so the group had to improvise to have some music and his good friend Jake Gooden was there with an Igloo beer cooler turned speaker box. Plug in your phone and you have a portable speaker box with amp/battery/fuse and a place for your beer. Check out the photos on the live stream as Jamie discusses it at 7am and 8am. This is true West Virginia ingenuity and could be a profit center for the right investors.

Opening up the program was Amanda Marit, a Spiritual and Transformational Life Coach where she is dedicated to empowering people to shift their thoughts and let go of fears in order to live a limitless life and create their own realities. She began working in Corporate America 6 years ago, climbed the ladder, and realized there was something much more she was meant to do. After taking time to look inward and move past her own fears, she began a self-development blog which quickly lead her to becoming a coach and working 1:1 with clients all over the country. She is also currently co-creating an online digital course called The Energy Cleanse, a complete mind/body/soul detox which launches mid-August. Her mission is to help others wake up to their full potential and live a life that feels inspired and fulfilling. She explains to Jamie how she came from a place of personal emptiness and loneliness and turned that in a positive direction becoming a life coach. She grew her personal blog and Instagram to over 9000 followers and cites Instagram as a key source of business. As she posted her blog, people began to ask her to assist them with their lives and her career as a coach was born. Focusing on personal life coaching, Amanda is about to move out of her day job into full time entrepreneur by the end of the year and is another inspiring entrepreneurial story from #TampaBay! Check her out online at!

Stopping by for our 7:30 segment was Kent Bailey with the Sierra Club, the oldest environmental organization in the Country going back to 1892. Has been an active volunteer for the Sierra Club member for 15 years and was recognized by the Tampa Bay Sierra Club for his efforts to place the 12,800 acre Cone Ranch into Hillsborough County’s Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program in 2009. He joined the Sierra Tampa Bay Group Executive Committee 2012 and in 2013 was elected to the Florida Chapter Executive Committee. Bailey traveled to Washington DC in 2013 for the XL Pipeline protest and to New York City in 2014 for the People’s Climate March and is currently serving as Chair of the Tampa Bay Sierra Group and as member of the Sierra Club Florida Chapter Executive Committee. Kent shares with us the story of the founding of the Sierra Club and some of the projects that sustained and grew them as an organization through the early 20th century. Today, they have chapters all over the Country and membership in excess of 2 million supporters! The Sierra Club works diligently to raise awareness for expanding our renewable energy sources and we discussed that on the program today and he elaborates on how Florida is just one of four States that does not allow for the investment of private capital into our power grid. Kent mentions a couple of amendments that are on the ballot this August and November that supporters of our environment need to move on and support and he and the Sierra Club have several meetings each month where you can get involved. Find out more online at

Our 8am guest was Matt Rutkovitz, Founder of SurgeCurve. After graduating from college in 2013, Matt went to work in the Logistics and Material Handling industry. After a few short months, He knew he wanted to start his own business, so he got into the events business for millennials. As the events business started to grow, the short videos he was producing for his video marketing campaign were getting thousands of views and taking off much faster. As he was producing the videos, people started to ask for more services such as social advertising and sales automation. This is where he and one of my mentors started to collaborate and identify that there’s a large market for people looking to explode their sales through video, but didn’t know where to start. Enter SurgeCurve. A platform that where you can create a video and put it on a landing page in the click of a button to increase website conversions, hire the right people, communicate with your team, manage projects and so much more.  Today the app is available on the iOS platform and soon to be released on the Android system.  The tool is primarily marketed to business owners for use as a video branding tool whereby management can put videos up of their team to introduce them to their consumers in a consistent easy to update manner. The videos go directly from the smartphone to a landing page online and you can use the videos to share directly to social media as well. Check it out in the app store and learn more at!

At 8:30 we welcomed Kristen Chittenden and President of the Young Men’s Service League South Tampa Chapter. The mission of the YMSL is to assist, serve and support those that are in need in the community and develop leadership skills amongst their members through mother-son relationships. Meaning that events are attended by sons and their mothers on a volunteer basis so that the familial relationship is strengthened and the youth gains valuable skills. Open to youths aged 9th through 12th grade, the organization works today with 27 different philanthropies. Philanthropies are encouraged and welcomed to contact the YMSL as well to request assistance given that they are not animal or related to a race (running event) and Kristen explains that inside the segment. They are always looking for speakers for their young men meeting and their moms’ meetings, so if you are interested please contact their Vice President, Loretta O’Keeffe, who coordinates the moms’ meetings at, or VP Boys’ Coordinator, Tina Nunn at Learn more about them at

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