Wooden Bowties Made in Tampa Bay? #ThatBusinessShow #TBBOTuesday Edition Featuring Brent Kraus and Matthew Ashwood

Wooden Bowties Made in Tampa Bay? #ThatBusinessShow #TBBOTuesday Edition Featuring Brent Kraus and Matthew Ashwood

#ThatBusinessShow is on the #MorningAir again! Airing every weekday at 8am, #ThatBusinessShow seeks to promote the best in #TampaBay! The #Entrepreneurship in Tampa Bay is a booming scene, and here in #ThatBusinessShow, we love to showcase the community! Which, coincidentally coincides with the mission of The Tampa Bay Business Owners! Bringing together the professionals here in our community, TBBO is one Group you have to be a part of. #TBBOTuesdays are all about professionals from the Tampa Bay Business Owners networking group, showcasing several members every week to share what they do on the #MorningAir! Today we invited Brent Kraus and Matthew Ashwood to the show! Brent Kraus is the Co Owner of Ella Bing, and Matthew Ashwood is the Community Specialist of The Songbird Agency! If you missed the show on the #MorningAir this morning, then head tohttp://www.tampabayradio.com now! And remember to check out the Tampa Bay Business Owners! You can find them at http://www.tbbo.org, and if you would like to watch the live stream of #ThatBusinessShow, then head to http://www.tampabayradio.com, and you can also check out Jamie’s YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni!

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Ella Bing is a family owned business (ellabing.com/pages/about-ella-bing) specializing in both cloth and wood bow ties as well as other male fashion and lifestyle accessories. The company was founded after the loss of a brother and son, Matthew Kraus. The Kraus family honors Matthew’s spirit, infectious personality and love of fashion with handmade custom bow ties, much like Matthew himself would have worn. Matthew lives on in timeless style via Ella Bing and his family. The work is centered on quality, presentation, attention to detail and customer service.What’s more, 10% of every sale goes to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. This is the handcrafted gift that keeps on giving. For more information on Ella Bing, visit: www.ellabing.com!

Matt has a background in community-building & social media marketing. He enjoys helping enterprises do business better by helping get their story heard & known.
Songbird Agency believes in the Inbound Marketing philosophy and helps organizations build & grow their brand. In early 2011 Songbird began its journey as a strategic branding and content strategy firm. This is a major reason for Songbird’s ability to create strong marketing strategies giving customers a greater chance for success. Now a proud Hubspot Partner, Songbird executes strategies more effectively than ever before, and with the support of the world’s leading marketing automation and sales software. http://www.SongbirdAgency.com for more information!

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