9 Year Old Entrepreneur “Making Her Mark” Photographing the President & More Featuring Madison Harrison, Marcus Gibbs, Chris Krimitsos and Dr. Ron Eccles

Welcome back to the start of another great week on #ThatBusinessShow.  We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend and is energized and ready to rock another week in Tampa Bay.  #ThatBusinessShow also reminds all of our listeners/viewers/readers to help support the show by subscribing to the YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni and follow us on Twitter @jamie_meloni

Starting off the program today was returning guest and my youngest entrepreneur to be featured on the program, Madison Harrison.  Madison is a 9 year old aspiring photographer and Owner of Photos With Madison where she specializes in photography for her friends and their dolls.  Her love of photography began at age 3 when she received a camera as a present and she launched an official business at age 7, joking that she needed space to be credible and asked a friend if she could rent a space from her for $2.00/hour.  From there, she developed it into her niche but also takes time to handle other events including 3 weddings and some private events.  She was joined in studio by Andrea Harrison, her mother and also fellow entrepreneur with Tantalizing Tablescapes and Décor.  Andrea shares with us the love and passion she has for her daughter and how inspirational she is to her at such a young age in the field of entrepreneurism.  Last year Madison was featured as a guest on the program and was on a mission to photograph the President and was using a hashtag campaign #helpmadisonmeetpotus.  It was from that campaign that The United State of Women, a White House initiative, hosted by Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey, saw her# helpmadisonmeetpotus campaign and sent her a private message on Twitter inviting her to apply for their media credentials.  She was approved and recently attended the event as official Press and got to photograph not only the President, but also Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey alongside many other accomplished professionals.  Her next mission is to photograph the Oscars and is now using the hashtag #helpmadisonphotographtheoscars – any connections or sharing of the hashtag will be greatly appreciated by Madison and #ThatBusinessShow.  Please take a moment and help Madison by liking her Facebook page found here https://www.facebook.com/photoswithmadison/ where you can also view her photos of the President and First Lady among others and visit her online at www.photoswithmadison.com and consider her to help you capture the youth and innocence of your children by calling 813-625-5502!

My next guest on the program was Marcus Gibbs, Marketing Director of Donation Station.  Donation Station is a cause marketing company with a National reach and works to pair non-profits with for-profits to enhance awareness and donations for the non-profit and to increase the bottom line of the for-profit by utilizing the concepts of cause marketing.  In short, the idea for the for profit company is that consumers want to do business companies that give back to the community.  By marketing their products using 1 of 6 different cause marketing techniques, companies can see returns of 15 to 20 percent on their investment if executed properly.  An example of causing marketing would be a company may market that by buying a product will result in 10% of the sale going to Charity XYZ.  The Charity benefits by increased awareness and exposure and the for profit hopes to benefit by showing they are philanthropic.  At Donation Station, they utilize a lot of social media techniques and take the burden off of the companies by handling it all.  Their services are free to non-profits and there are no guidelines or criteria to begin working with Donation Station as a non-profit.  For the for-profits, they can turn over their marketing campaign to Donation Station and let them handle it all while increasing your philanthropy.  Marcus also brought with him Don the Gorilla, a large stuffed animal that has his own Facebook page and is just another marketing technique they use at Donation Station.  Marcus invites people to please like his page https://www.facebook.com/donthegorilla and you can learn more at www.donationstation.us!

At 8am, it was #TBBOTuesday.  Jamie invites you to our next Main Event if you are not a TBBO member to check out the value in the membership, guests are invited one time without obligation but you need to mention the radio show to request a ticket.  The next event is tomorrow (Wednesday July 6th) at the Centre Club from 5pm to 8pm and will focus on Healthcare for Your Business being presented by Dr. Eric J. Crall.  Email jamie@tampabayradio.com for admittance unless you are already a TBBO member.  If you are not a TBBO member, this organization is for just business owners in Tampa Bay and is over 300 members and going strong.  It’s a non-solicitation business society where we hold many events to help one another in their business and you can learn more at www.tbbo.org!

In the 8am hour, we welcomed Dr. Ron Eccles, Speaker, Author and Partner with Make Your Mark, a business development course with a strong Canadian presence now expanding into the United States with Tampa being the 4th location chosen for their expansion.  Make Your Mark works with business owners in the startup to ½ Million in revenues primarily but Ron points out that any business owner can benefit from the lessons in their courses and presentations.  Ron shares with us his story of entrepreneurism beginning with a career in Chiropractic leading to Restauranteur and then to professional speaking and writing.  Ron speaks of the power and resources of this course and how he and his wife were highly impressed with the founder so much that they decided to implement the Make Your Mark strategies rather than implementing their own program.  The key area of differentiation Ron sees in the program is the accountability that the course gives to their participants along with the detailed, easy to follow regimen that will fit any entrepreneur.  Ron and Make Your Mark is holding a free event on July 21st from 12pm to 2pm at the Doubletree Tampa Airport Hotel.  Register for this free session at www.knowledgeactionprofit.com and use the registration code 31038 to attend.  Learn more at www.mymsuccess.com!

Missed the program – catch all shows available On Demand at www.TampaBayRadio.Com and find us on iTunes as well!

Madison Harrison (Small)Marcus Gibbs (Small)Chris Krimitsos (Small)Ron Eccles (Small)

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