Show Recap – Flooding, Economic and Transportation Discussion with BOCC Chairman Murman and Sapphire AV Experts!

#ThatBusinessShow welcomed Sandra Murman to the show at the top of the hour today.  Sandra is the Chairman of the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and joined me on the program today to discuss some of the issues most pressing to the Hillsborough County community.  If you missed the program, check out the 8/13/15 show available On Demand at or the video on my YouTube channel located at  The podcast is also up on iTunes, just search for That Business Show.

The opening talking point centered on the concerns around storm water drainage in the community.  With all the recent rains the Tampa Bay area has been receiving, many communities and areas are still under water.  Any additional rains that come in now will cause flooding quickly due to the saturated grounds and drainage system overloads.  Sandra encouraged all those affected by flooding to contact her office to voice their concerns and ideas at 813-272-5470 and assured the listeners that this was being addressed by the Commissioners as well as other community leaders.  Sandra cares deeply about improving the communication lines between County leaders and the community and it resonated within this segment’s discussion.

The segment shifted focus to Economic development after the initial discussion, another key area of concern for Sandra and the BOCC.  Over the past 10 years, the County has invested more than $258 million in economic development issues and development is at the center of our daily lives.  Employers such as Ashley Furniture, USAA, Amazon and Bristol Myers Squibb are investing in Hillsborough County and thus bringing needed jobs to the area.  Beginning this year, a new initiative of the county’s redevelopment effort focuses on redevelopment and Tampa, Plant City and Temple Terrace all have defined redevelopment programs and are similarly focused on improving all parts of their communities.  Hillsborough County also has unincorporated areas that need our redevelopment attention. Unincorporated areas account for 84% of the entire County land mass and nearly 800,000 residents live in such areas, easily making the unincorporated County the largest “city” in Hillsborough.  Hillsborough County staff has proposed a pilot program that focuses on unincorporated areas of the County to address signs of distress.

Sandra and I also discussed transportation on the segment, another one of her and the commission’s primary interest points to improve upon.  Through the GO Hillsborough Initiative, the County will look to improve upon roadways by widening and improving sections, making walking and biking safer and improving upon mass transit as well as many other goals.  Funding is still needed for much of this project so look for a Sales Tax Referendum on the November 2016 election ballot that will be addressing this area of concern and as she mentioned, please get involved to voice concerns and ideas.  Citizens can reach Sandra and her office via phone at 813-272-5470 or email at!

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed Meredith Rodgers and her husband John Rodgers to the show.  They are the owners of Sapphire AV Experts and they were in studio today to talk about that business and share some tips on how they function effectively as a husband and wife team.  John has been in the audio/visual (AV) business for 20 years and focuses on the installation and technical aspects of the profession.  He lacked proper sales and follow up components to his business and that is where his wife, Meredith, stepped in two years ago.  Meredith heads up the Sales and Operations area given her love for networking and talking to people and has increased sales and outreach for the operation.  Services range from home theater installation to home automation and marine installation and much more.  Every project is assigned a lead AV engineer and they ensure work is done efficiently and will address all your concerns to leave you a satisfied customer.

Check out this great segment as Meredith and John share some of the tips on how they work together within a business and personal relationship, an area that causes strife and problems amongst many working professional couples.  Be sure to visit and reach out to them today at 727-373-6950 for your next AV project!  Meredith is also available via email at!

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