That Business Show Recap 02-17-2015 Featuring Meredith Rodgers and Dylan Sellberg

Today was another informative and entertaining show featuring two Rock Star business professionals.  Meredith Rodgers spoke of the entrepreneurial path that took her out of corporate America and into her own business Atlast!  Her company has 4 all natural products designed for pest, flea, and tick prevention.  The Atlast products rely on a Cedar based solution that is not chemical and does not carry many of the health hazards associated with the common products we see in the marketplace.  Her products can be found in Whole Foods and she has been featured on a variety of programs promoting this great product.    Learn more about this fascinating product at or contact Meredith directly at

Also joining me in studio today was Dylan Sellberg, Marketing Director of Advluence.  Dylan is a young and highly accomplished marketing enthusiast that is very in touch with the marketing niches of the Millennial generation.  He is a Marketing chairmember on the Board of Counselors at the University of Tampa and his work has been featured in USA Today, Nadiga Lundtan Economics Magazine and in several local publications.  He has a Masters Degree in Marketing and Brand Management from Lund University in Sweden.  Learn more about Dylan at or contact him at 860-978-4080 or email at to see how he can assist you with your marketing needs.

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