A More Health Oriented Episode of #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Kip Marlow, Ed Suyak, and Deepa Verma

Happy Monday, thanks for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz every weekday at 8am. If you missed our show on #1250whnz, you can hear any show on demand at http://www.tampabayradio.com. There you can see links to our live videos at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni, and see all of our guests that have come on the show as we’ve had a multitude of people with different fields of practice; and you can find pretty much any service you need! Today on the show we had on Kip Marlow from Marlow Surgical Technology, Ed Suyak from Doctor’s Life Magazine and founder and managing director of Mashed Media Group, and Deepa Verma with Synergistiq Integrative Health; making today’s show quite health oriented.

Our first guest was Kip Marlow, Expert Business Adviser and Strategist, Creator of The Risk Takers  and Critically Acclaimed Author of “The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice”. He founded The Risk Takers to capture some of our most famous entrepreneurs’ secrets of success and lessons learned about starting and operating a small and sometimes large business. He uses his expertise to show why taking a risk can be your key to accomplishment. On the show, he elaborated more on his business, and told us a few success stories that ended up being billion dollar enterprises. You can find his book on Amazon, or on his website, http://www.teaclub.com. You can contact Kip at 216-214-4859 or email him at kip@teaclub.com

Our second guest was Ed Suyak, founder and managing director of Mashed Media Group. He is also the group publisher form  Doctor’s Life and Remodel Tampa Bay Magazine. Ed is a leading expert in creating and publishing custom and niche publications from concept to completion. His 15 plus years in media publishing and media sales has provided him experience in a wide variety of publication genres. He spoke to us about Mashed Media Group, how it was started and what they do; and told us about his many different publications including Doctor’s Life, and Remodel Tampa Bay. You can check out Ed and all of his works at mashedmediagroup.com or at 813-867-0916.

Our last guest was Deepa Verma, a Double Board Certified Integrative MD with Synergistiq Integrative Health. Deepa discussed with us the difference of integrative medicine and regular preventative medicine. She told us why her practice is so special, and gave us some examples of new cutting edge technology that she uses to keep her patients healthy and in good physical condition. She told us about her passion for keeping her patients and the community happy and healthy, spending time to actually get to know them; therefore improving the quality of medicine. Contact Deepa and learn more about her practice at http://www.drdeepaverma.com or contact her at 727-754-2936 or at dbverma@gmail.com.

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