Must Have Financial Tips With Kai Yaniz On #ThatBusinessShow With Jamie Meloni

Today on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni, on #1250whnz every weekday at 8am, we had Kai Yaniz, Managing Member & Financial Coach on as a guest from Vault Key Financial Coaching and Education. Regrettably, we missed our favorite #AmericanPlumber due to some flooding difficulties in rainy South Tampa. So in his stead, my producer Josh stepped up! Josh and I brushed on the latest shooting tragedy. It was truly a sad event, and Josh and I were discussing a few of our personal thoughts and opinions on the matter. Josh has experience as a cameraman ranging from covering news stories to concerts, so he was personally touched by the tragedy.

Moving on to a more light topic on the second segment, we had Kai Yaniz from Vault Key Financial Coaching and Education. Kai is a Financial Coach with many years of experience in coaching people to get out of debt and develop a better relationship with their money. She discussed with us the intricacies of credit and of saving money, which can actually be fun! Together we discussed some of the few reasons why Americans get in debt so often! She gave us a few inside tips on how to avoid debt so make sure you go to to get that information! We brushed on how debt tends to effect all aspects of a person’s life, regarding personal habits with spending leading to unhappiness and more debt,and how the stress of poor financial management can harm relationships. We even brushed a little bit on the investment world, which of course she is familiar with! Kai shared with us her favorite money management app, Acorn, available on the iTunes and android app stores. We all know that finances can be a little scary sometimes, but a guiding hand like Kai can go a long way! If you want to find out more about Kai Yaniz and her expertise with Vault Key Financial Coaching and Education, you can visit their site at; or contact kai at 813-217-1072 or email her at

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Kai Yaniz