American Power and Gas – 120 Job Openings in Tampa Area and Sexual Harassment Talk With Chloe Roberts of Roberts Law Firm!

Today on #ThatBusinessShow, I opened the 20th week of the show with Andrea D’Agostini, VP of Public Relations and Marketing for American Power and Gas.  American Power and Gas is one of the fastest growing energy companies in the United States and its workforce is based here in the Tampa Bay Area.  Andrea talks about the culture of the organization and how fun the environment is and how they have employment programs geared towards assisting Veterans in the workforce.  Andrea is a marketing guru and was brought in by the company in 2014 to re-brand and expand the companies reach in the marketplace and he shares a few of those tips he is using to do that on this opening segment.  American Power and Gas is currently looking for new staff members as well and Andrea announced on the show they are looking to fill 120 jobs in the area so if you are interested in learning more, visit for more information and you can reach Andrea at 727-560-8090 or!

My 2nd guest on the show was Attorney Chloe Roberts.  Chloe owns her own firm, Roberts and Associates Law Firm and she specializes in women’s rights issues in the workplace.  We discussed issues surrounding sexual harassment and gender discrimination along with equal pay issues on this segment.  Chloe has over 10 years of experience in the field of women’s rights advocacy and has a winning trial record.  Hating to see injustice in the workplace and having experienced it herself, Chloe quickly found her calling in this area of law.  Her areas of expertise include victims of sexual harassment, discrimination, hostile work environments, domestic violence, sexual assault, date rape and sex trafficking.  Originally from Miami, Chloe attend University of Tampa and earned her Juris Doctor from Stetson University.  Chloe has litigated thousands of cases since 2004 and is an aggressive litigator and has obtained many six figure settlements for her clients.  Chloe shares some great workplace tips for women that are affected by sexual harassment, equal pay and gender discrimination on this segment and she is a resource for any and all women who need help out there in this area.  To learn more – visit and Chloe can be reached at 813-337-0282 or email at for more information!

Andrea D'Agostini Chloe J Roberts