#PopTheKernel On Your App Idea With PopKorn Apps – Featuring Candace Lourdes, Sharon Fekete, Matthew Cole, Brian Kornfeld and Alfred Goldberg

As we head into this Memorial Day Weekend, #ThatBusinessShow and staff would like to thank all men and women who have served in our Armed Forces and we remind all to not only enjoy the weekend but also to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom.  The show will be back on air live Tuesday morning at 7a, Monday’s show will be a replay of the show from May 3rd, 2016 featuring Alex Szinegh at 7am and then Chris Krimitsos and Rosanne Clementi in the 8am hour.

Opening up today’s show was Candace Lourdes, Owner of Revel Ink, a custom digital imagery solutions company she founded along with her husband Mick.  Starting 6 years ago in Sarasota, today they have worked for many notable clients including the Wall Street Journal, Maxim, and Pepsi just to name a few.  She shared with us their latest offering which is performance wear featuring their custom imagery in a product line known as Flat Bandits.  This wear is centered on the fishermen and has very creative designs and images of fish, boats and more!  With a UPF (like SPF in sunscreen) of 40, this comfortable and attractive product line is attracting attention across the fishing industry.  Check out the product http://flatsbandit.com/custom-designs/.  They do designs for anything and everything too, not just clothing.  Come to them with your idea and let them create an awesome image and brand for your product?  Listeners of the show can also put in an order with a reduced minimum (down from 500) – mention the show and they can product products for you with just a minimum order of 48 units.  Learn more at http://www.revel-ink.com or give them a call at 941-786-4965.

Sharon Fekete joined the program at 7:30.  aka the Doctor Whisperer, Sharon shared with us her experience as emcee of a fundraiser for Heels to Heal this past week which raised money for victims of domestic violence at CASA of St. Petersburg.  Not only a tremendous show supporter, Sharon also works tirelessly to support other organizations in and around the Tampa Bay region.  When she is not volunteering her time, she’s helping Medical providers through either coaching, public relations, marketing or sometimes even running their entire back end so they can be “The Doctor”, hence why she is known as The Doctor Whisperer.  She spoke of her upcoming online course focused on helping Medical facilities turn front office staff into front office ambassadors and that will launch in June, more information to follow!  Get in touch with Sharon today if you need help running your Medical practice, http://www.thedoctorwhisperer.com or at 727-420-2481!

At 8am, I welcomed Matthew Cole, Founder and CEO of Examen who was joined in studio by Expert Contributor Brian Kornfeld, Founder of PopKorn Apps.  Examen is an app, imagined by Matthew and in development with Brian that will serve as a social network designed around positive events and positive thinking/ideas.  Their vision is to make Examen what LinkedIn is to the job seeker/professional, as the place to be for non-profits and other organizations that want to promote their image.  Their vision also has it as a place to showcase the individual through a volunteer resume which is an outline of the volunteer efforts of the person.  Matthew explained he was inspired to launch this app because when looking for a site or app that promoted positive thinking through regular daily posts and also to learn more about non-profits and others in a centralized location without all the background noise of the other social networks.  He began talking to people about the idea and as he noted, Brian Kornfeld and PopKorn Apps kept coming up so they connected and are about to launch a Beta version of the app.  They are currently looking for users to get involved to help develop the app through the Beta version at http://www.examenlife.com!  Learn more about how to develop your own app/idea at http://www.PopKornApps.Com!

In the final segment, Alfred Goldberg joined the #MorningDiscussion.  President of Absolute Mobile Solutions, Alfred and Jamie talk digital marketing and how to implement a “strategy” and not just a spray and pray technique when it comes to establishing a presence for your business in your community.  Starting 16 years ago centering on the Palm Pilot, today Alfred and his company work with business owners on ways to use not only social media, but also on how SEO works, building responsive, functional websites and also finding out who your customer is, something he says many business owners cannot answer when he asks during a consultation.  It all comes back to strategy, a great tip by Alfred today on the program.  Alfred is a member of the Project Management Institute, the Tampa Bay Technology Forum where he sites on the steering committee for the CEO Advisory Forum, Creative Tampa Bay, and the American Production and Inventory Control Society and just announced Chair of Tampa Bay Wave, an entrepreneurial incubator for tech businesses.  We enjoy a final exchange on the quick rise and fall of QR codes in the final segment and also touch on the new algorithm put out by Google that is impacting non-mobile friendly websites, something Jamie admits his site needs help with too.  Get in touch with Alfred for all your digital marketing needs – 813-908-6862 or call at http://www.absolutemobilesolutions.com!

Candace Lourdes (Small)Sharon Fekete (Small)Brian Kornfeld (Small)Matthew Cole (Small)Alfred Goldberg (Small)



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