The Risks of #PokemonGo With a Touch of Fitness and Mortgage Talk Featuring Bradford Stevens, Elysia Stobbe and Nick Paras!

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Opening up the program today was Bradford Stevens.  Bradford Stevens moved to Tampa three years ago from New York where he was a collegiate rower at the University at Albany and received his Masters from California University of Pennsylvania. From his passion, experience and education, he designed and developed the workouts, programs, and studio for Viking Fitness. Viking Fitness is a new concept on fitness studio that recently opened in the Channel district of downtown Tampa at 1318 Channelside Drive.   Focusing on circuit training, Bradford talks about the movement in fitness from big box gyms to the more personal boutique style fitness training facilities such as Viking Fitness.  His company focuses on the 5 pillars of strength which are physical, mental/mindset, rest/recovery, diet, and social and Jamie jokes that he covers the spectrum from personal trainer to psychologist for his clients.  Bradford joins the #MorningDiscussion at 7am and rejoins us at 8:40 for a more detailed discussion on the benefits and challenges of Rowing, of which he was a collegiate athlete in as well as Coach as the University of South Florida.  Jamie even learns during the segment that rowing is more than just upper body and incorporates 60% of legs overall, a common misconception per Bradford when talking about the sport.  If you are looking for a personal, boutique style approach to fitness in the South Tampa area, consider Viking Fitness in Channelside.  Give them a call today at 813-769-9554 or visit them online at!

At 7:30, we welcomed Elysia Stobbe, Mortgage Expert and Author of the book “How to Get Approved For The Best Mortgage Without Sticking a Fork In Your Eye”, an Amazon best seller that even unseated “Mortgages For Dummies” last year as Amazon’s best-seller in the mortgage category.  Her book walks potential home buyers through the steps of applying for a home loan: from types of loans, to

choosing a mortgage professional, the application process, fees and paperwork, mortgage insurance, and more. Stobbe believes there is a plethora of confusion and misunderstanding among first time homebuyers about loan programs and choosing a mortgage lender. She wrote this book using her expertise to help home buyers understand their options, and navigate the mortgage process successfully.  Stobbe says, “My commitment to client service has driven my passion for the individual personal experience in the mortgage industry, and how the regulations and requirements affect real people in real time.  After reading this book, you will have an understanding of the requirements of the lenders that loan money to home buyers, what loan options you have, and how to navigate government regulations and requirements to your advantage.”  Stobbe has over 13 years of experience in the mortgage industry, and has closed over $250 million in residential mortgage loans. She has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post about her mortgage lending expertise. Stobbe has also been ranked a Top Lender in Northeast Florida by Jacksonville Business Journal three years in a row, and recognized as a 2014 Top 50 Business Influencer by Advantage Magazine.  There are some great takeaways in this segment including how to buy a home using HUD’s $100 Down Program and the Hardest Hit Funding Program which aids borrowers with up to $15,000 in down payment assistance.  Visit her online at!


At 8am, we talked with Nick Paras on our #TechThursday edition of #ThatBusinessShow.  Nick is an expert in IT solutions and Owner of Alpha Computing Solutions specializing in anything IT including handling the IT needs for Jamie.  Nick talks about the presentation he and Kelly Hamm gave yesterday on the Centre Club in which Nick talked about taking stock of your IT inventory.  From password management to desktop and program management, many business owners do not have a plan in place to handle this.  When turnover occurs, much time and effort is lost in hunting down and changing passwords and setting up new PCs.  This is one of the IT solutions that Nick handles for business owners and is handled on intake with a new client.  It’s important to know what you have and what you need on each of your PCs, especially when running a broad network of computers.  Jamie mentions RoboForm as an excellent password manager solution and for just $50/year, this can save you the hassle of multiple users using the same passwords and logins for systems as well as a central storage center for all of your passwords.  You can even protect some logins and leave others open to staff users.  Nick also touches on the security flaw that occurred in the viral #PokemonGo app that allowed the app to have complete control over a user’s Google account on the iPhone.  This flaw has since been corrected but shows that IT security comes from all areas including fun-filled apps.  Nick talks about the 3 key areas to automate when setting up your business which includes accounting first, then your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and lastly Office 365.  For those not familiar with Office 365, this is highly recommended by Jamie and many users for ease of use, regular updating, and low overall cost amongst multiple users.  Also Nick reminds of that Windows 10 is only free through July 29th so act quickly and get a copy or face paying for it!  Get in touch with Nick Paras today for all of your IT needs at or call him today at 813-839-7671 X 100!


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