Show Recap – Hospitality Staffing / Diamond Discounts / and Mortgage Talk Including 1st Time Buyer Info and Doctor Loan Programs!

Brian Miller kicked off week 21 on #ThatBusinessShow this morning on #1250WHNZ.  Brian is the Chief Operating Officer of Patrice and Associates, a National recruiting firm assisting employers and employees looking for work in the hospitality and restaurant industries.  With the growing demand for managerial talent in the restaurant industry especially in the Tampa region, Patrice and Associates has a vast network of professionals in all areas of skill to help staff your company.  Learn more at and reach out to Brian Miller directly at for more information on how they can help you with your hospitality business!

On the 2nd segment, I spoke with Andrew Meyer, Owner of Continental Wholesale Diamonds.  Andrew and his company are wholesalers and can offer you a much better price on diamonds and jewelry than the textbook retail outlets that we see advertised on television everyday.  Andrew has been in the diamond industry his entire life and is well versed in the area of diamond valuation and designs and loves helping loved ones find that special diamond ring for whatever the occasion.  Continental Wholesale Diamonds is also holding an open house on Wednesday June 24th from 5:30 to 7:30 and they are located at 1715 N WestShore Blvd Suite 150 in Tampa.  Mention That Business Show and the first 5 people to the event will receive $100 off a $200 and up purchase at the store.  Visit for more information and email Andrew at for more information!

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed Patrick Sheridan, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with MI Mutual Mortgage to the show.  With over 17 years of experience in the lending industry, Patrick is well versed in the field and eager to help you with your home purchase.  Patrick and MI Mutual have programs available for Doctors looking to purchase and many programs available for first time buyers.  Patrick and I discussed the current lending environment and touched on the benefits and need to know information for many loan programs including VA loans for the Veterans.  Learn more about Patrick at and he can be reached at 813-787-6345 or email at for more information!

Brian Miller Andrew Meyer Patrick Sheridan

Show Recap – The Cure For Cancer? Tampa Based MorphoGenesis Making Great Strides in This Area

#ThatBusinessShow celebrates show 100 today, ending our 20th week on air since the launch on February 2nd on 1250WHNZ.  It’s been a phenomenal show to date and has introduced me and the Tampa community to amazing professionals and what they are doing in their business and area to make a difference.  Visit for more information on the show!

Today’s show focused on Cancer research as I welcomed Dr. Patricia Lawman, Co-Founder of Morphogenesis, along with Chief Operating Officer Joseph Scanlan.  This Tampa based company has been in operations for 20 years and has produced a Cancer vaccine that has shown great results in the treatment of all cancer types in dogs, cats and horses.  Currently, the company is working through clinical trials to get the vaccine to market for use in humans and we discussed the challenges they face battling regulations as one of our many talking points on this show.

The vaccine in short works by labeling cancer cells in the body with a genetic marker that tells the immune system they are foreign objects and should be eradicated by the immune system.  The challenge with cancer now is that the cells produce so many mutations that they go undetected by our immune systems and continue to multiple leading to tumors and eventually death if unchecked.  ImmuneFx is the name of the cancer vaccine and treats all cancers and comes without side-effects which is welcome news to cancer patients as one of the biggest challenges in cancer treatment is also treating the side-effects of the drugs and radiation therapies used in the battle.

This treatment is currently available for pet owners and if you are affected by a pet with cancer, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about this option.  Also, the company is open to hearing from interested investors looking for opportunities to assist them grow and get their research and products out to a broader audience.  The hope is that one day, this will be the cure for cancer!  Learn more at and Dr. Lawman can be reached via email at for more information on the research and vaccine and interested investors should contact Joseph Scanlan via email at

Patricia Lawman Joseph Scanlan

Show Recap – Living a Positive and Happy Life Featuring Maura Sweeney along with Charlie the Plumber

#ThatBusinessShow extends their condolences to the victims of the senseless shooting in South Carolina that occurred last night and reminds people to accept others differences. There is too much good in the world and in people to get hung up on our differences.

Fitting to the topic of peace and positivity, my guest for the show was Maura Sweeney who is a speaker, author, podcaster and contributor to The Huffington Post and focuses on Living Happy Inside and Out.  Maura shares many great anecdotes and tips on this show about what it means to be truly happy and how to find happiness in our lives and business.  Growing up in New Jersey and attending Law School, Maura felt she was on the wrong path and after asking her Law School for a leave of absence which became a permanent leave of absence, she became empowered with self-discovery and determination.  Her writings and speaking engagements gave her such a brand for positive action that she is now sought after by companies and groups to share her stories of inspiration and objectivity.  She is the author of Maura4u: The Art of Happiness which is a series of writings designed to inspire and entertain her audiences and available on Amazon or on her website

Maura, myself and Charlie the Plumber share some spirited debate on this show and off air as well and it was a positive start to the morning that unfortunately was marked by a tragic event from the prior night.  Maura is available for speaking engagements and is always looking for material for her own podcast which is available on iTunes – Maura4U – Living Happy Inside and Out. Learn more at and she can be reached at 727-667-1395 or email at!

Maura SweeneyCharlie Paleveda (Small)

Show Recap – Hot Sauce and Book Publishing with Michele Northrup and Lorin Oberweger

#WorkingWomenWednesdays featured today on  #ThatBusinessShow – this weekly feature is brought to us by the Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group, an amazing and influential network of professionals in the Tampa Bay area and visit for all their events and resources.

Jessica Rivelli, Founder/CEO of the Group, opened the show with feedback on the event she attended last night at the Women’s Centre.  Suzy Batiz, “Queen of the Can” was their guest speaker and inventory of the spray product line “Poo-Pourri” and she was talking about her entrepreneurial journey last night at the Westin Tampa Bay and how she turned a simple idea into a $1million dollar product within one year.  Just one of the many resources available to budding entrepreneurs at!

My 2nd guest on the show was Michele Northrup, aka the Saucy Queen.  Michele is the Founder and Owner of a line of hot sauces and spices under the brand, Intensity Academy.  These products which are found at a number of stores Nationwide and available online at are award winning and tasty.  Having taken home more than 50 National Awards in the past 8 years, these sauces are unique in that they are carrot based and she shares her story of how she launched the product line on this segment and much more.  She is a frequent speaker at food and wine festivals and has just launched a new project, the Sauceology Group. The Sauceology Group is bringing together specialists in the sauce/spice and gourmet product industry to help with co-packing, flavor profiles, FDA compliance and much more so if you are in this business, check out for more information!  Learn more about Michele and her product line at and you can reach her at 813-299-3600 or email at!

On the 2nd half of the show, Lorin Oberweger, ghost writer and independent book editor, joined the show.  She has 25 years of book publishing/industry experience and her company Free Expressions works with budding writers through their workshops and helps them get their ideas out of their heads and onto paper.  Lorin gives some great information on the self-publishing vs. traditional publishing routes on this segment as well as talks about her own line of books that she has written.  Writing under the pen name, Noelle August, Lorin along with co-Author Veronica Rossi just released their new adult series Boomerang, In July 2014 and follow ups to the series include Rebound, which released February 2015 and an upcoming book, Bounce,  to be released later this year.  Lorin also shares some industry tips on what sells and what does not sell on this segment and is available to help you ghost write your book – learn more at and contact Lorin directly at 813-391-8980 or email at for more information!

Jessica RivelliMichele NorthrupLorin Oberweger

Show Recap – Health and Wellness Talk with Doc Fitz and Help For Contractors with Lynn Wise

#ThatBusinessShow – weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ and available via the iHeart media app on your smart phone or at!  Please connect with me at twitter Jamie_meloni and facebook at

Opening up the show today was Dr. Gerald Fitzgerald, aka Doc Fitz, as his patients know him.  Doc Fitz is a welder turned family practitioner Doctor located in the Largo/Belleair area and has nearly 20 years of experience now in the medical field.  He is triple board certified and worked under Dr. Henry Gershowitz who was a pioneer in the field of human genetics when he was younger.  He is also on the staff at the Largo Medical Center and is the Director of Oak Manor Nursing Home and Wright’s Nursing Home.  He is the US Patent holder for a ground breaking invention that will greatly impact the diagnosis of colon cancer and discussed that patent and how it works on this show.  The Doc is also the official physician for Warner Bros. Films and has worked on many films including Magic Mike, Dolphin Tale and Spring Breakers and shares some of those stories on this segment.  The Doc is a highly entertaining Doctor and is eager to help you and your family in their health and wellness needs so please reach out to him at or phone at 727-595-3400 for more information!

At the bottom of the hour, Lynn Wise, Expert Contributor to That Business Show and Founder of Wise Business Advisors, called in to discuss one of her many services she offers to Contractors.  Lead generation is an that confounds many contractors as they focus on doing the job each and every day in the field but neglect the back end of their businesses which include the marketing among many others.  Lynn assists Contractors in lead generation through the use of social media and will work with Contractors to generate a lead funnel to your Facebook fan page utilizing some techniques and tips she has picked up through experience and study.  This along with assistance in the areas of customer service, marketing plans, and website design and consultations are just a few of the many areas that Lynn and Wise Business Advisors are available to assist you in as a Contractor hard at work in the Tampa Bay Region.  Lynn offers Contractors who mention that you heard her on the radio a free consultation on ways she can help grow and support your business.  Reach our to her today at 772-834-8513 or email at Lynn@WiseBA.Com and visit for more information!

Dr. Gerald Fitzgerald Lynn Wise

American Power and Gas – 120 Job Openings in Tampa Area and Sexual Harassment Talk With Chloe Roberts of Roberts Law Firm!

Today on #ThatBusinessShow, I opened the 20th week of the show with Andrea D’Agostini, VP of Public Relations and Marketing for American Power and Gas.  American Power and Gas is one of the fastest growing energy companies in the United States and its workforce is based here in the Tampa Bay Area.  Andrea talks about the culture of the organization and how fun the environment is and how they have employment programs geared towards assisting Veterans in the workforce.  Andrea is a marketing guru and was brought in by the company in 2014 to re-brand and expand the companies reach in the marketplace and he shares a few of those tips he is using to do that on this opening segment.  American Power and Gas is currently looking for new staff members as well and Andrea announced on the show they are looking to fill 120 jobs in the area so if you are interested in learning more, visit for more information and you can reach Andrea at 727-560-8090 or!

My 2nd guest on the show was Attorney Chloe Roberts.  Chloe owns her own firm, Roberts and Associates Law Firm and she specializes in women’s rights issues in the workplace.  We discussed issues surrounding sexual harassment and gender discrimination along with equal pay issues on this segment.  Chloe has over 10 years of experience in the field of women’s rights advocacy and has a winning trial record.  Hating to see injustice in the workplace and having experienced it herself, Chloe quickly found her calling in this area of law.  Her areas of expertise include victims of sexual harassment, discrimination, hostile work environments, domestic violence, sexual assault, date rape and sex trafficking.  Originally from Miami, Chloe attend University of Tampa and earned her Juris Doctor from Stetson University.  Chloe has litigated thousands of cases since 2004 and is an aggressive litigator and has obtained many six figure settlements for her clients.  Chloe shares some great workplace tips for women that are affected by sexual harassment, equal pay and gender discrimination on this segment and she is a resource for any and all women who need help out there in this area.  To learn more – visit and Chloe can be reached at 813-337-0282 or email at for more information!

Andrea D'Agostini Chloe J Roberts