Sustainable Family Clothing on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jessica Rivelli, Christine Michell, and Supna Shah

Sustainable Family Clothing on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jessica Rivelli, Christine Michell, and Supna Shah

Good Morning! And welcome to another great episode of #ThatBusinessShow  with Jamie Meloni! As the Work Week comes to a close, and the Holiday Week begins, we’d like to inform you that on Thursday and Friday, #ThatBusinessShow will still be airing – however – the episodes airing are re-runs of two previous episodes, one being with Legendary Pitchman Anthony Sullivan, and the other being the In-House Concert with Thanecha Anderson and the Soul Circus Cowboys! So feel free to tune into those wonderful episodes during your holiday drive on #1250WHNZ! And of course, a warm “Happy Holidays” from all of our team here at #ThatBusinessShow! But for now, it’s #WorkingWomenWednesday here on #ThatBusinessShow! Bringing on guests from The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group – CEO and Founder Jessica Rivelli was on the #MorningAir first, calling in to give us some info about her newest upcoming events, all about which you can find out more about at! Today’s show had a more familiar feel to it, as we had on Christine Mitchell, Co Founder, Director of Sales and Corporate Communication with Kush Textiles! Joining Jamie next was Supna Shah, Founder of WeGo Kids! If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to, or head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch the show on demand, and leave a thumbs up!

Coming on the #MorningAir first, Christine Mitchell, Co Founder, Director of Sales and Corporate Communication with Kush Textiles brought some of her beautiful baby wraps into the show! If you missed seeing some of her beautiful designs, make sure to head to soon to see her live! As one of the founding members of Kush Textiles, LLC, a line of handwoven baby wraps and accessories, Christine is an avid baby wearer and brings her background in marketing, management, and sales to Kush Textiles. “Baby wearing has been a tool used by women and men all over the world to care for their children for centuries. Over the last several years it has become more popular thanks to social media, especially in the United States.” Kush Textiles pays a fair, livable wage, ensures good living and working conditions, and donates a portion of all of its sales to the Guatemalan community for development efforts, with the majority of the funds going to support a school for the weaver’s children and those in the surrounding community. “During the Thanksgiving weekend we are offering 10% off any purchase plus free shipping from Thursday – Sunday with promo code THANKSGIVING15 , and on Cyber Monday we are offering a handwoven scarf as a gift with any purchase.” -Make sure to check that out listeners!!!-  #HelpingTheWorld, their supply is a bit limited because the process to make it is organic and completely hand made, however, head to now and order yours!

Coming on our last segment on the show was Supna Shah, Founder of WeGo Kids. WeGo kids is a children’s clothing company that inspires active families through kids’ clothing, accessories, and ideas! Supna has a passion for having her clothing being “guilt-free” with 100% Organic Cotton, Fair Trade Certified Clothing, and Made in the USA Products! Discussing how her clothing evolved from seeing her children grow and get interested in new things, Supna has plans on extending her merchandise to sports clothing, and even swim wear! To check out their lines and latest Children’s Fashions, head to now! And if you missed Supna on the #MorningAir, head to now!

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