Caring For Those With Alzheimer’s Disease Featuring Jeremy Rasmussen, Kirk Downey, Kristi Campbell, Jessica Rivelli, Beth Warren and Leslie Ann Ciccone!

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Today at 7am, we welcomed the duo of Jeremy Rasmussen and Kirk Downey with Abacode. This firm specializes in cyber-security for small to mid-size businesses and was in studio today to talk about some of the risks that small businesses need to understand about security. The discussion on how to implement or improve a cybersecurity plan must start with top level executive leadership and they have found that many businesses are flying blind when it comes to cybersecurity. Their plan involves consistent monitoring to properly assess and handle any risks associated with a business’s computer system and they refer to this as Security Information and Event Management or SIEM for short. Jeremy brings to the table over 25 years in developing communications systems and cybersecurity systems and through his expertise is working to make Abacode the industry leader in cybersecurity in Tampa. We spoke of the threats of ransomware and crypto-lockers and how businesses need much more than just an antivirus program installed on their PCs and servers to protect their data. Kirk speaks of their niche market which is multi-family housing of which he has substantial experience with and how that industry is lacking in proper protections for the owners and tenants involved. Based in Tampa, they can be reached for assessment and consultation at 866-596-9020 or visit them online at and email!

Kristi Campbell joined the #MorningDiscussion at 7:30 and we discussed how Alzheimer’s disease plays a big role in her day to day environment in Senior Care. Kristi leads a team of over 100 caregivers through Home Instead Senior Care and is an Expert Contributor to the program. Over the past 13 years in the industry, Kristi and her staff have come to know and understand the warning signs and how to deal with Alzheimer’s patients. She notes that many afflicted are often un-diagnosed for the first 7 to 8 years and the early signs are often written off to stress and natural aging forgetfulness. As the disease progresses, the afflicted’s emotions become heightened as they have trouble understanding, analyzing and processing information which leads to bouts of rage, sadness and confusion. As the disease progresses, Kristi talks about how to look for “triggers” that set off episodes of extreme and / or erratic behavior and they can be simple such as putting an item in a different place than the patient is used to. She helps guide the listeners through some of the way to de-escalate a situation when a trigger arises and gives us some great tips on how to manage the people afflicted. She and her staff are experts with Senior Care and are a great resource in helping you and your loved ones with their Senior Care needs. Visit her online at or give her a call today at 813-684-1972.

At 8am we kicked off #WorkingWomenWednesday with Founder Jessica Rivelli. Jessica spoke of the upcoming Working Women Conference being held September 8th and 9th at the Straz Center. This event will feature leading professional speakers including Brandi Kamenar, award winning entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills and Alexis Carra who is a Tampa born Broadway star. Tickets are available online at and use the promo code Meloni for 10% off and also vendor booths are available, act quickly before they are gone!

My next guest was Beth Warren, Owner and President of Redefined Living®, which specializes in move management and professional organizing services, as well as Redefined Moving®, which provides high-quality moving services.  Beth founded Redefined Living in 1997, after several years of helping elderly neighbors and friends move from their “long-time” home to a smaller home. Their relief at having guidance with the move process and assistance with sorting through a lifetime of possessions was evident. She realized that “move management,” although an unrecognized profession at the time, was a much needed service. Beth was certainly no stranger to moving, as her dad and mom moved more than thirty times during their lifetimes! Beth is heavily involved in the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).  She currently sits on the NASMM Ethics Committee, and is a frequent speaker at NASMM Annual Conferences. In February, 2014, Beth was inducted into the NASMM Diamond Society, which is reserved for move managers that have attained a high level of experience, expertise, and have been a member of NASMM for 10 or more years.   In 2015, she received the NASMM Margit Novack Award for Excellence in Senior Move Management for her work with the NASMM Ethics Committee. This “niche” moving business is one of a few specializing in this and understand the care and thought that goes into assisting seniors with downsizing and separation from places and possessions they no longer need. Learn more at and they can be reached at 727-585-7271!

Closing out the program was Leslie Ann Ciccone, Owner of swah-rey, the only dessert bar in Pinellas County featuring a line of tasty pastries and wine/beer offerings as well. Opened 9 months ago, Leslie and her husband journeyed down the entrepreneurial path because they had a passion for it and had always wanted to do it. Leslie is still balancing her career in the pastry business with her day job as an air-traffic controller but looks forward to the day when she can re-gain lost sleep which is now routine. Sway-rey is located at 2105 Central Ave in St. Petersburg and is opened Tuesday through Saturday. This relaxes atmosphere is a perfect place for friends and family to chat and help out a young entrepreneurial family. Visit them online at!

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