Equalizing Inequality on #WorkingWomenWednesday Featuring Jena Abernathy, Dr. Chris Pittman, Jessica Rivelli, Kim Nauman and Shannon Carlton

Christmas in July is right around the corner. This is the 6th Annual event being held by the Tampa Bay Business Owners and is July 21st from 5 to 8:30pm at the TPepin Center located at 4121 N 50th St Tampa. This business social event will have 500+ in attendance and will feature Tequila drinks from Mr. Margarita and lots of food vendors along with vendor booths. Tickets are $29 and $19 for TBBO members and you can purchase tickets or learn about sponsorship opportunities at www.tbbo.org/cij

Today I welcomed Jena Abernathy to the program. Jena is an speaker and Author of the newly released book, “The Inequality Equalizer” which teaches people how to maximize your career success. Originally designed with the working woman in mind, the book has lessons, techniques and stories that cross both genders and is a great read for any professional looking for guidance in ascending the ladder of success. We open with a discussion on being mindful that we are all “junkyard dogs” that need guidance on how to become a pedigree in the workforce. We move into the power of branding and the importance of keeping our online profiles intact. Social media is forever so be careful of the image you are portraying online. Jena is also a nationally recognized leader in human capital management, performance excellence, and organizational development. A sought-after speaker, she is a passionate advocate for women in executive and governing board roles. She has written for and been featured in a wide variety of media, including CNN, the Financial Times, CBS Money Watch, FOX Business, and the Miami Herald. Jena shares with us 5 ways to improve your resume which include: 1) Get rid of the career objective statement 2) Eliminate generic phrasing 3) Avoid bland work history 4) Delete the irrelevant and 5) Banishing the over-designed resume. If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, catch the recap as she elaborates on this and more over on www.tampabayradio.com or the video stream at youtube.com/jamiemeloni Jena is also a resource for hiring CEOs for businesses with a specialty in healthcare and you can learn more about her and her services at www.jenaabernathy.com (be sure to only use 1 n in Jena!)

At 7:30, we were joined by Expert Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman, Medical Director and CEO of Vein911. Dr. Pittman is triple board certified and one of only a few hundred physicians Board-Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.  Known for their minimally invasive non-surgical technique for the treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Pittman and Vein 911 is revolutionizing vein care.  Their mission is to help you look and feel your best and they have offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg and can easily be reached by calling 855-VEIN-911. Dr. Pittman is a trained radiologist and spoke in the opening segment about varicose veins and their pain free outpatient procedure for their treatment.  Many doctors practicing vein treatment still utilize a surgical procedure for this treatment and Dr. Pittman is adamant that is no longer necessary.  His techniques using Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy can have your legs looking as good as new in just a few procedures and without the pain of other procedures.  He routinely sees patients treated by other procedures and has near 100% patient satisfaction in this group.  Dr. Pittman also elaborates on some of the other conditions of the legs that may be related to undiagnosed vein disorders such as restless leg syndrome and night cramps as well as ankle swelling.  Using the same technique to treat varicose veins, many patients report significant improvement in these conditions when treated by Dr. Pittman.  If you are experiencing these issues and have not had success with traditional techniques, get in touch with Vein911 today by calling 855-VEIN-911 (855-834-6911).   We spent the entire first hour with the Doctor and we touched on many other topics such as some of the secrets of the Vein Care industry that Doctors would not want you to know. Dr. Pittman has over 25 years local, state, and national medical political leadership experience: President, Florida Medical Association Political Action Committee (FMA PAC); Member, FMA Board of Governors; Past Chair, FMA Advisory Committee on Health Care Information Technology (HIT) and current FMA subject matter expert on HIT; Past Vice-Chair and current member, FMA Council on Medical Economics and Health Care Delivery Innovation.  He is a sought after speaker in his field in addition to the patients that seek out his care.  Learn more at www.vein911.com or give them a call 855-VEIN-911.

At 8am, we kicked off #WorkingWomenWednesday on #ThatBusinessShow. Jessica Rivelli, Founder of the networking group, filled us in on the guests and their relationships with the networking group. We also touched on the Working Women Conference being held September 8th and 9th at the Straz Center. Tickets and more information is available at www.workingwomenconference.com and learn more about their frequent events and how to get involved at www.workingwomenoftampabay.com!

Joining us first was Kim Nauman, Owner of the Empress Tea Room in Carrollwood. With a strong background in marketing and advertising coming from the corporate world with Shells Restaurant, Kim took the entrepreneurial dive first into the catering business by opening Divine Menus. Then in 2008 after seeing an ad during the Super Bowl, Kim and her husband bought and became the third owners of The Empress Tea Room. Specializing in events and gift sales, this niche restaurant is also one of only two locations that serve tea in the manner of the English. You can stop by for high tea at noon or any other hour of the day and experience the true “tea experience” at The Empress Tea Room. Kim and her husband now have two business lines to their day, catering and the Tea Room. Consider the Empress Tea Room for your next event (very popular for bridal showers per Kim) and learn more at www.divinemenusevents.com!

At 8:30, we were joined by Shannon Carlton, Owner and Founder of Intentional Growth Strategies, LLC.  Shannon Carlton worked for a small publication in the Brandon area for 10 years before she made a huge leap of faith and quit her job to start her own business. Her personal mission statement is to use the voice God gave her to foster relationships that encourage, inspire and change the world!  Shannon transforms the way small business owners do business! This is accomplished by helping clients identify and clarify their real estate objectives and then working with them to accomplish those objectives. Additionally, she can help the small entrepreneur by providing them with an affordable workspace solution and educational opportunities for their entrepreneurial endeavors.   Shannon is working to “build community” and shares with us her vision and mission and how she balances work and life as a mother of two teenage daughters. Shannon spoke of her first Women Entrepreneur Exchange (WE2) and while sold out, can be found here (more to follow each month) http://www.workingwomenoftampabay.com/event-2255343?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=6/22/2016 Learn more about Shannon and her business at www.shannoncarlton.com and also www.igscommunity.com!

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Business Brokerage and Buying HUD Homes for $100 Down – Featuring Michael Garrison, Denis Burke, Chris Krimitsos and Lindsay Grinstead

#TBBOTuesday was the focus of #ThatBusinessShow today on 1250WHNZ. TBBO, or Tampa Bay Business Owners, is an 8 year old business owner only organization founded to help connect Tampa Bay business owners through education and collaboration. Monthly events and workshops work to guide entry to mid-level business owners and today, the membership is nearly 300 and going strong. Take a moment to learn about TBBO at www.tbbo.org and we invite you out to our next Main Event, free of charge, if you mention this blog and email jamie@tampabayradio.com. We will add you to the guest list to check out the organization and we know you will see the value in membership after attending an event. The next Main Event is July 6th from 5 to 7:30pm at the Centre Club and will focus on Healthcare for Your Business by Dr. Eric J. Crall. Expected attendance is 100 to 150 so it’s an excellent networking opportunity as well.

Opening up the program today was one of our newest TBBO members, Michael Garrison. Michael is a Business Broker with Business Broker World and has worked in Real Estate and Business sales since 2010. Michael is a Veteran of our Military and transitioned to business brokerage and Real Estate after leaving the Military. We learn some of the basics of the business in this segment such as business valuation which per Michael ranges on average from 2 to 3 times net income. This varies with business but is the industry average in Tampa Bay. We discussed some of the challenges that an individual service provider has in selling their business and learn that business brokering is not as competitive as other areas of brokerage such as commercial and residential real estate sales. With approximately 2000 business brokers in Florida, Michael is able to keep a steady supply of inventory in his pocket for sale. We discussed the business marketplace and learn that demand and supply is in good order and that many businesses are being financed via seller financing, as the availability of business and SBA loans is limited and difficult to get for the typical buyer. Learn more about their services at www.businessbrokerworld.com or give Michael a call today at 813-966-6956.

At 7:30, I welcomed Denis Burke, CEO and President of Business Broker World. Denis is an Irish immigrant and shares his story of entrepreneurism that began at age 11 selling vegetables in Ireland and led to roles in restaurants and grocery stores before he landing in the US in 1986. Today Denis is an active member of Toastmaster International, The International Franchise Professional Group and the International Business Brokers Association and has been selling businesses for the past 2 years. We discussed the bar and restaurant business, an area that Jamie hopes to explore in the future, and discuss some of the regulations, taxes and industry surprises that many new owners encounter when opening up a bar or restaurant. We touched on business valuation again and go deeper into how an individual service provider can create a sellable brand independent of themselves. Learn more at www.businessbrokerworld.com or contact him today to sell a business at 941-224-3893!

At 8am, Chris Krimitsos joined the program. Coming off a very successful event at the iHeart Radio station last night, Chris shares with the audience more about crowdfunding and his documentary “The Messengers” which were the focus of the event yesterday evening. We learn that September 1st is the goal for the completion of the film and then February for the launch of the film. They will begin to send it out to film festivals and hopefully will be picked up by a Film Festival. He is looking to raise $19,900 through crowdfunding and will have the site up on Indigogo by July 1st for those who are willing and able to assist, no matter how small the donation. Check out the documentary online – www.themessengersdoc.com and please help out with whatever donation you can when the crowd funding site is opened!

Lindsay Grinstead joined the discussion shortly thereafter and is the Founder of Tonic Consulting Group. After graduating from the University of Florida with a BS in Public Relations and Psychology (guess which one she uses most today!), Lindsay moved to San Francisco for fame and fortune in the PR industry.  Instead, she discovered the amazing world of experiential marketing and joined Jack Morton Worldwide, starting as low man on the totem pole and growing into an SVP, Sr. Account Director, consistently growing and managing the largest book of business on the West Coast.  Clients included eBay, VMware, Charles Schwab, Samsung & T-Mobile. Upon moving back to Tampa last fall, Lindsay decided to take her learnings in the agency world and started a consulting practice – Tonic Consulting Group. Tonic helps marketing agencies grow their top and bottom lines by enhancing both their sales & marketing efforts and improving their operations. Tonic believes that maximum success for any organization is only possible if both the external effort (sales & marketing) and the internal processes (operations) are working at their optimum capability.  Lindsay is an expert in LinkedIn marketing too and we touched on that and ways Tonic can help get exposure for your business in the marketplace. Check her out online at www.tonicconsultinggroup.com or give her a call today at 415-513-3205!

At 8:30, Jamie took control of the program with a discussion on HUD homes. Jamie is a listing broker for HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and has sold over 400 HUD homes in the past 5 years alone. HUD homes are defaulted FHA mortgages and can be found for sale online at www.hudhomestore.com. HUD insures lenders so if a buyer defaults on a loan, HUD pays back the lender, acquires the home, then resells the home to recoup some of their loss. FHA loans make it possible for buyers to get into homes with little money down, now just 3.5%.   Jamie shares with us some of the programs that HUD has available on its “owned” inventory such as $100 down which allows buyers to replace the 3.5% down payment on a home with just $100 (applies to FHA buyers only) and also the Good Neighbor Next Door Program which allows teachers, firefighters and emergency responders to buy HUD homes at 50% off of the appraised value with the condition that you live in it for 3 years. There is a lot to know about HUD homes and Jamie regularly teaches area Realtors on the ins and outs of HUD homes. It’s important as a buyer in the marketplace to work with experienced and trained professional on HUD homes so for any questions, get in touch with Jamie today, jamie@tampabayradio.com or online at www.tampabayradio.com!

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Start Your Mornings with #ThatBusinessShow and ABS Protein Pancakes – Featuring Ashley and Ron Drummonds, Aakash Patel and Rachid Zahidi

Welcome to the start of another week of #ThatBusinessShow where we turn business into show business! Find us online at www.tampabayradio.com and the show, both audio and video, are available on iTunes as a podcast – subscribe to us here – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/that-business-show-videocast/id1118769215?mt=2 for the videocast and here https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/that-business-show-jamie-meloni/id967290698?mt=2 for the audiocast. Want to know how to get your audios and videos on iTunes without charge? Attend one of the Florida Podcaster Association meetings where we discuss these items. Find the group on Facebook, we meet monthly at McCallister’s Deli near the International Mall and it is a great group of fellow podcasters to share and learn with.

Opening up the show today was Ashley Drummonds and her father Ron Drummonds. Ashley is the creator of ABS Protein Pancakes and was featured on this season’s Shark Tank for the product. Her pitch and product were enough to get a deal with Daymond John too. The pancakes, which are loaded with protein, are a healthy, gluten free option for breakfast. They come in a bag that has 10 servings and are comparable to protein shakes and powders but they look, feel and prepare like pancakes. Ashley created the recipe herself from scratch and was her own personal creation for years until she began to imagine the possibility of marketing the product to the marketplace. This led to her spot on Shark Tank and now the product has taken off due to her exposure on Shark Tank, as well as many other media outlets and the product itself which has strong demand from the marketplace. Ashley goes on to explain that the pancakes are just an extension of her overall brand which focuses on health, wellness and fitness for the everyday women. Through coaching and consulting, Ashley works with women on a variety of areas to help them realize that they are beautiful no matter their physical appearance. She assists women with health, relationships and fitness through her YouTube channel which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/user/AshleyDrummondsTV as well as private consulting. You can find the pancakes available for sale online at http://abspancakes.com/ and more about Ashley at www.ashleydrummonds.com

IN the 7:30 spot, Ashley’s father, Ron, joined the discussion. Ron is an entrepreneur that turned a career in the meat cutting business into a career building homes and even entire developments. He is a self-made Millionaire and has seen several Real Estate market cycles, of which he discusses some in this segment. He and Ashley share with us her experience in the construction business before moving on to health and fitness and how she has helped her father with social media in business and how he helped her define her business goals through proper planning. After many successful flips and developments in the Tampa Bay area, Ron now practices Real Estates with Coldwell Banker in Lake County. This hour is a great story of family and entrepreneurism and can be found online at www.tampabayradio.com or on our YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni – learn more about Ron and his business at www.rkdconstruction.net!

At 8am, Aakash Patel, Founder of Elevate, Inc. was in studio. Aakash is the quintessential Where’s Waldo of Tampa Bay. He is frequently seen at events all over Tampa Bay and was named one of the most connected people in Tampa. From politicians to entrepreneurs, if you need some key connections in Tampa, you need a relationship with Aakash Patel and Elevate, Inc. Aakash shares with us how he used his role in public relations with a Hotel to network with people throughout Tampa Bay. He logged and followed up on those connections and it paid off. His business centers on making key connections for others in the area. AS he notes, one introduction can lead to millions of dollars in business/investment. Elevate works now with 20 clients and has a goal to reach 30 this year. The services also include key introductions at events, social media management and consulting. Aakash also shares with us the recent firestorm that was set off by a photo he posted with Donald Trump and elaborates on the power that social media has these days. Learn more about his services at www.elevate-inc.com!

Rounding out the 8am hour was Rachid Zahidi, CEO of Sentinel Background Checks. Rachid brings a wealth of expert experience spanning across multiple industries including risk management, background checks, International Business and Anti-Money laundering investigations. He is also the Author of the ground breaking book “The Business Immunity System: The Pitfalls & Side Effects of Data Handling, Privacy Issues, & Background Checks. Rachid and Jamie discuss the background check process for business owners and touch on the vast network of different sources and databases that house all of this critical information. Rachid touches on the importance of conducting proper background checks as well as how a proper check is done. We also learn about the various types of background checks and the advantages and weaknesses of them. Obviously privacy is a key area of concern in this business and we touch on that too and Rachid shares with the audience some general tips on how to hire the right people to fit your organization. Rachid and Sentinel Background Checks works with companies on tenant screening and consulting for HR in addition to general background checks and more can be learned about them at www.sbchecks.com!

Thanks again to all of our listeners and show supporters as well as all the guests who have contributed content to the program. Find us daily on Tampa Bay’s 1250WHNZ or audio/video online at www.tampabayradio.com

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Learning to Lead on #FocusFriday Featuring Juliann Nichols, Rosetta & Chris Warren, Duane Spires and Scott Price!

Are you an Expert in your field? #ThatBusinessShow is now looking for our Elite Expert Contributor Panel. This team will be marketed as the best and brightest in their respective industry and will have exclusive control over their industry on the program, meaning no guests that fit within their industry will be on the program. Benefits will include a regular weekly appearance on the program, annual membership in TBBO with enhanced benefits to include: VIP role at all TBBO Main Events, first choice for booth placement at Signature Events, targeted guest introductions, and much more. You and the team will serve as mentors to others within TBBO and be asked to speak and lead at different events. This role is perfect for the leader who enjoys giving back to their community. Learn more here – http://www.tampabayradio.com/Expert_Sponsor.html and for FAQs check out this link http://www.tampabayradio.com/Why_Advertise_With_Us_.html

Today was #FocusFriday, brought to us by Juliann Nichols and her team at Focus On You Strategy where they Bring Out the CEO in You! We were joined in studio with Rosetta and Chris Warren, Founders of Feels Like Home, an interior decorating business based in the Tampa Bay area. We begin the discussion with a reminder of the advantages of attending one of Juliann’s many CEO Exchanges. These events which are held several times each month at varying C1 Banks are an excellent resource to get feedback and ideas on how to develop further as a leader. Through small, intimate group settings, you get quality feedback on struggles and challenges you face in your business from your peers. You can find the next CEO Exchange and register online here http://focusonyoustrategy.com/events/ It was through one of these CEO Exchanges that Rosetta and Chris met Juliann. Rosetta and Chris were corporate crossovers into entrepreneurism and needed guidance in their new business venture. Juliann and the groups helped Chris and Rosetta learn the value of their product and how not to always want to discount services. They also were taught the value of processes, a key area that Juliann brings to the table in any discussion on leadership as well as how to close the sale. They share with us some of the struggles they had and still have as a married couple in business and how they overcome those obstacles and it is from this that Juliann stresses the idea of backup planning, another key area of success that she works with leaders on in her CEO Exchanges. Since 2014, Feels Like Home has worked with many homeowners and Realtors as well as business owners to bring a fresh look to their interiors. Handling locations across the Bay area they can do that for you as well. Learn more about them and their services at www.feelslikehome2u.com or give them a call today at 727-330-2356.

At 8am, we welcomed Duane Spires, Founder of Extreme Youth Sports which is known for its high quality after school programs and summer camps that average 200-300 active students per week!

Duane is an international motivational speaker and is currently a top rated speaker on the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour as well as the CEO circuit. Duane has been a featured keynote speaker and emcee in front of hundreds of thousands of business owners across the United States, Mexico, and South America. Duane has been featured in the media on FOX, ABC, NBC, Bay News 9, and INC.com.

Some of Duane’s most notable speaking engagements allowed him to share the stage with Michael Gerber of the “E-Myth,” Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, Kathy Ireland, Jeff Hoffman Founder of Priceline.com, Mike DeLazzer Founder of Redbox, Sharon Lechter from “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” James Malinchak from Secret Millionaire, and many other successful speakers and entrepreneurs.

The Extreme Youth Sports After School Program and Summer Camps gained national exposure after winning the Empact 100 award at the White House in Washington D.C. This gave Duane the incredible opportunity to speak at the White House in front of members of the US Congress, National Educational

Leaders, and other important decision makers about the importance after school programs and summer camps.  After more than 15 years of experience in the Martial Arts Industry and 7 years as a professional speaker and business coach, Duane Spires has successfully teamed up with Erica L. Martin, to create the Martial Arts Success Team (MAST). MAST is an organization that educates martial arts school owners across the world how to create profitable after school programs, summer camps, and evening programs!  Inside this segment, Duane shares with us his 5 keys to creating an influential circle of peers and mentors to lead you towards success and more. Learn more at www.extremeyouthsports.com!

Closing out the show and the week was Scott Price, Founder of A-Lign. A-LIGN has provided clients with security, assurance and compliance solutions for nearly 20 years. In this time, Scott has completed over 2,000 SAS 70/SSAE 16/ SOC audits and has supported multiple Global 1000, Fortune 500, and regional companies. Following his role as a Big 4 executive early in his professional career, Scott served as co-founder and President of SAS 70 Solutions – the first-ever CPA firm to specialize in SAS 70 audits. In 2009, Scott started A-LIGN to offer cost-effective compliance solutions to clients across the globe. His professional designations (CPA, CISA and CIA) and extensive experience contribute to A-LIGN’s mission which can be summed up in one word: Dedication. Scott was the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Florida Institute of CPAs from 2012-2013 and a member of the AICPA Council for 7 years. He is active locally in Tampa as a member of the Board of Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay. In this segment, we talk merchant accounts and touch on the new chip technology inside credit cards and he shares his story of entrepreneurism going from one Startup Company to launching this 2nd company. Learn more about their services at www.a-lign.com!

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Improve Work Force Culture – Improve The Bottom Line Featuring Dan Dal Colletto, Brad Kugler, Nick Paras, and Kelly Hamm!

Are you an Expert in your field? #ThatBusinessShow is now looking for our Elite Expert Contributor Panel. This team will be marketed as the best and brightest in their respective industry and will have exclusive control over their industry on the program, meaning no guests that fit within their industry will be on the program. Benefits will include a regular weekly appearance on the program, annual membership in TBBO with enhanced benefits to include: VIP role at all TBBO Main Events, first choice for booth placement at Signature Events, targeted guest introductions, and much more. You and the team will serve as mentors to others within TBBO and be asked to speak and lead at different events. This role is perfect for the leader who enjoys giving back to their community. Learn more here – http://www.tampabayradio.com/Expert_Sponsor.html and for FAQs check out this link http://www.tampabayradio.com/Why_Advertise_With_Us_.html

Opening up today’s program was Dan Dal Colletto, Owner of Fitness With Results by Dan Dal Colletto. Dan, a former National level bodybuilder and Mr. Teenage San Francisco, began working as a personal trainer in his early 20s, saying in the 80s, the idea was a novel concept and that many did not embrace the idea of personal training. He quickly realized though he was only one man with no more hours than the rest of us and needed a way to expand his business model so he brought in more trainers under him and began the business model which today comprises 6 major metro areas. With locations in San Francisco, L.A., Miami, Palm Beach and Tampa Bay, Dan has built a personal training model to be proud of. Dan shares with us some of the insight and benefits of personal training and talks about their quality control and how he manages so much from so far away in many situations on this segment. Offering premium in home one on one training to group and skype training, Fitness With Results works with you in the way you want. With a clientele that includes world class athletes, celebrities, politicians and the everyday citizen, Dan has a fitness goal for you. Learn more at www.fitnesswithresults.com or give them a call today at 800-755-2614 and email fitnesswithresults@verizon.net

Brad Kugler joined the program at 7:30 am on #ThatBusinessShow. Brad is the CEO of DVA, Inc. Originally specializing in CD and DVD sales in retail fronts through “rack jobbing”, the company has had to morph through many market changes. Today, the company has hands in all things e-Commerce and multiple product distribution. Brad shares his story of building up this company to over $23M in annual revenue the use of multiple revenue streams on this segment. Today, this family owned business has been in business for 28 years and was featured as one of Tampa Bay’s 200 Largest Businesses and Tampa Bay’s Top 50 List of Fastest Growing Business. DVA provides an outlet for storefronts to liquidate failed products and overstock inventory and more through e-Commerce sites such as Amazon, e-Bay and their own site, www.dvaspecial.com and they have a warehouse in Clearwater as well. Visit them at 15232 US Hwy 19 N Clearwater or give them a call today at 727-447-4147!

At 8am, we kicked off the 6th installment of #TechThursday with Nick Paras, Founder of Alpha Computing Solutions. Nick, who provides IT services for many Tampa Bay area businesses including #ThatBusinessShow, was in studio today to talk about a new feature provided by Google for Android based phones for locating a lost device. Through your Google account, you can now track the location of your phone, make it ring, sign out of your phone and even wipe the contents of the phone in the event you lose the phone. Look for this under “my account” and “find your phone”. We continued the discussion with a talk on the generational gap that exists between the older and younger workforces and how the two can work together to complement each other. While age groups under 35 are typically more tech savvy, older professionals are typically more business savvy. This trend will eventually merge but for now leaders need to recognize and embrace this trend in their businesses. We discuss some of the other trends in tech including desktop and server virtualization and some of the many services that Nick and his team offer at Alpha Computing Solutions. Get in touch with them today for all of your IT needs at www.alphacomputing.com or give Nick a call today at 813-839-7671 X 100 and email at nickparas@alphacomputing.com!

Closing out today’s show was Expert Contributor Kelly Hamm. Kelly Hamm is founder and Managing Principal Consultant at Billmeyer Hamm Consulting, LLC. Kelly brings over 25 years’ expertise as an HR Strategic Business Partner, HR Director, Executive Leadership Coach, Organizational Design Consultant, and Innovative Thought Leader focused on implementing Workforce Strategies, Culture & Change Management, Business Communications, and Talent Optimization solutions for her clients all across the country. Prior to forming her own consulting company, Kelly held a number of leadership positions at a highly recognized and respected Healthcare company. As a trusted leader, Kelly has successfully led numerous human capital initiatives that resulted in implementing robust, agile, engaged, and financially strong workforce organizations. Kelly discussed the importance of having an organizational structure and how businesses need to “take their pulse” every now and then to gauge that structure’s effectiveness. Kelly invites all business leaders out for a conversation, no obligations, to discuss your workplace culture. Also, please take advantage of her free upcoming event – “5 Steps To Ignite Your Workforce Culture Proven To Increase Your Bottom Line” being held July 13th at the Centre Club from 8:30 to 10:30. Register online here – https://www.eventbrite.com/register?orderid=f36150b233f011e6ad5222000bc184b0&client_token=f3beec085b534a49a94df46161a5ad0e&eid=26081488434

All shows available On Demand at www.tampabayradio.com and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni and we are always looking for content and sponsors. Reach out to Jamie today at 813-760-8516 or jamie@tampabayradio.com for ways to get involved!

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Miss Tampa & More Working Women on #WorkingWomenWednesday!

Thanks to you the reader/listener for helping support positive programming in our community through #ThatBusinessShow. Airing weekday morning from 7am to 9am on 1250WHNZ in Tampa, the brand continues to reach more and more people daily. Keep in mind we are always looking for content so please make any email introductions to potential guests to the program by emailing the recommendation and jamie@tampabayradio.com. Always include or ask the contributor to include a detailed media pitch / talking points memo on what they can contribute to the program.

Opening up the program today was Miss Tampa, Morgan Boykin. Morgan, a University of South Florida student, is moving on to compete for Miss Florida on June 28th in the Miss America Pageant. She was joined in studio by returning guest Debbie Lundberg, Speaker, Author and Creator of the Presenting Powerfully Brand. Debbie is also involved in the Miss America organization and is Morgan’s personal chaperone as she works through the activities of being Miss Tampa. One of the requirements of Miss America contestants is involvement in a platform and Morgan is actively involved with the agriculture industry through her platform “Agriculture Awareness” which focuses on educating today’s society on the importance of the agriculture industry and the impact it has on everyday life. In addition, she is currently the feature twirler for the University of South Florida’s Herd of Thunder Marching Band and has earned many state, regional, and national titles. She is also the 2015 College Miss Majorette of the Southeast. Morgan is a well accomplished professional women who will represent Tampa very well in the upcoming Miss Florida Pageant. She shares some great insight into the competition and into pageantry in general and we at #ThatBusinessShow wish her well in the next stage. Learn more about how to support Morgan at www.misstampa.org!

My next guest on the program was our newest Expert Contributor, Kristi Campbell, Owner of Home Instead Senior Care. Kristi has over 13 years of experience in all phases of Senior Care and her services range from in home care and independent living facilities to assisted living facilities and nursing living facilities. She has built an incredible brand and reputation and has a staff of over 100 working under her guidance. She and Home Instead Senior Care pride themselves on creating above board industry standards inside an industry plagued by sub-par and sometimes dangerous care by service providers. She spoke of some of the signs to watch for as an adult child on behalf of their loved ones to know when to consider Senior Care options and also noted she is often found counseling adult children on the options available to them for their loved ones. She touches on the warning signs of sub-par facilities for people who have loved ones in existing facilities and notes that many people and seniors do not know they have many options available to them for Senior Care. If you are in need of guidance for a loved one, contact Kristi today at 813-684-1972 or visit them online at www.homeinstead.com/482

Opening up the 8am hour was Jessica Rivelli for #WorkingWomenWednesday. Jessica, who founded the organization of over 800 professional working women members, spoke of the upcoming Working Women Conference being held September 8th and 9th at the Straz Center. With many powerful and influential speakers lined up plus the incredible networking opportunities available, this is a conference that the professional women does not want to miss. Pick up tickets today before they sell out at www.workingwomenconference.com

My next guest was Kari Saddler, Founder of Daily Leadership Coaching. Working as an internal coach at a large hospital, Kari found that when her clients had access to her DAILY, they were able to move towards their goals and improve their leadership more quickly. Based on that experience, Kari created Daily Leadership Coaching… because you cannot change anything by talking about it once a week. Clients of daily leadership coaching have small, daily interactions with their coach along with traditional weekly coaching sessions, teleseminars, and online classes.

Prior to founding Daily Leadership Coaching, Kari has many years of experience bringing passion and energy to audiences as a Professional Speaker and Coach. Kari has facilitated classroom sessions for audiences of all sizes covering topics ranging from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to Life and Leadership Potentials Training. Participants from Kari’s classes consistently state that Kari makes the learning environment comfortable, fun and fast-paced. Kari has designed and created classes including: ‘Ethical Decision Making’, ‘Accountability for Leaders’ and ‘Live Your Success Now.’ As a professional coach, Kari has worked with clients ranging from a local artist to the CEO of an international shipping company. Working with Kari, coaching clients define success for themselves and work to create balance, become more effective and manage their time. Learn more about Kari and her services at www.karisaddler.coachesconsole.com or give her a call at 813-215-4412!

Closing out the show was Dr. Shirley Davis, President and Founder of SDS Global, a strategic development solutions firm that specializes in Global Talent Management strategies. She is an accomplished corporate executive, a certified senior Global HR and Talent Management expert, a success coach, and a Master of Reinvention. She has over 25 years of business experience, has worked in 12 countries, and has worked at five Fortune 50 and 100 global companies in various senior and executive leadership roles. Most recently, for 8 years she was the Global head of Diversity & Inclusion and Workplace Strategies for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR membership association. She has been featured and quoted on NBC’s The Today Show, NPR, CNN.com, in the Wall Street Journal, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Washington Post, HR Magazine, Diversity Woman Magazine and has been honored with numerous awards. She is the author of: “Reinvent Yourself: Strategies for Achieving Success in Every Area of Your Life.” This spring, she will be releasing her second book, “The Seat: How to Get Invited to the Table When You’re Over-Performing and Undervalued. In 2015, she was inducted into the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation only held by 12% of speakers worldwide and by only 10 African American female speakers in the world.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Pre-Law; a Master’s in HR Management; and a Ph.D. in Business and Organization Management. She’s a former Miss District of Columbia, Mrs. Oklahoma, Ms. Virginia, and in 2000 won the national title of Ms. American United States. Learn more about her services at www.drshirleydavis.com or contact her today at 410-917-4421.

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