Financial Optioning on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Rick Tauceda, Mimi Lawson, and Joshua Belanger

Financial Optioning on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Rick Tauceda, Mimi Lawson, and Joshua Belanger

Good morning! Thank you for joining us on #ThatBusinessShow as we welcome the start of a brand new week! Start your mornings right with #ThatBusinessShow – airing live every weekday at 8am on #1250WHNZ and! We hope you had a great holiday, and it’s back to work here at the show! Coming in bright and early live on the #MorningAir was Jamie and Today’s Co-Host, our Photographer, Rick Tauceda! Joining the #MorningDiscussion – Mimi Lawson, Founder of Ruffin’ It, and Southeastern Guide Dog Raiser! Next but not least, coming on the air to discuss the complex world of financial Options with Option SIZZLE, Founder Joshua Belanger! That said, if you missed out, head to now to listen to the show! And leave us a message while you’re there! Alternatively, head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at  to catch the show (And leave a Thumbs up!). As usual, thank you for joining us every weekday at 8am for #ThatBusinessShow on #1250WHNZ and!

Here on the show, we love to invite people on who display a passion for what they do. If you’re passionate about what you do, shoot us an email at to come on the shoe and showcase what you do to the #Community!

Coming on first on the show was the Founder of Ruffin’ It, and a Puppy Raiser for SouthEastern Guide Dogs, Mimi Lawson! Like Jamie, Mimi was a former Radio Show Host! After decades on the air, Mimi realized that animals were her true passion, and she began to raise Champion Great Danes, earning National Titles! She used that experience, and connected to SouthEastern Guide Dogs, giving back to the #Community! Her own company, Ruffin’ It, was born in response to many inquiries from people asking how they could get their dogs to act like Mimi’s professionally trained dogs! “Our dogs are like family and we want to feel confident that they are treated well and loved when we are out of town or not at home, so naturally the next step was to provide a “home away from home” instead of the traditional kennel experience.” As Mimi puts it! Training dogs to be loving around other humans and dogs, Mimi can certainly help you out with your troublesome puppy! You can contact her at 352-999-6464, or shoot her an email at! And if you missed Mimi on the #MorningAir and you love Dogs, head to now!

Success can come from any of the humblest beginnings, and Joshua Belanger is another #StoryOfSuccess! Joshua is the Founder of Option SIZZLE, and is one of the World’s Top Options Trading Specialists! Founding to publish free daily investing and trading tips and to teach struggling self-directed investors how to become more profitable trading options while reducing risk, creating higher chances of success and generating better returns in any type of financial market; Joshua is quite the expert! Discussing his Entrepreneur beginnings from literally Delivering Pizza to entering the Wild World of Chicago Investing on the floor, Joshua truly had a great story to share! We know that Finance isn’t the easiest of fields, and something as specialized as Options is more difficult to understand, but Jamie and Joshua broke it down a little on the #MorningAir for our listeners, so if you missed that, head to to catch Joshua Belanger on the #MorningAir! Head over to to learn more about Joshua and Optioning!

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