That Business Show Recap 04-22-2015 Featuring Meredyth Censullo and Wendy Kelly

Guess What Day It Is!  Yes, it is hump day, but it is also Working Women Wednesdays on That Business Show with Jamie Meloni, a weekly feature each and every Wednesday highlighting two professional working women from the Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking group, founded by Jessica Rivelli.  Learn more about this influential and highly involved group of professional women at

At the top of the hour, we heard from Jessica Rivelli who just announced the 3rd annual Working Women Conference yesterday.  That event will be going on September 10th and 11th at the Straz Center.  This event has been highly successful in the past two years with women from all across the area and state attending with many more expected this year.  Tickets will be on sale in May but be sure to mark your calendars to attend and learn more at

My next guest today was EMMY award winning journalist turned social media influencer, Meredyth Censullo.  Meredyth has a rich background in journalism and traffic reporting and used social media so successfully in that field that it catapulted her into her new career as a social media influencer/consultant.  She has founded SMEEP – standings for Social Media for Events, Engagement and Publicity.  Her successes in this field opened up invites to tweet for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Rowdies and Straz Center in addition to a number of privately held businesses.  She shares some great social media tips on this segment including effective hash tag use and the different ways we should use each of the social networks and advises strongly against linking all your social media sites together.  Meredyth is available for freelance social media work and can be contacted via email at and be sure to follow her on Twitter @MeredythTV.

On the 2nd half of the show, I spoke with Wendy Kelly, owner of Pet Peeves Animal Training, a very successful positive pet training and behavior modification company located in Pinellas Park, Florida.  She is also the Founder and President of The Pawsitive Life Foundation, a non-profit organization created to rescue and train dogs for early cancer detection.  She shares on this segment her own personal story of a dog she rescued that detected the cancer in her body and that inspired her to start the non-profit organization to help rescue dogs for this service.  She explains on the show how dogs highly adept sense of smell picks up the odor of cancer through the breath because cancer gives off a faint necrotic odor that dogs can pick up.  She is also the author of the book, Buji and Me, 7 Lessons from the Dog Who Rescued Me, of which we also touch on during this show and can be found in bookstores across the country as well as on  Amazon.  Wendy is available to assist you with your pets and caters to dogs, cats and birds so reach out to her directly at 727-548-7387 or email at and learn more about her company at  Also, learn more about The Pawsitive Life Foundation and ways to get involved at! 


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