That Business Show Recap 04-16-2015 Featuring William Schimensky and Yeager and Company with Charlie the Plumber

Today on That Business Show, I welcomed William Schimensky, CEO of Social Finity Marketing Group.  William recently relocated to the Tampa region from Miami and brings with him an extensive background in brand and web marketing and has worked with many clients including Billboard Producer of the Decade, Rudy Perez, multi Grammy Award winner singer-songwriter and producer Mark Hudson and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Latin Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.   William created the company to give clients a better understanding on how to connect with clients through social media (SM) and keep the affinity and brand DNA intact. One of the challenges with SM is that it still in the process of growth and evolution. William realized that SM was at the tips of fingertips through phones and that communication had also shifted to texting instead of making phone calls.  On the show, we talked in detail about mobile marketing and discussed one of the many apps his company has available for Real Estate brokers and consumers to get instant information on a home.  We also discussed text message marketing versus email marketing and I got some great information and learned a lot on this show.  Please reach out to William Schimensky at 888-450-4930 or email at and learn more at about how he and his company can assist you with brand and marketing development and much more!

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed Charlie Paleveda in studio on behalf of Jim Yeager of Yeager and Company.  Thursday’s at 8:30 am is the Remodeler’s Corner and a weekly feature highlighting Yeager and Company, a 3rd generation flooring and remodeling company based in Odessa, Florida.  Charlie talks about Jim Yeager’s latest initiative, PI to PI.  PI-PI stands for Paris Island to Private Industry and Jim Yeager is looking for both employers and Marines to get involved and we touch on some of his opinions on the IRS and enjoy some good laughs over that topic.  To get more information on this contact 727-375-0206 and you can reach out to Jim Yeager directly at and be sure to visit their website for all your flooring and remodeling needs!

Charlie Paleveda Jim Yeager William Schimensky