That Business Show Recap 02-27-2015 Featuring Ermanno Santilli

Today on That Business Show, I welcomed the President and CEO of MagneGas, a Tarpon Springs based company that has developed a new fuel that is a safe and effective alternative to acetylene.  Their technology turns agricultural manures into useable sterilized water, fertilizer and their natural gas and acetylene replacement (MagneGas) which is less expensive, safer and works more efficiently than these and other gases. This is also a great tool to use in areas of extreme drought such as California where farmers need water to irrigate fields and water can be diverted for human consumption.

MagneGas can also be used to re-burn cola flu smoke which will burn coal at a minimum 20% greater efficiency while at the same time reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emission by upwards of 40% or more. With coal still producing approximately 46% of the world’s energy this is huge in terms of jobs and the environment and will have a huge impact on climate change and global warming.

Because MagneGas burns at such a high temperature, it is ideal for the safer disposal of medical waste, think Ebola. The company was asked to participate in United Nations meetings on this subject.

MagneGas is being used by the Fire Department of NY or FDNY as an extraction tool to save lives because of its improved metal cutting features, the fact that it is safer for first responders because it’s less combustible than other gases and with quicker cutting these heroes will spend less time putting themselves in danger. It’s also environmentally safer.  Learn more about this fascinating company at and contact or phone at 727-934-3448 for more information on this product!

Ermanno Santilli