Differentiation – The Key To Success Featuring Brian Kornfeld, Barbara Brekke, Luke Chichetto and Dr. Amir Daoud

Christmas in July is right around the corner. This is the 6th Annual event being held by the Tampa Bay Business Owners and is July 21st from 5 to 8:30pm at the TPepin Center located at 4121 N 50th St Tampa. This business social event will have 500+ in attendance and will feature Tequila drinks from Mr. Margarita and lots of food vendors along with vendor booths. Tickets are $29 and $19 for TBBO members and you can purchase tickets or learn about sponsorship opportunities at www.tbbo.org/cij

Popping up at 7am was Brian Kornfeld, Founder of PopKorn Apps. With a background in aerospace engineering, Brian saw an opportunity in app design to shave tens of thousands of dollars off of the cost of app development and took the entrepreneurial dive with PopKorn Apps.  Brian and Jamie discuss how his training in Six Sigma and Lean through engineering is applied to app development and how those concepts can also be applied to any process and procedure one is working with. Brian has produced many apps and can get that idea to the marketplace for you and knows the ins and outs of the rules of each platform as well as how to get the app on the market quickly and reduce rejections which are bound to occur up front he notes. We also touch on iOS vs Android operating systems for apps and we learn some of the nuances of each of the operating systems in this segment. The field is wide open for app development ideas – from entertainment to business, apps are a great way to drive new business to yourself so reach out to Brian Kornfeld today at 727-415-6705 or visit them online at www.popkornapps.com!

At 7:30, we welcomed Barbara Brekke to the program. Barbara is also a member of Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO) and recently ventured into entrepreneurism leaving the corporate world of insurance. Barbara is the Founder and President of Go Beyond Your Dreams where she works with others on how to clarify their dreams and make them happen. She focuses on personal goals rather than business goals with her clients and with just over a year in business, she has already been through Toast Masters to improve her speaking, written a book, and is about to launch a podcast. All of these are differentiators in business and she got off on the right step in year one knocking these out. Her book entitled “Dream Weaver Goal Achieve” is available on her website at www.gobeyondyourdreams.com and also on Amazon and is a step by step process to discover what you really want in life and how to achieve it. She shares with us her personal story of coming from domestic violence and the importance of planning that she learned to develop as a result of this situation and today works with others to achieve their goals through proper planning. Barbara and Jamie share a great discussion on a snippet of the book which focuses on identifying the areas in your plan that you may not be thinking about and all of this again is available in her book. Find it online today at www.gobeyondyourdreams.com!

Luke Chichetto, Founder of Mobility Rx Fitness and Sports Therapist, joined us at 8am on #ThatBusinessShow. Luke brings a lifetime of fitness to the table starting at age 7 lifting weights with his brother. He went on to a successful college career in Football and worked with many sports organizations including the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He also competed with the USA Florida Olympic Power Lifting Team. Through this, he saw a niche market to work with patients suffering from “mobility” issues hence the name of his business. Patients with restricted movements due to back pain, shoulder pain and more can benefit from his knowledge and procedures. Luke also shares some great tips on fitness including the benefits and risks of squats and dispels the myth that a child should not begin to weight train at a young age due to the risk of hindering development. Luke has also developed an app as part of his business that essentially replicates himself. Since a trainer is only 1 person, his app allows people to train virtually using his techniques and plan at a monthly cost when you join his program. This is another excellent way he works to differentiate himself from the competition. Located at 3350 Ulmerton Rd in Clearwater, he is your resource if you suffer from back pain or other issues restricting your mobility. Visit www.mobilityrxfitness.com for more information or give him a call at 813-789-8350 today!

At 8:30, Dr. Amir Daoud joined the #MorningDiscussion. Dr. Daoud is a Dentist and Owner of Feather Sound Smiles in Clearwater. Dr. Daoud is a returning guest to the program and opens up the discussion with a personal recommendation for Luke. Dr. Daoud is a patient of his and speaks highly of his services and the increased mobility he has gained through their relationship. Dr. Daoud then speaks on the importance and values of the personal referrals and how he has grown his own business through referrals. Dr. Daoud’s practice focuses heavily on the use of modern technology and he shares with us some of the differentiators he uses in his office including digital technology and an upcoming procedure using lasers to treat snoring of which he and Jamie discuss in depth on the show. Dr. Daoud is a true lover of the field of dentistry as evidenced by attending Dental School twice, once in England and then again in the United States since the degree did not carry meet United States regulations for Dentists. He stresses that today’s dentistry practice has made great strides and people should not fear going to the dentist. He and his staff make your visit very comfortable and Jamie committed to checking out the practice in person where he will get a checkup for the first time in over 10 years on his teeth. Visit them online today to learn more at www.feathersoundsmiles.com or give them a call to schedule your next dental visit at 727-561-0800!

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