Get Laser Focused On Your Business – #FocusFridays Featuring Juliann Nichols, Danielle Vona, Dr. Christian Drehsen, Steve Gianfilippo, Master Chief Diaz & Brian Kornfeld

#FocusFridays was the “focus” of our discussion on this week ending edition of #ThatBusinessShow.  Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy joined the #MorningDiscussion along with Danielle Vona, Founder and Chief Strategist with The Marketing Posse.  Danielle became inspired to launch her entrepreneurial journey after attending one of Juliann’s CEO Exchanges after years spent in the Corporate world.  She explains how a simple question in the meeting provided the guidance and inspiration she needed to launch her own business.  She, like many, had no clue where or how to get started and it was Juliann’s guidance that led her down the right paths.  This demonstrates the importance of helping others and understanding that we do not always know the right paths to follow and that it is okay to seek the guidance and assistance of others to find the way.

After the launch of her business, Danielle continued to work with Juliann.  She shares with the audience the most difficult parts of her journey along with the surprises and what she missed most about the Corporate world but also what she loves most about entrepreneurship.  Today, Danielle’s company is reaching new levels and is a resource for companies that need regular marketing services but do not have the budget to handle internally.  Her team functions as if they were your team internally.  From billboards and radio ads to logos and marketing messages, Danielle and The Marketing Posse can help differentiate you from your competition.  Give her a call today at 813-326-9509 or visit for more information.

The next CEO Exchange is being held June 7th at the Hyde Park C1 Bank location from 11am to 1pm.  These roundtable events help hone in on strategies that can help grow your business and are led by Juliann Nichols and her team.  Become the next success story and start at one of the CEO Exchanges, just $30 to attend and limited seating available.  Light food and drinks served as well – register for the next one (and many more available if you are not able to attend this one) here – and visit for more information!

In the last segment of the 7am hour, we welcomed Dr. Christian Drehsen, Medical Director of Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres.  A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Drehsen has served thousands of patients and is one of Florida’s leading plastic surgeons.  He shares with the audience some of the services and benefits/costs of the services at Clinique including the Refresher Lift which is a very popular procedure to improve the appearance of one’s natural look and he elaborates on a recent article he wrote that correlates one’s natural appearance with their social/business success.  Cool sculpting and Brazilian butt lifts are two other procedures discussed and are gaining popularity in the area as well.  Clinique has a wide range of other services too including Botox and dermal fillers and you can rest assured you are dealing with care and expertise in Dr. Christian Drehsen.  Give them a call today at 727-592-0991 or visit!

My first guest in the 8am hour was Steve Gianfilippo, Founder of GianCo, an Investments group focused on multi-use and commercial assets.  With a strong background in Finance, Steve has developed laser like focus on Real Estate Acquisitions, Operations, Sales and Marketing of these high value assets.  A former V.P. of Finance for CitiGroup, Steve shares with us how he got started in Investments shortly thereafter 911 and how he put together some of his first deals with little resources available.  Today the GianCo portfolio is very impressive with luxury assets including the Station House in St. Petersburg, Cordova Inn in St. Petersburg, and some beachfront hotels in the area as well.  Steve and Gianco are players in the commercial Real Estate market so if you are too, get in touch with them today, 813-902-9038 or visit for more information!

Next up was Master Chief Diaz, Owner and Primary Instructor of SPARTA, a self defense and martial arts training facility located at the corner of Nebraska Ave and Bearss Ave.  The Master Chief has a strong background in law enforcement and worked 29 years as a Sergeant with the Tampa Police Department and today with the Airport Police Department.  Master Diaz is a Master Defensive Tactics instructor and has served on the State of Florida’s Task Force as well as subject matter expert for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He is an International Trainer and has conducted Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Officer Survival training in both Haiti and Costa Rica.   He chose the name SPARTA, because of the reputation of the warriors that came from there.  A band of only 300 defeated armies of thousands through skill and expertise and is a historical legend as well as movie, titled 300.  They have program available for people of all ages including a children’s camp.  Get in touch with them today at 813-971-9348 or visit for more information!

In the last segment, we featured Expert Contributor Brian Kornfeld, Founder of PopKorn Apps.  An expert in the area of app design and development, Brian can get your idea for an app to market, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in the process.  All you need is the idea and then give him a call to get started.  He has successfully brought apps to market and is currently in production of several other apps as well.  Brian shares some great tips on the design process in this segment and we share a discussion on how to get apps more easily discovered, a problem many app designers have when competing against the marketplace.  The field is wide open in app design, get in touch with Brian today at 727-415-6705 or email and learn more!

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