Rags to Riches Stories on #ThatBusinessShow – #TBBOTuesdays – Featuring Alexander Szinegh, Chris Krimitsos, and Rosanne Clementi

#ThatBusinessShow is on the #MorningAir again! Airing every weekday at 8am, #ThatBusinessShow seeks to promote the best in #TampaBay! The #Entrepreneurship in Tampa Bay is a booming scene, and here in #ThatBusinessShow, we love to showcase the community! Which, coincidentally coincides with the mission of The Tampa Bay Business Owners! Bringing together the professionals here in our community, TBBO is one Group you have to be a part of. #TBBOTuesdays are all about professionals from the Tampa Bay Business Owners networking group, showcasing several members every week to share what they do on the #MorningAir! Today we invited Alexander Szinegh , Chris Krimitsos, and Rosanne Clementi. Alexander Szinegh is the Florida Regional Executive of Cooperative Real Estate of Tampa Bay. Chris Krimitsos is the Chief Creative Officer and Founder of The Tampa Bay Business Owners! Rosanne Clementi is the Developer of The Pad GoRound! If you missed the show on the #MorningAir this morning, then head tohttp://www.tampabayradio.com now! And remember to check out the Tampa Bay Business Owners! You can find them at http://www.tbbo.org, and if you would like to watch the live stream of #ThatBusinessShow, then head to http://www.tampabayradio.com, and you can also check out Jamie’s YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni!

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The first guest today was a true rags to riches success story. Alexander Szinegh is a lifelong businessman and now successful Real Estate Broker and Co-Founder of Cooperative Real Estate, a new Real Estate brand founded last fall that is sweeping the nation. Since November, they have opened 39 offices across the Nation including Hawaii. Their goal is to “unfranchise” the Real Estate industry. Their model charges just $3000/year to Brokers to run their own business and they eliminate the franchise fees and costs typically associated with a large big box brand. Alex was joined in studio by his wife Kay, who he recently met and married, and together they run their Real Estate practice. Alex, a Hungarian immigrant with only a 10th grade education (up until 2 years ago when he got his GED), immigrated to Canada as a teenager. He shares an incredibly funny story about arriving on the day of Halloween and not knowing English, believes every day is about getting free candy. Catch this story on the opening segment of the 7am hour.

Alex shares with us how the DISC profile changed his approach to salesmanship and how he incorporates the tool to this day in his Real Estate offices. He shares lessons learned from his early days in Canada and his path to citizenship in America as well as lessons learned from a personal meeting with Robert Kiyosaki, the Author of Rich Dad, Pool Dad. . As a realtor he works closely with the “Homes for Heroes” program and offers special incentives for our heroes (Military, Medical, Teachers, EMT, Police and Firefighters) and Alex is the creator of http://www.IMLimitless.com an online training system. His properties can be seen at http://www.costaricaluxuryproperty.com. We spent the entire first hour with Alex and his wife Kay and it was a fun, wild ride. Catch the segment over at http://www.tampabayradio.com or YouTube.Com/JamieMeloni.

Chris Krimitsos is the Co-Founder of Tampa Bay Business Owners and founder of the Florida Podcaster’s Association. He has grown The Tampa Bay Business Owners to become Tampa’s Premier Business Society which now is home to nearly 300 members. The organization is known for its monthly Main Event and signature events Christmas in July and the Business Symposium. That Business Show and TBBO have now teamed up to empower the Tampa Bay Business Owners even more and give their message a broader voice across the Bay area!

Rosanne Clementi has been a successful environmental consultant for over 30 years, owning and managing two successful consulting firms. She is committed to bringing to markets devices or improvements for existing products that make activites accessible to people whose access has been limited. Check the invention out at http://www.padgoround.com!

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit Jamie’s website and see all of our shows on demand at http://www.tampabayradio.com or visit Jamie’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni.

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