Making Your Mark With the Success Doctor – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Adriana Montes, Bianca Berry, and Ron Eccles

Making Your Mark With the Success Doctor – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Adriana Montes, Bianca Berry, and Ron Eccles

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Joining the show first this morning was Adriana Montes, Owner of Florida Dreams Realty Group! Adriana is a dedicated professional with a long tenure in the default sector that includes many years’ experience servicing and selling large volumes of distressed properties, and is well-known for performing beyond expectations and offering first-rate services to all her customers. In addition to overseeing her REO brokerage firm, she hosts a twice-weekly radio program on AM 1270 Radio Luz to inform the community about the real estate market and related topics. Not only does the show give Adriana unprecedented exposure to the Florida market but, more importantly, it provides an invaluable service to educate our community about local real estate. Learn more about her at!

Our next guest was Bianca Berry, CEO and Founder of Women on the Rise!  Women on the Rise is a company that challenges young girls and women to change holistically, meaning physically, mentally and emotionally. Bianca is also the Lead Navigator for a non-profit program called STEPS for success where she helps move and motivate families out of poverty into self-suffiency. She came on the show to discuss the TechHire Partnership Grant, which is set to help our community in so many ways. You can learn more about everything Bianca does for our community at!

`Today, we had one guest feature on the 8AM Hour, and that was Ron Eccles, known as “The Success Doctor”. He is also a professional speaker, Author, Business Coach and Emcee! And did we mention that he is also board certified in Orthopedics and Neurology? Now that’s a diverse portfolio. Ron travels throughout the US and abroad inspiring others with his internationally renowned speaking. Ron believes that we are all created to be financially free, to have a leaner, fitter, and healthier body, to enjoy deep loving relationships, also just to enjoy a spiritual walk every now and then. Dr. Ron has 32 years of business experience as a entrepreneur, helping to coach and develop businesses. You can reach him at: You can also visit Make Your Mark’s Website at!

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