Concierge and Direct Primary Care Doctors – The Future of Healthcare? Featuring Dr. Rahul Mehra, Martine Dorvil, Dr. Michael O’Neal, and Dr. Eric J. Crall!

Welcome back to work and to another week of #ThatBusinessShow on #1250WHNZ. We work to bring you positive programming with information you can use in your business and hope to inspire others to start their own businesses. If you have started a business and need guidance and resources, consider joining TBBO, Tampa Bay Business Owners. This organization is comprised of 300 members and through various events, workshops and summits works to bring business owners the information they need to success all while identifying key connections inside the business environment. Apply for membership here and another reminder for Christmas in July being held this Thursday, July 21st from 5pm to 8:30pm at TPepin Center. Tickets are $29 and $19 for TBBO members and can be purchased at

Opening up the program today was Dr. Rahul Mehra, CEO and Chief Medical Office of MehraVista Health. Specializing in Employee Assistance Programs, Dr. Mehra is a sought after speaker and presenter in the industry. He was in studio today though to discuss a topic that needs more attention and that is student-athlete stress. Given the daily rigors of anybody’s life, the added stresses that athletes incur are often not addressed properly leading to decreased academic performance, substance abuse, and relationship problems. Dr. Mehra became involved in the issue recently after the issues with concussions came to light and through his leadership has assembled a panel of experts to discuss this with the community. The event, The GameChanger, is being held July 30th from 8am to 11am at the Centre Club and tickets are $25.00. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Centre Club at 813-286-4040 or An all-star lineup of panelists will be attending including Dr. Mehra, Coach Jon Gruden, and US Olympic Silver Medalist in Ice Hockey Ms. Anne Schleper to name a few. Endorsed by the NCAA, Dr. Mehra hopes to open this discussion up to broader channels outside of Tampa and could use your support. Reach out to him directly at for more information!

At 7:30, I welcomed Martine Dorvil, Director of Programs with the University Area Community Development Corporation. Martine has spent 14 years with the UACDC and was in studio today to discuss their mission and their programs. The UACDC works with residents around the University of South Florida area to improve the quality of their lives. Through educational, outreach and social programs, they are making a difference in the community. They created the STEPS program to help families overcome poverty which consists of three key planning tools, prescription for prosperity, individual goal plan, and implementing a network of support. Their dreamcatcher program works with children and she talks about how they are learning Chinese and Chess and the community garden they have too which is open to the residents. You do not need to be a resident in the USF area either to benefit she stresses and their services are free and open to anyone inside Hillsborough County. Learn more at!

At 8am, we talked with Dr. Michael O’Neal, Founder of Cooperative Med. This is a concierge medical practice in Tampa Bay and is a growing trend in the medical community. In short, concierge medical doctors become a personal patient advocate, filling the role of the primary care doctor through an annual membership fee. Patients can go as often as needed and can reach the Doctor via phone, email and text. The patients that take advantage of concierge medicine received longer visits and much more personalized service and the idea is that insurance should be used for larger, catastrophic events, not primary care doctors. As the burdens of insurance grow, many medical doctors are beginning to practice this form of medicine and it is no longer a perk of the upper classes. Dr. O’Neal founded the first concierge medical practice in the Tampa Bay area in 2002 and it was introduced immediately following completion of his residency training in Family Medicine at the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine, and was the first in the United States ever created from scratch. At that time, there were fewer than 50 physicians in the country practicing in this type of practice format. Now, 14 years later, they are considered leaders in an industry that boasts over 5,000 physicians nationwide. Reach out to them at or online at!

We continued the medical discussion at 8:30 as we talked with Dr. Eric J. Crall, Owner of MyDPCdoc Family Medicine. Dr. Crall practices Direct Primary Care Medicine which differs from Concierge Medicine in that he does not work with any insurance. Concierge doctors will accept some insurance but Dr. Crall does not. Dr. Crall views DPC to be a perfect complement to a high deductible insurance plan. Going back to the discussion on concierge medicine, the idea is that insurance should be for expensive, catastrophic events and that basic primary care should be handled by the consumer. For as low as $60/month, people can be covered by Dr. Crall and families for around $150/month. According to Dr. Crall’s website, “the purpose of insurance is to insure against low probability, high-cost events.  Imagine if you used your car insurance to pay for routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations.  The costs of these services would climb in order to pay for the extra cost of billing and collecting from the auto insurance.  Instead, these routine expenses are paid out of your budget. So it should be with your primary health needs, saving insurance for unpredictable healthcare expenses.   When you need to see your doctor, you should not have any additional expense in the form of copayments or deductibles.  At MyDPCdoc Family Medicine, your only expense is the low monthly fee, no matter how often you access my services, virtually or in the office.” Dr. Crall and Jamie also discuss how employers can use DPC as a low cost medical benefit for their staff too. Dr. Crall was also the featured speaker at the last TBBO Main Event and spoke on this topic in depth and took many audience questions. You can watch that presentation on the TBBO YouTube channel here and you can catch the replay of this show and any show at or online at Reach out to Dr. Crall at 813-321-1783 or online at!

Dr. Rahul MehraMartine DorvilMichael O'NealDr. Eric Crall

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