Health and Wellness and the 19 Minute Fast Pitch Challenge Featuring Dr. Roger Sahoury, Lynne Santiago, Matt Ripley, Jennifer Phelps and Tom Panaggio

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My opening guest was Dr. Roger Sahoury, Wellness Expert and Chiropractor and Owner of Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Center based in New Jersey. Dr. Sahoury is a world renowned speaker in the area of health and wellness and was on the line today to discuss corporate wellness programs. Dr. Sahoury is also an educator of wellness care for major corporations including but not limited to Verizon, AT&T, and Whole Foods, as well as professional athletic teams such as NY Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, & The New England Patriots. Dr. Sahoury talked about the value of having a corporate wellness program and how he has developed an app that helps business owners take much of the stress and management out of the process. The app guides employees throughout the day when to get up, stretch and do other wellness activities and reports to the HR department. The idea is to enhance workplace productivity and lower insurance costs through improved wellness and also just make the workplace more fun. Jamie spoke of his years in the fertilizer industry where they had an onsite fitness center and the value he gained from that. It’s important to understand though that corporate wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes and do not have to involve a full blown fitness center. Unique applications and processes can make your workforce happier and healthier such as the app discussed by Dr. Sahoury on the program. For more information, visit!

Lynne Santiago, PhD and Licensed Mental Health Counselor joined the program at 7:30 to talk about her work as a psychotherapist with Veterans in preventing suicide and dealing with PTSD. Lynne was hired by the James A Haley VA Hospital in 2009 to develop and improve their suicide prevention program and took the practice private so that she could be more resourceful in the development. Lynne talks about some of the challenges she faces in dealing with Veterans with PTSD and some of the risk factors to be aware of when dealing with Veterans. Oftentimes, Veterans do not know they are suffering from PTSD also and that their loved ones need to be in tune with the warning signs of which Dr. Santiago elaborates on some in this segment. Lynne is also a Sex Therapist and couples counselor and we cover that on the second segment. She utilizes a relationship/communication bootcamp which is a 5 day program to help couples find their love again and she is in the final stages of releasing her book “Conscious Parting” which will be available in Amazon and storefronts soon. Dr. Santiago’s office is located at 609 S Himes Ave in Tampa and she can be reached at 877-570-3632 for those in need of assistance. Visit her online at!

Checking in at 8am was Matt Ripley, Owner of a Kona Ice Franchice where his shaved ice truck features a tiki hut top, self-serve flavor wave and unique flavors such as pickle and tigers blood. He partners with organizations throughout the area to host “Kona Days” which allow administrators to raise money for underfunded programs and initiatives. One of his “Kona Days” initiatives since the launch of his business has been with the Bob Sierra Family YMCA (4029 Northdale Blvd., Tampa, FL). He has already raised over $1,200 for the organization by donating a percentage of his profits during the past few months. He has numerous upcoming “Kona Days” for the YMCA planned throughout the summer and cannot wait to continuing supporting the organization. Matt will discuss his partnership and fundraising events with the YMCA during this interview. Visit him online at and be sure to like his page!


My next guest was Jennifer Phelps, CEO and Founder of Engage Behavioral Health. Jennifer founded Engage Behavioral Health in 2008 and specializes in the assessment and treatment of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. She is also an expert in Applied Verbal Behavior treatment for children with ASD. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis, from the University of South Florida. She also holds a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Florida State University. Starting by herself in 2008, today her company employs around 90 staff members and therapists and their services range from their office to providing services in the home or school. Servicing children aged 5 to 13, find her online at or give them a call today at 813-374-2070 if you have a child in need!

Closing out the show was Tom Panaggio, Owner of Apogee Growth. Tom has had a 30-year entrepreneurial career as cofounder of two successful direct marketing companies, Direct Mail Express (DME) in Daytona Beach, Florida, and spin-off RME in Tampa, Florida. He is the author of the book The Risk Advantage: Embracing the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge. With The Risk Advantage he aims to help entrepreneurs face the many situations, predicaments, and crises they’ll encounter during their life, and to help formulate their leadership style and business strategy. In addition, Tom is a mentor for Tampa Bay Wave, a tech incubator where he guides entrepreneurs through the process of building, launching and growing their start-ups. Tom was in studio today to talk about the 19-Minute Fast-Pitch Challenge where on October 4th and 6th, owners of 12 pre-screened businesses will make a 5 minute pitch/presentation in front of a panel of judges to try and win a prize valued at $50,000. The prize is not cash specifically but rather an assortment of coaching and consulting and other business building items that will work with you over the course of 1 year. Sponsors are welcome and you can learn more at and to apply for a spot!

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