Learning About Innovation, Security, and Fitness on #ThatBusinessShow With Jamie Meloni

Today on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on 1250whnz at 8am, we had quite the full show! #ThatBusinessShow is on 1250whnz every weekday at 8am, or on http://www.tampabayradio.com. Check out the video of the show on http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni. Joining us today was JJ Roberts from Tampa Bay Innovation and Tech Garage, a business focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses with technology. Also joining us was Todd DeLozier, president of Meridian Security, a security agency dedicated to their customers. Our last guests were Brenda Loube and Sheila Drohan from Corporate Fitness Works, a Certified Woman Owned Business dedicated to bettering the health of the employees of their client businesses. A full show today for #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni!

On the first segment, we had JJ Roberts from Tampa Bay Innovation and Tech Garage. JJ Roberts is a serial entrepreneur, using Tech Garage to help inexperienced entrepreneurs start up their businesses with three successful technology startups to his credit. On the show, he spoke to us about how he directly assisted over 20 young startup companies and worked with numerous additional entrepreneurs and their technologies at the earliest stage of conception. He is certified as a Professional Business Coach and has served on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Tech Business Network. He told us how he holds classes and even hosts businesses in his Tech garage location at 244 2nd Ave., North – Suite 9, St. Petersburg, 33701. He spoke to us about his different levels of assistance for people wanting to expand their businesses. To learn about all of his different business packages and opportunities, contact JJ Roberts at 727-547-7340 or at robertsj@tbinnovates.com or visit his site at http://www.tbinnovates.com.

Also joining us was Todd DeLozier, president of Meridian Security, a security agency dedicated to their customers. He told us about the obstacles that he faces in his industries, and explained to us why his business is different than any other security agency in Tampa Bay. “Being personally connected to our customers and being there for them, never growing too big to stay out of touch.” To get more on Todd, contact him at 727-798-4777 or at todd.delozier@meridiansecurity.us or his website at http://www.meridiansecurity.us.

Our last guests were Sheila Drohan, Co-founder, owner and CEO of Corporate Fitness Works; and Brenda Loube, Principal and Co-Founder of Corporate Fitness Works. They described to us how Corporate Fitness Works is Certified as a women-owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. They explained to us how they provide comprehensive wellness and fitness programs for corporations. Proud of promoting health in the community, you can find out about more about Sheila and Brenda and Corporate Fitness Works at http://www.corporatefitnessworks.com. Contact Sheila at 727-522-2900 ext. 1111 or at sdrohan@teamcfw.com. Also, you can contact Brenda at the same phone number, ext. 1113 or at bloube@teamcfw.com.

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#ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Joryn Jenkins From Open Palm Law, and Valerie Reed from Valcook’s, LLC

Today on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni; available every weekday at 8am on 1250whnz or http://www.tampabayradio.com – we had two wonderful guests. Co hosting today alongside me was the lovely Stella Guidicelli First we had Joryn Jenkins, CEO of Open Palm Law, a different kind of law firm, practicing collaborative law. On the second segment, we had coffee connoisseur, entrepreneur, restaurateur, and future published author Valerie Reed. Our two guests today made quite the show. Remember, #ThatBusinessShow is live every weekday on 1250whnz, and is available on http://www.tampabayradio.com or watch the video of the show at my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni.

On our first segment, we had the CEO of Open Palm Law, Joryn Jenkins. Joryn Jenkins is a trial attorney with 35 years of courtroom experience, now in private practice at Open Palm Law in Tampa, where she concentrates on the collaborative practice of family law. She is the author of Florida Civil Practice Motions, and more recently, The Stepmother’s Cookbook, War or Peace, Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court and I Never Saw My Father Again, The Divorce Court Effect, available on Amazon.com, or at http://www.openpalmlaw.com. Joryn has a passion for keeping families happy, as she described collaborative law to us. She prides Open Palm Law on its differences to other firms and its usage of collaborative law to keep divorces less destructive and more constructive. Her way of collaborative law is a very interesting and new way to make many processes – not just divorce – easier and with less hassle and debate. You can find out more about Joryn and Open Palm Law at http://www.openpalmlaw.com or reach her personally at joryn@jorynjenkinslaw.com or at 813-334-9606.

Our second guest was Valerie Reed with Valcook’s, LLC. On the show, she discussed her passion for her private reserve coffee line. She described her coffee as “boutique gourmet”, with “bold, yet flavorful notes.” You can get more information and order Valcook’s Coffee at http://www.valcookscoffee.com. Spending months just to find the right coffee roaster, she described to us how her coffee is the freshest it can possibly be, and that’s why in her opinion, Valcook’s Coffee is superior to anything store bought. Living in Tampa Bay for generations, Valerie is a true entrepreneur – building Valcook’s coffee from just a hobby into a fully fledged industry. “Coffee brings people together.”, and the right coffee makes it even better. Not stopping at coffee, Valerie is also a restaurant blogger, eating at restaurants around the country and blogging about her experience there. Her blog can be found at http://www.valcooks.blogspiot.com. She’s even going to become a published author, releasing a cookbook around the holidays. So check that out and view all of Valerie’s products at http://www.valcookscoffee.com! You can also contact Valerie Reed at info@valcookscoffee.com or at http://www.valcookscoffee.com

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#ThatBusinessShow Featuring Carie Crowley from Octagon Exhibits and Tina Leger from Top Tier Expo #WorkingWomenWednesday

Today on this great #WorkingWomenWednesday, opening the show from Working Women of Tampa Bay, we had Jessica Rivelli discussing her upcoming leadership lessons, with women talking about their experiences in growing their careers. We featured Carie Crowley from Octagon Exhibits and Tina Leger from Top Tier Expo on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni. #ThatBusinessShow begins at 8am every weekday morning at 1250whnz or at http://www.tampabayradio.com/ or catch the live footage at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni.

Because it’s #WorkingWomenWednesday, we had our special guest Jessica Rivelli come in from Working Women of Tampa Bay opening the show. She told us about her leadership event coming up this Friday with special guests in the lineup. It’s happening on Friday, August 21st at 9-11am at the c1 bank headquarters in downtown St. Petersburg. The event will feature women who will share their stories of becoming successful despite adversity, and sharing their wisdom with the guests to help the community and local entrepreneurs. There are 10 V.I.P. tickets left so check that out at http://www.workingwomenconference.com, and using the promo code meloni2015; you can get 10% off the tickets! You can find out more about Working Women of Tampa Bay at http://www.workingwomenoftampabay.com.

Carie Crowley is the CEO & Founder of Octagon Exhibits, a managing partner in Tampa Bay’s most beloved Food Truck Event, Flicks & Food Trucks. Carie has a passion for Tampa Bay’s local community. We got to discuss the national brands she’s worked with, including NASCAR, Humana, AT&T, and down here in Tampa Bay with Working Women of Tampa Bay. We also discussed the Flicks & Food Trucks event, and how it provides an outlet for the community to connect. The Flicks & Food Trucks events happens the 3rd Thursday of every month – 6 pm-10pm, at The Grand Central at Kennedy, 1208 E. Kennedy Blvd 33602. See site for more information! She shared with us the story of a local vendor who started with a food truck at Flicks & Food Trucks and now has a restaurant in downtown Tampa. You can learn more about Carie and Octagon Exhibits and Flicks & Food Trucks at http://www.tampabaymarkets.com. You can contact Carie with any questions at carie@octagonexhibits.com or at 941-896-2086.

Tina Leger is part of the husband and wife duo of Top Tier Expos, with over two decades each of event production and promotion. She brings a wide range of expertise to the business of producing, marketing and executing everything from concerts, banquets and large scale shows. Tina prides herself on bringing local businesses together for an interactive trade show which grows the community. Working with large corporations, she can bring the best to any event. She told us about the upcoming Tampa Bay Women’s Expo on October 3rd at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. You can find out more about The Women’s Expo in October, also about Tina Leger and Top Tier Expos at http://www.toptierexpos.com/. You can contact Tina with any questions at tina@toptierexpos.com or at 407-575-0531.

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#ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Legendary Pitchman Anthony Sullivan

Today on #ThatBusinessShow I had a really special guest, legendary pitchman Anthony Sullivan! Remember that if you missed me live on 1250whnz at 8am, you can catch the show at http://www.tampabayradio.com/ or on my YouTube Chanel at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni

Featured on the show today was my very good friend Stella Guidicelli, and the legend himself, Anthony Sullivan. Showing us all his masterful skills in rhetoric, we got to hear of his story from how he begun in small town Britain all the way to selling household name products that we all know. He got to share with us the inside scoop on what’s coming up in the future, which you can find out about – and more on his website, http://anthonysullivan.com/. He’s also found on Twitter, follow him at @sullyontv!

Having Anthony Sullivan with us was a blast, the only problem was that we didn’t have all day to talk! With such a success story as his, there is an entire lifetime of tales of perseverance through hardship. He went from selling merchandise on the streets to selling 5,000 mops in 28 minutes! Just by hearing him speak, one could tell he has so talent, and could sell anything to anyone!

Make sure to tune in every weekday at 8am on 1250whnz and on http://www.tampabayradio.com for #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni! You can also find footage of the show on my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni


#ThatBusinessShow Featuring Proudly Florida with Best of the Bay and Need to Know Info About Real Estate Industry Changes with Insured Title

Starting off this Monday at 8am, #ThatBusinessShow on 1250WHNZ had some quite interesting and creative guests. As usual, you can tune into the show every weekday on http://www.tampabayradio.com or check out my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni.

Joining me to begin the show were Ashley Novak and Christina Sloan with Proudly Florida, the umbrella brand for a multi city publication in the state of Florida dedicated to showcasing industries around the state in cities such as Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee and more. Proudly Florida can be found along with their parent company, Global Village on http://globalvillage.world; and on Twitter @proudlyflorida. Along with their parent company, proudly Florida works to showcase the best of the best in cities and nations all over the world, with proudly Florida focusing (at the moment) on the Tampa bay area, connecting and interacting with the local community to find out what’s what in the city of Tampa.

Christina Sloan, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico; attended the University of Tampa and made Florida her home. After working in the healthcare field and the non-profit sector for over a decade, she became involved with Global Village. Working with Ashley Novak for a year, they figured that combining their skills would be a great opportunity, and would use that opportunity to bring the “Best of” series into the US. Ashley Novak was born in Annapolis, MD and came to Tampa in 2005 to attend the University of Tampa and also made Tampa her home. Meeting Christina at a previous workplace, together they teamed up to make Proudly Florida a success. You can contact them at Ashley.novak@gvpedia.com and Christina.sloan@gvpedia.com.

The second half of the show featured Kevin Overstreet and Robert Callahan from Insured Title Agency. For nearly 10 years, they’ve worked in the Tampa Bay area to protect customers and their homes. They spoke to me about some of their experiences as a dedicated title company, and about fraudulent transactions. They gave our listeners some new information on how mortgages are going to change quite soon. Kevin and Robert wanted our listeners to see their title company as a resource in all stages of purchasing a home. As discussed in the show, they recommend that anyone applying for a mortgage should apply before October 3rd, tune into the show to find out why! On September 3rd,  they have an informational session on that subject at the Odessa Hilton. You can contact them with any questions at koverstreet@insured-title.com and robert@insured-title.com or visit their website, https://www.insured-title.com for more information. They can also be found on twitter, @insuredtitle. Remember that if you missed the 8am show, you can tune in on demand at http://www.tampabayradiocom or on my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni. Jamie Meloni with #ThatBusinessShow on 1250WHNZ every weekday at 8am!

Ashley Novak Christina SloanKevin Overstreet Robert Callahan