SEO Beats Google Featuring Jermain Miller, Frank Motola, Chris Krimitsos and Trey Connor!

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This morning we heard a rags to riches success story to open the program from Jermain Miller.  Jermain is a rising NYC Real Estate Superstar and Owner of Mill Real Estate in New York City.  Jermain shares with us how he was divorced and homeless and forced to confront his own inner issues of constantly placing blame on others to find his inner talent.  Scrounging together a few hundred dollars, he took the NYC real estate exam and ventured down the entrepreneurial path of real estate.  He joined a brokerage and with only $0.97 in his checking account, went to work.  He jokes that upon his entry into real estate, he was eager to get started, bypassing training classes because he needed to make money asap.  His first transaction was a rental which gained him $2200 and he was well on his way to success after that.  Today he is the Owner of Mill Real Estate and is opening a 2nd location in the City.  His story will resonate with many listeners and will inspire those seeking a change in their lives to find what their passion is in their careers.  He did it coming from divorce and homelessness and just $0.97 in his pocket.  If you are sitting on the sidelines considering the entrepreneurial dive, what are you waiting for?  Times will never be perfect, make the move and take the first step.  As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – don’t get overwhelmed by the long-term needs of your goal but rather step 1.  Learn more about Jermain and consider him a resource in NYC for all of your Real Estate needs by visiting or he can be reached by phone at 646-335-7995!

Joining the #MorningDiscussion at 7:30 and re-joining at 8:30 was Frank Motola, Founder of BrandTastic.  Frank has over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience and has been perfecting website and SEO development since his first site design in 1999.  Today, Frank is a frequent speaker on hot topics including how to rank on page 1 of Google.  Sporting the shirt, SEO Beats Google, Frank delivers a wealth of information in this segment on proper SEO use and how even the do-it-yourself user can handle this for themselves.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key component of website design and if you have a website without proper SEO, you are missing the boat and missing business.  Frank shares with us how title, description and meta tags work as well as discusses how the use of key words have since declined in importance when developing a site and their pages.  We discuss local SEO as well and Frank talks about “citations”, not the forgotten tickets in your glove box, but rather places that Google looks specifically too for information on your website.  Places like fit in this category and Jamie mentions they call him monthly to sell him on advertising but Frank says just the basic free listing will work wonders on your site.  Jamie and Frank also discuss remarketing and Google Ad Words as well as touch on Facebook advertising and more in these two segments.  Frank has a very valuable resource available online at for SEO tips and more and you can learn more about Frank and his services at or call him today at 813-441-0275!

At 8am we kicked off #TBBOTuesday hearing from a jet-lagged Chris Krimitsos who just returned from PodCast Movement in Chicago along with a few other stop overs in the making of his podcasting documentary, The Messengers.  This film, which will be released at PodFest next year, has a trailer available online at and will be a film on podcasting, where it was, where it is, and where it’s going.  The film is being filmed and produced by past guest and TBBO member Niel Guilarte of Wild Style Media too along with Willie Harper, TBBO member as well.  If you are a Tampa Bay based business owner, we encourage you to join the Tampa Bay Business Owners, an 8 year old brand with over 300 members and many great monthly events designed to grow your business and introduce you to your business owner peers.  Check us out online at

In the second segment at 8am, we welcomed one of our newest TBBO members, Trey Connor, Owner of A Trey of Gourmet and Creator of the spaghetti sauce Trey’s Italian Sauces where he has just launched his first product.  The sauce featuring Italian based San Marzano tomatoes is available online at his website and in Family Fresh Market on WestShore.  He updates a blog on recipes on his site here and you can purchase the sauce online at

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Jermain Miller (Small)Frank Motola (Small)Chris Krimitsos (Small)Trey Connor (Small)

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