From Health to Business, #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Anthony Diaz, Jeff Chernoff, and James Chittenden

Thank you again for tuning into another great episode of #ThatBusinessShow with me, your host – Jamie Meloni. #ThatBusinessShow is on 1250whnz every weekday at 8am, or is available on demand at or at my YouTube channel at! Today we had quite the lineup, with Anthony Diaz coming on the first segment to talk to us about Health Hero, a company that offers wellness programs for employees of businesses in order to save on healthcare costs. We also had Jeff Chernoff, Vice president of Insurance And Trust. Our last guest was James Chittenden, CEO and President of Triumph Business Services, and he gave us a lot of great advice for starting entrepreneurs out there! Catch all of the wonderful guests at, where you can also view all of our many past guests.

First up on the show was Anthony Diaz, Executive Vice President of Health Hero. Health Hero is a wellness program that makes healthier and happier employees of their clients. Their goal is to eventually have less insurance costs for a company due to having their employees make better health decisions, and even having them do exercises through their app, available at Anthony spoke to us on how Health Hero prides themselves on making a better work environment through happier employees. He told us simply, that if employees are taking care of themselves, they will need less medical attention in the first place, which is why preventative medicine is the way to go. Therefore, saving the company healthcare costs in the future! You can find out more about Health Hero at, or you can contact Anthony Diaz at 813-220-0084 or at

Our second guest was Jeff Chernoff, Vice president of Insurance And Trust, a 3rd generation company focused on providing package policies for individuals and families, life insurance, disability income and long term care. He gave our listeners the inside scoop on why “15 minutes can save you 15%” is actually a terrible idea, discussing with us that cutting those corners leaves you unprotected in some pretty dangerous areas. As an insurance expert, he told us that insurance is very complex, and that to get the best deal possible for the least amount of money, an umbrella policy is, in his opinion – the wisest choice. He also elaborated on life insurance, and how there is no better time than the present to set it up. Jeff says that the difference between Insurance And Trust and the other guys is that he is able to personally go and listen to the needs of his customer and give them the help that they need as opposed to the big automated companies. You can find out more about Jeff Chernoff and Insurance And Trust at or contact him with any questions at 813-933-7333 or at

Our last guest was James Chittenden, CEO and President of Triumph Business Services. James Chittenden, a former Marine Corps Officer, founded Triumph Business Services to fill a variety of business needs. Primarily, Triumph Business Services helps entrepreneurs through a critical and challenging time; the actual start of the business. James is an experienced business banker and financial adviser. He has helped businesses and tradespeople of all kinds, and in every stage of their businesses to obtain financing regardless of economic conditions. He gave us some great advice, including how small business owners can get consulting for free at the Small Business Development Center. He says that the trend over the years of his experiences are that small businesses need to better connect with their resources in order to succeed. You can contact him with any questions at 813-244-5150, or visit his site at

As always, thank you for tuning into another great episode of #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni, every weekday at 8am on 1250whnz, or available anytime at or on my YouTube channel at

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